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Cornelis Antonie de Jong

Called Kees


1916/07/29 - Born Asperen, Netherlands

1941/07/01 -  Kees married Agatha at Surakarta (Solo), Java

Occupation Teacher - Employed in a school in Klaten


Japanese PoW

Captured Manado (shown as red marker)


1942/04 - Transported from Manado to Ujung Pandang, Makassar

By April 1942 there were about 2,870 POWs concentrated in the infantry barracks at Makassar, among the British was Herbert Grimshaw, British Navy, HMS Exeter. Kees and Herbert, who was from Lancashire, became very good friends.

This poem was written by Herbert for Kees. Dedicated to my good friend Mr Jong, whose guidance and friendship I shall remember with gratitude.:-

When the sun rises, o’er Makassar’s isle
frequent surmises raise in me a smile.
To think of the days, most happy and free,
so will I always a friend to you be

You need not explain your disadvantage
I feel far from vain when my ills I gauge
If we two were free and gathered no moss
How strange it would be, how great thus my loss.

For we should never have met so it seems
yet I shall ever remember our schemes
to conciliate the Dutch and English
Why all this hate? Is this what we wish?

We will not digress, hate thrives in our fold.
This gross wickedness seems increased tenfold.
Yet, we are fine friends. Perhaps we inspire
in others, amends? Of this please enquire.

I am so grateful that you I have met
and ever thankful till my sun shall set
for all you meant to me throughout in these years
in my memory steadfastly adheres.

Remember those days we argued in vain?
Folks thought, from our ways, we were not quite sane
But we knew just the great importance;
discover we must the big difference

between you and me, your country and mine,
and so try to see some promising sign;
warmer unity, with each from now on.
Cordial entente between everyone.

As we found content, comfort, pleasure too
fond thoughts with intent I fostered for you
Succour and wisdom, honour, pure trust
when all’s said and done, confess it I must.

And you were not slow, not unresponsive
to the transient glow that my heart can give.
So think of me when the years have rolled on
and think of me then as more than “someone”

Think of me kindly and without restraint.
Seek such thoughts blindly, your soul they’ll not taint.
If, as mutually with mine, they remain
so eventually we’ll both feel the gain.

And what should befall, it matters nought
we shared each our all; such friends are not bought.
They staunched not their zeal, nor prevented the zest
for things they felt deeply down in their breast.


1942/10/14 - Kees boarded the Asama Maru with about 800 other Dutch and British POW, many of the PoWs were survivors of the Battle of the Java Sea. The Asama Maru was a luxury passenger ship of the Yokohama-San Francisco line. The ship was escorted by a Japanese frigate, but later on the ship sailed without escort west of the Philippines.

1942/10/23 - Arrived at Nagasaki and the PoWs were taken to  Yahata Provisional PoW CAMP Nagasaki.

PoW No. 1299

The PoWs worked in Kawanami shipyard on the Island of Koyagi Shima in the Bay of Nagasaki.

1943/01/01 - Renamed Fujuoka Camp

1944/03/01 - Renamed Fukuoka 2B

1945/05/10 - Moved to Fukuoka 6B - Mizumaki


1945/09/02 - Liberated

Repatriation via Manila and plane


1945/10/12 - Reunited with Agatha in Morotai Island, Indonesia


Post War

A family was born:-


A proud moment for Agatha and Kees, daughter Hermine’s graduation from Sydney University in May 1969, also pictured son Walter (born 1958).

Kees's son Arthur Cornelius Anthony died in 2009 after a long illness. His son Nicholas Henry is a retired science teacher.



Hermine and Walter

KEW:- WO 361/1254,


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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