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Robert Molesworth Goodwin

Known as ‘Bob’


Born - Friday 25 February 1921

Enlisted July 1940

Royal Australian Artillery

2/10 Field Regiment



The 2/10th Field Regiment was formed in mid-1940 as part of the Second Australian Imperial Force. The regiment was deployed to Malaya in 1941, taking part there in the military actions against the Japanese, and then deployed to Singapore in early 1942.

On 27 January, the regiment took part in a fighting withdrawal from the east coast, supporting the 22nd Brigade; during this action, the 2/10th was heavily engaged, firing 900 rounds in the first hour alone.

In early February, after withdrawing across the Johore Causeway to Singapore Island, the two Australian brigades, the 22nd and 27th, took up defensive positions, the 22nd in the western sector and the 27th in the north in preparation for a Japanese assault. Within the defensive plan, the 2/10th was responsible for covering the causeway sector. The regiment had twenty-four 25-pounder field guns and six 4.5-inch howitzers.

 On 8th February, the Japanese assault came from across the Johore Strait, falling predominately upon the 22nd Brigade's positions. Prior to the attack, the regiment had formed an extra troop of guns equipped with 4.5-inch howitzers as well spare 18-pounders, and during the assault these were used to fire on sampans carrying Japanese troops across the water. Although they sunk over 30 of them, the defenders were overwhelmed and pushed back inland.

Over the course of the next week, the regiment was heavily engaged, firing thousands of rounds and continuing to fire its guns until the end of the campaign, when Singapore surrendered.

During the fighting on Singapore, the regiment lost six killed, 18 wounded and three missing.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

 PoW No. II 5865

1943/05/17 - Transported overland to Thailand with ‘H’ Force

1943/06/21 - In Kannyu Jungle Camp Roll

Worked on Hellfire Pass

1943/12/ - Transported back to Singapore

New PoW No. 12003

1945/09/05 - Liberated Changi


Post War

After repatriation Bob completed grade 12 (senior) and a year later married Marie in 1947. Thery were blessed with three sons George, Chris and Jim and one daughter Lois.

In 1952, Bob graduated as a Doctor from the University of Queensland and practised as a GP in Brisbone till 1959 and then in Warwick until 1970, before returning to Brisbane as Specialist Physician (Cardiologist). He became Medical Director of the Queensland National Heart Foundation for 25 years and in 1993 was awarded an OAM for his services to medicine.

In 2013, at the age of 92, Bob joined three Australian Second World War veterans on a return journey to Thailand for Anzac Day.


 Hellfire Pass Superimposed behind Bob

The visit coincided with the 70th anniversary of work starting on Hellfire Pass, enduring sickness and starvation under appalling conditions, they cut a railway pass through the Tenasserim Hills using ‘Hammer and Tap’, pick and shovel .

The Anzac Day march in Brisbane is an occasion Bob rarely missed.

 In 1996, he was proud to be invited to Churchie as the Reviewing Officer for the school’s annual commemoration service. Son George attended Churchie in 1968.

 Bob and Marie retired to Highfields in 2004.



Age 97

31st August 2018


Darren Witty

Churchie Old Boys Association -

KEW Files:- WO 361/1951, WO 367/1, WO 361/2233,


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