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Chief Petty Officer

Frederick George Guiver


1899/12/28 - Born Weymouth

Son of Albert and Alice Guiver

1917/10/22 - Enlisted

Royal Navy

HMS Mata Hari



HMS Mata Hari

The HMS Mata Hari left Singapore with a ship’s complement of 483: nine officers, 72 European ratings, two Asian crew, 30 Royal Marines, 50 Royal Naval personnel from HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, 60 Army personnel, 118 civilian men and 132 women and children.

 It picked up some survivors from HMS Scorpion which had been sunk carrying escapees from Singapore, they had been in the water for quite a while.

HMS Mata Hari was attacked by the Japanese in the Bangka Straits, 10 miles S.E. of Muntok on the 15th February 1942 and as there were many civilians on board the captain surrendered the ship to the Japanese auxiliary minesweeper tender Eiko Maru with no loss of life.

 Survivors were taken as prisoners of war to Muntok, Bangka Island but some crew members were forced to stay aboard the captured ship. The Mata Hari was then taken back to Singapore.

The HMS Mata Hari was renamed Nichirin Maru in October 1942 and was used by the Japanese as a troop carrier. It was eventually was sunk 2nd March 1945 in the East China Sea with the loss of 17 crewmen.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured 10 miles from Bangka island

Taken to Muntok, Bangka Island

PoW No. II 245

Bangka Island

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/03 - Transported via Moesi River to Mula School, Palembang

1944/02 - SungeiGeron (Sungei Ron), Palembang

New PoW No. II 5105

1945/06 - Transported to Changi, Singapore

1945/09/02 - Liberated Changi, Singapore




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Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



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KEW:- WO 392/24, WO 345/31, WO 361/1947,


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