To honour those who lost their lives

“In this their finest hour”

Evacuation Ships

HMS Giang Bee

Researched Passenger and Crew List

Sunk by Japanese destroyer on 13th February 1942

  [Version 1.4.2; May 2011]




Presumed Dead


Died During Internment




Presumed to have Survived (known to have survived the sinking, but nothing further known)


fate not known


ADAMS – Lt. Thomas Grant Adams, MRNVR. (MVDB); T. G. Adams, MRNVR missing 13.2.42 on ‘GB” ( CO 980 234 ,1945-46 Information on ships lost in Banka Straits); Lieutenant T. G. Adams, United Kingdom, Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer reserve, HMS Giang Bee died 13.2.42 ( Plymouth Naval memorial and CWGC)


AERIA –PS; Mrs. Aeria, Giang Bee survivor picked up by HMS Tapah 2.42. Children Leonard and Barbara. “…Mrs. Aeria V. L. was interned in Palembang…” (NIRC); possibly the wife of Corporal O. C. Aeria, 1st Btn., (Singapore Volunteer Corps) who died 13.9.43 and whose wife is recorded as H. L. Aeria of Jalan Ennos, Singapore (CWGC); Corporal Osmund “Ossie” Aeria of the SSVF was married to Helen Aeria ( MVDB)


ALLEN - William Probyn Allen; aged 32 years he was Sales Manager, Boots Pure Drug Co., Nottingham, England; the secret Changi list records “… ALLEN W PROBYN BOOTS  ??? DRUGS PALEMBANG (BPPL); DDI MA; Far East Representative, Boots Ltd. Wife Kathleen [Kay] evacuated. Died Belalau, Sumatra of blackwater fever. “Died 25th March 1945 S. Sumatra, in camp hospital Palembang”; William Probyn Allen, United Kingdom, aged 34 years, died at Belalau on 25.3.45 husband of Kathleen Mary Allen (CWGC);born in 1911at Pontardwe, Breconshire  he had been educated at Cambridge University and graduated MA (JM)


ALLEN – “…Miss Allen E. interned at Palembang” (NIRC) PS


ALLGROVE – Mrs. Marjorie Allgrove, British, civilian aged 41 years, Medical Aid Service, wife of Mr. J. W. Allgrove of Muar River estate, Segamat, Johore and daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Walden of Slough, Buckinghamshire – she died on 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC); Lance Corporal Joseph William “Joey” Allgrove was in the Johore Volunteer Engineers and was Manager, Muar River Rubber Estate, Batu Anam, Johore and was a POW (MVDB).


ANGUS – Kenneth Angus’ death was known in Changi prison camp in 1942 “…ANGUS R KENNETH EUR 3RD ENG GIANG BEE BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL); “…Mc E Angus K. Second Engineer of the ship…” was witnessed as last seen on the “GB” (NIRC); Sub Lt. (E) Robert Kenneth McEwan Angus, RNR, aged 40 years, HMS GB, son of Robert and Edna Angus, died on 13.2.42 (CWGC)


ANTHONY – “…Miss Anthony F. was interned in Palembang…” (NIRC) PS;  Miss F. Anthony was an employee of William Jacks & Co., (Malaya) Ltd, Singapore ( STA. 17.8.41) – interestingly so was Mr. R. Stephenson ( below)


ANTHONY - Joseph Manook Anthony DDI Armenian, of Singapore; Joseph Manook Anthony, British, of Singapore, husband of Regina Anthony, died on 18.9.42 (CWGC)         


ANTHONY - Mrs. Regina Anthony DDI Wife of the above. Died 16.9.42, aged 85 Children Marc, Anthony & Beatrice;”…Anthony (Mrs.) died in camp on 18.9.42…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of women interned in Palembang camp);  Mrs. Regina Anthony , British, wife of Joseph Anthony died on 16.9.42 in an internment camp in Sumatra (CWGC)

ANTHONY – it is unclear whether this is another member of the family “…ANTHONY. M. Kuala Lumpur…” (NIRC); is this Marc Anthony?


ATTENBOROUGH - William Attenborough; “…ATTENBOROUGH W. P. S MUNC PALEMBANG …” (BPPL); “W. Attenborough was a witness to the document prepared in internment camp on missing passengers…” (NIRC); “Recovered Sumatra 20th Sept 45”); he was a Mechanical Engineer Sub-Lt RNVR 3rd Engineer. Aged 33 in 1942 with an address of Assn. of Engineers, S’pore (NIRC).


