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John Albert Griffin

Known as Jack


1919/01/14 - Born Staines, Middelsex

Son of  Beatrice (nee Goble) Griffin

Occupation Gas Works Purification Attendant

Member of St John Ambulance Brigade 2

1939/10/16 - Enlisted

Royal Army Medical Corps

198th Field Regiment



1939/10/16 Enlisted Crookham




Transportation With 18th Division.

1941/10/30 - Sailed from Liverpool

Within Convoy CT.5 sailing for Halifax

1941/11/08 - Reached Halifax

USS Mount Vernon-2

1941/11/08 - Transferred to USS Mount Vernon


After a brief visit to Trinidad to refuel, Cape Town was reached on December 9th. Shore leave was granted before sailing on the 13th December for Bombay only to be then ordered on the 23rd to sail for Mombassa and then finally Singapore. She was escorted by the H.M.S. Emerald and reached Singapore Harbour on January 13th 1942.

 Posted to Alexandria Military Hospital - Jack survived the dreadful massacre by having been on the second floor, locking himself in one of the lavatories in the corridor and staying there until the Japanese troops had departed the following day .  It was a nerve-racking experience as he could hear the rampaging soldiers outside and could see their feet under the door.2 

1942/02/15 - Singapore Surrendered


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Became Japanese PoW

PoW No. 8045

Jack Shuttle first met Jack Griffin whilst attending the newly established skin clinic before the war to be treated for another outbreak of sores, he was attended to by a talkative little orderly, Jack Griffin, who told him that he hailed from Staines in Middlesex.  They lived only three miles or so apart, Jack Griffin worked for the local Gas Company which was next door to the Waterworks where Jack Shuttle worked.  However they were strangers but now became good friends, remaining together for the rest of their captivity. 2

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two







Roberts Hospital, Changi

Col. Craven


Transported to Thailand



In Letter Party ‘L’



Chungkai Hospital, Thailand

Col. Barrett & Maj. Read


New PoW No. II 4959



Nacom Paton Hospital, Thailand

Col. Coates


New PoW No. II 7670


1942/09/04 - Liberated Thailand


Post War


Photo taken 1946

1947 - Married Gladys Joan Hewitt

Trained as a nurse and moved to Sunderland in North East England with his wife and daughter Pauline.

Divorced Joan who moved to Hastings with Pauline.

1958 - Married Edna Copeland

They had two sons.

 Jack worked as a Charge Nurse in cardiothoracic surgery at Seaham Hall Hospital.

In 1973 Pauline traced Jack and during the summer they met.

In the November of the same year Jack died.



Age 54


Cause of death - Heart Attack



Keith Griffin

An extract from a book ‘Destination Kwai’ by Jack Shuttle which referred to Jack (He was know in Staines as Jack but in the North East as John).

Kew:- WO 361/2172, WO 392/24, WO 345/21, WO 361/1979, WO 361/1954, WO 361/2196, WO 361/2167, WO 361/2060, WO 361/2180,


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