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Java Party 4

1942/10/08 - Transported on the Kenkon Maru to Singapore arriving 1942/10/12 with 1497 POWs, all Australian

The party was then split up as below:-


1942/10/14 - From Singapore on the Maebashi Maru to Burma with 1414 Australian PoWs


1943/01/07 - From Singapore overland on Train 32 to Thailand with 56 Australian POWs


1943/02/03 - From Singapore overland on Unknown Ship to Kutching with 13 Australian POWs


1943/04/16 - From Singapore overland on Train 61 to Thailand with 2 Australian PoWs


1943/05/05 - From Singapore overland on Train 76 to Thailand with 3 Australian PoWs


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