BAGBY - W. S. Bagby, aged 35 in 1942; “…BAGBY W JOCKEY PALEMBANG…” (BPPL);”Mr. W. R. Bagby was a witness on the document prepared in internment camp on missing passengers (NIRC); Australian Jockey at the Turf Club ,Singapore(NIRC);.. While out of camp he beat up a sadistic Japanese guard and lived to tell the tale;  “Sailed for Madras, ‘DUNERA’ 28 Sept 45”; He had three sons incl. Walter; in 1946 a the “Straits Times “ erroneously reported that he had died in Sumatra (STA. 13.4.46); but later corrected itself“… [Jimmy Martin] and Wally Bagby were on a boat which was sunk just outside Singapore. They were picked up by a Japanese patrol boat and taken prisoner. During their imprisonment, Martin and Bagby discussed post war plans and reached an agreement that, if both survived, one was to take out a trainers licence and the other was to ride as a stable jockey…to begin with Jimmy will have a string of horses…Bagby will ride them …”( STA post war newspaper article)


BARRACLOUGH - John Francis Barraclough, PD MBC Chief Engineer. Engaged to Elizabeth Myers (in fact according to the 2006 obituary of Elizabeth Barraclough he married  had married her, Margaret Elizabeth Myers,  in 1941 shortly before he and his new wife , who also worked for the BBC/MBC evacuated on different ships, this record also states that John Barraclough went down with the ship); his wife Elizabeth did not know for certain of his death until reading a newspaper account in September 1945 of the sinking of the GB but the internees in Changi recorded his death in 1942 in Bennett’s secret list “…BARRACLOUGH J. F. BMBC LEFT GIANG BEE DROWNED? WIFE BATAVIA…” (BPPL); John Francis Barraclough was listed as on the ‘GB’ (CO 980/324); the last person to see him clinging to raft before he was swept away during a storm on the night of 14 .2.42 was another MBC staff member  Mr. J. Medcalfe – Moore ( see below)


BARTON – Chief Engineer R. Barton survived ( source??); this could be a reference to BEATON


BATEMAN - ; “Bateman Mr. J.? ARC S’pore” (GBL); Maurice Joseph Bateman, per ST article, 1946 in which Mrs Bateman is asking for information on her husband from GB survivors “…Mrs. M. J. Bateman of No. 4 Surrey Road, Singapore, will be grateful for any information concerning her husband, Mr. Maurice Joseph Batemen, especially from survivors of the “SS. Giang Bee”, as Mr. Bateman is presumed to have boarded this ship when evacuating from Singapore in 1942 and is still missing and untraceable…” (Straits Times 12.8.46); a Mrs. J. Bateman was evacuated from Singapore on the “Centaur” arriving Freemantle, Western Australia. (MVG) PD


BATTENSBY - Eric William Battensby; Planter Manager, Tapah Rubber Estate Ltd, Tapah Rd, Perak [1935 & 1940 Directories]; listed as Planter, Tapah Road “…Kendall declared that he jumped overboard with him, stopped answering calls after half an hour…”Wounded in the chest then lost at sea, aged 55. ; “last seen injured on Gian (sic) Bee…” (Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO, CO 980/324); CWGC records confirm these details and that he was the son of Jane and the late William Battensby, The Poplars, Uffington, Berkshire and that he died on 13.2.42 (CWGC); it is not clear whether he was related to the following person


BATTENSBY – “…Battensby M (Mrs.) died on 2.2.45 ( Mrs. E. Cross list of Palembang women internees at PRO) – however whilst it is reasonable to assume she had left Singapore with her husband , there is no confirmation that she had in fact been on the ‘GB’; Mrs. Mary Awmack (Mona) Battensby, United Kingdom, aged 51 years of Tapah Rubber estate Ltd., Tapah Road, Perak, FMS [parents lived at Belfry, Cameron Highlands, FMS] wife of Eric William Battensby (CWGC)


BAYLISS – “…Miss Bayliss S. R. was interned in Palembang…” (NIRC); PS; This may possibly be Mrs. Olive Bayliss (nee Hogan) aged 24 in 1942. Wife of Staff Sgt R. Bayliss RASC; she was interned at Palembang, Sumatra.

BEATON - PD; “…Beaton R. K. formerly Chief engineer of HMS Lipis …” was witnessed as last seen on the “GB” (NIRC); Lt MRNVR; HMS Lipis to Giang Bee. Lost at sea aged 59; “…BEATON ROBT K CHF ENG LIPIS LEFT G B BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL); Lt.(E) Robert Kenneth Beaton, aged 59 years, RNR, “HMS Giang Bee”, husband of Marion Gibson Beaton died on 13.2.42 (CWGC); Mrs. Marion Beaton had also evacuated from Singapore (MVG)


BEAUCHAMP - PDMinistry of Information, Singapore. Wife evacuated to Melbourne, Australia; William Dashwood Proctor Beauchamp; Wm. Desmond Proctor Beauchamp listed on “GB” ( CO 980/324); lost at sea 13.2.42 ( MVG); “Beauchamp W. D. Ministry of Information ,Singapore…” was witnessed as last seen on “GB” (NIRC).


