To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

Federated Malay States Volunteer Force


Geoffrey Frank Gripper


1906/05/10 - Born Clare, Suffolk

Son of Frank Bell and Euphemia Gripper

1930/03/22 - Departed Southampton for Singapore in ‘Mantua’, Penninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. Occupation Crown Agents.

1934/11/13 - Departed London to Singapore in ‘Ranchi’, P&O S.N. Co.. Occupation Crown Agent.

1938/10/06 - Departed London to Marseille, France in ‘Viceroy Of India’, P&O S.N. Co., Occupation Crown Agents.


1936 - Geoffrey competing at Bisley Championships

In 1890, Bisley village became the location for the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom's Imperial Meeting (the Association's National Championship).


Federated Malay States Volunteer Force

 Pahang - 4th Battalion

Att:- 135 Field Regiment, RA


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

1942/02/15 - Marched to Changi

PoW No. M2673

1942/08/30 - PoWs held for three Days at Selarang. Newly arrived Japanese Commander General Shimpei Fukuye wanted PoWs to sign ‘No Escape’ document after executing four who tried to escape. The PoWs signed ‘Under Duress’.

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/11/06 - Transported overland to Thailand in ‘L’ Letter Party

29th Train from Singapore to Thailand

Commander Lt-Col. A.B. Cubitt, 6th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment

1942/11/11 - Arrived Ban Pong

New PoW No. 649 (18441)

Camps on Thailand-Burma Railway:-

Chungkai, Thailand (60km from Nong Pladuk)

Wan Lang, Thailand (68km from Nong Pladuk)

1943/02 - Returned to Chungkai with Ulcers (60km from Nong Pladuk)

1943/08 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand (52km from Nong Pladuk)

1943/09 - Konkoyta (262km from Nong Pladuk)

1943/12 - Nong Pladuk No. 2 Camp

1944/09 - Tha Muang (38km from Nong Pladuk)

1945/01 - Kanchanaburi Officers Camp (52km from Nong Pladuk)

1945/08/16 - Told of Japanese surrender

1945/09/04 - Liberated Thailand

To Bangkok then flown to Rangoon


Post War

Singapore War Crimes Trial in 1946, General Fukuye was sentenced to death on 28 February and executed by firing squad on 27th April at the spot where the four POWs had been shot three years earlier at Selarang.

1946/11/10 - Aged 40. Departed Southampton for Singapore in ‘Dilwara’, P&O Line. Occupation was Inspector of Mines.

1950/07/14 - Age 44. Departed Southampton for Singapore in ‘Willem Ruys’, Royal Rotterdam Lloyd

1953/09/29 - Age 47. Departed London for Penang, Malasia in ‘Chusan’, P&O Line

Geoffrey worked in Africa until retirement then travelled back to  England.




Truro, Cornwall


Ro Madgett - Granddaughter

Pat Cooke

Japanese Transport

Thailand to Burma Railway

KEW Files:- WO 392/24, WO 345/22, WO 361/1954, WO 361/1979, WO 361/2196, WO 361/2185, WO 361/2166, WO 361/2166, WO 361/2060,


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