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Lance Corporal

Wilfred Kidd


Suffolk Regiment


Obituary taken from Evening Telegraph -

Veteran who survived PoW horror laid to rest


A Union Jack and the medals he had earned lay draped over the coffin in poignant tribute to a war veteran and a former Japanese prisoner of war.

Members of the Burma Star Association joined with family and friends at Peterborough Crematorium yesterday to pay tribute to Wilfred Kidd, who died aged 95.

Mr Kidd was forced to work on building the notorious bridge over the River Kwai for six years before returning home to Peterborough to be reunited with his wife, Lillian.

Mr Kidd married his wife just a year before the Second World War began, and their son, George, was just over a year old when he sailed to the Far East with the Suffolk Regiment.

By the time he returned home to his family, in Hartwell Court, Hartwell Way, Westwood, Peterborough, his son had turned six.

For four years, Mr Kidd slaved on "Death Railway" and the last 18 months of his captivity were spent in Japan.

Speaking at the time of his 60th wedding anniversary, Mr Kidd said "I was one of the lucky ones. I don't like to talk about it, but of course it was rough. I don't think people realise".

While Mr Kidd was at war, Mrs Kidd received only one letter while he was away.

Also speaking at the time of their anniversary, Mrs Kidd, who has since died, said: "I met him at the old Peterborough Eastern station. I knew him when I first saw him, but he had altered tremendously. He was very, very thin. Otherwise he was in good spirit. But it took him a long time to pull round."

The first contact from Mrs Kidd received from her husband was via the local paper at the time, the Bury Free Press and Post on January 22, 1944.

Under the headline "news of local service men – another batch of cards from prisoners" the story read: "Several more messages have this week been received from local men who are held as prisoners of war by the Japanese in the Far East.

"Some of the messages are the first news relatives have received for two years, while others are second cards.

"Most of the men were taken prisoner following the fall of Singapore.

"L-Cpl Wilfred Kidd, Suffolk Regt, husband of Mrs Kidd, of Peterborough, is working for pay at No 1 PoW Camp, Thailand."

For the rest of his working life, Mr Kidd was a lorry driver.

He also played for Fletton United before they became the Posh.

Judy Stells, of Oxney Road, Eastfield, who is distantly related to Mr Kidd, said: "Wilf didn't like to talk about his time in the war, but he had such an amazing life and history that I wish I had written it all down.

"He was a wonderful family man and will be missed by many."



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