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“In this their finest hour”

Royal Artillery-tn


Warrant Officer Class II

Arthur Johnson


1912/02/11 - Born Peterborough

Son of Arthur and Doris Johnson

Occupation Grinder and Polisher

Royal Artillery

135 (The Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment


Japanese PoW

Captured Singapore

No.1 Group

PoW No. M964

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/10/22 - Overland to Thailand

14th train from Singapore to Thailand

1942/11 - Arrived Thailand

Transported back to Singapore.

1944/06/05 - Oversea to Japan in Japan Party 1 in Miyo Maru

1944/06/14 - The ship convoy of PoW ships sailed from  Manila

1944/06/15 - The Miyo Maru was damaged on route from Philippines to Taiwan in a tornado.

 1944/06/18 - The PoWs were transferred to the Tamahoko Maru

The Tamahoko Maru sailed for Japan .

1944/06/25 - The ship was attacked and sunk off the Nagasaki coast by US submarine Tang.

200 of the survivors were taken to Fukuoka Camp 14B.

560 PoWs died in the sinking.

New PoW No. 11477

Worked in mine

1945/03/17 - Transferred to Fukuoka 17B

PoW No. 659



Age 33

1945/04/20 - 07.30 hours

Place of death Fukuoka 17B

Cause of death Edema - Inanition Hypostatic Pneumonia



Loved Ones

Son of Arthur and Ethel Johnson

Husband of Lily Johnson, of Peterborough, Northamptonshire



Yokohama War Cemetery

Brit. Sec. P. A. 13.

Yokohama War Cemetery


David Bedford

Japanese Transports

Japanese Homeland Camps

KEW:- WO 361/1475/2, WO 361/2171, WO 361/1660, WO 361/1745, WO 361/1745, WO 392/24, WO 345/28, WO 361/1623, WO 361/1745, WO 361/2166, WO 361/1377, WO 361/2186,


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