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Cuthbert Morson Gowland



 United Kingdom

 Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

Stanley Platoon



Age: 37

24th December 1941

The Stanley Platoon performed with great gallantry in the defence of Stanley, and Cuthbert was reported missing in action on December 24th 1941. This was a night of great confusion in Stanley, as the Japanese pushed the defenders back with very heavy casualties on both sides. A large number of bodies from that night were left unburied.

After the fighting ended, on the morning of the 26th, the survivors were ordered by the victorious Japanese to cremate all the dead in and around St Stephen's College (the scene of an unpleasant massacre, and geographically the centre of the fighting in Stanley). According to eye-witnesses, well over 100 bodies were burned there.

Information from  ‘Not the Slightest Chance’ by Tony Banham


Loved Ones

Son of Robert Mercer Gowland and Jane Gowland.

Husband of Ethel Margaret Gowland.

Father of Clive and Janis Gowland



 Column 34.



''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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