BELL - (? N.G.B.) Bell, PD; “Bell. Formerly Fortress Signal Coy. S. V. C. …” was witnessed as last seen on “GB” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross))


BIRD - Miss Bird NK; “…Bird Miss Salvation Army, Singapore…” (GBL)


BLUNN - Walter George Cunnew Blunn S; “…BLUNN W G C INT PAL…”; The Hon. JP Managing Director, George Blunn & Co. Ltd, Java St, KL Unofficial Member, Federal Council, Member State Council, Selangor. Member of Selangor Chamber of Commerce. Lived at the Lilac Lantern, 120 Java St, KL. Wife Alison [married 1915 Penang] active in Malayan Red Cross and YWCA. In Simla. . “Sailed Madras on KOROA 4 Oct 45”; Retired to Cobham, Surrey. Alison died 28.11.61. He married again [Irene]. Member of BAM till 1973. Died 23.5.74 Storrington. Daughter Joyce


BOLTER – Mrs. D. L. Bolter lost at sea on the Giang Bee on 13.2.42 ( MVG); there appear to have been several families with this surname in Singapore but it has not been possible to link Mrs. D. L. Bolter with any of these– they include John S. Bolter who lost his life in the sinking of the “Redang” on 13.2.42  and who worked for the “Straits Times”, (he was the husband of Mrs. J. Bolter, the brother of Max Bolter – also “Straits Times” who lost his life in Thailand in 1943 and eldest son of Mr. H. Bolter -  presumably of the company H. Bolter Ltd)


Boswell - Eurasians; there were 14 members of the family on the Giang Bee.

BOSWELL - Mrs. F. V. ”Norah” Boswell,  S; Leonora Josephine Boswell, formerly de Mornay, nee de Souza (sister of  Mrs. Rose Schooling, below); wife of Frederick Victor Boswell, Rubber Planter, (who left Singapore on the Mata Hari and died in captivity of Beri Beri in Palembang Camp, 10.07.44 aged 51). The family had moved to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore but in late January 1942 fled to Singapore. Frederick was bundled onto the Mata Hari and the rest of his family were on the GB. When the GB was bombed the Boswell family became split up with Mrs Boswell, Drina, Joan, Maisie and Kenneth together on a life boat with 56 other people and one small barrel of water, but Corinne, Albert, Clive and Noel went missing and although the family made every effort to trace them after the War it was to no avail. After three days at sea they landed on Banka Island and were handed over to the Japanese. Mrs Boswell and her remaining three daughters and son were interned in a series of camps .Mrs Boswell was very ill during most of the interment and Drina had to assume responsibility for the family ( See WW2 Peoples War – Article A8049378, 26.12.2005 story of Drina Leeson nee Boswell)

BOSWELL - Albert Boswell; “…Boswell A. age 29, brother of witnesses [N. C. H. Boswell and M. Boswell] …” (NIRC);  PD, son by a previous marriage lost after bombing of GB

BOSWELL - Clive Boswell; “…Boswell C, age 16 years, brother of the witnesses [N. C. H. Boswell and M. Boswell]…” (NIRC);  PD, son by a previous marriage lost after bombing of GB

BOSWELL - Noel W. Boswell; “…Boswell N. W. age 21 years, brother of the witnesses [N. C. H. Boswell and M. Boswell] (NIRC);  PD, son by a previous marriage lost after bombing of GB

BOSWELL - Corinne or Corienne Boswell; “…Boswell Corinne, age 14 years, sister of the witnesses [N. C. H. Boswell and M. Boswell] …” (NIRC); PD Sister of the four children below and half-sister of the three above. Daughter of Leonora and Frederick Boswell. She was lost after the bombing of the GB.

BOSWELL - Miss Drina BOSWELL S; Aged 16 in 1942. Daughter of Leonora and Frederick Boswell; sister of above. Survived internment in Palembang camp

BOSWELL - Miss Joan S; Daughter of Leonora and Frederick. Survived internment in Palembang..

BOSWELL - Miss Maisie S; Youngest daughter of Leonora and Frederick. She spent most of the time in internment either attending the school run in the camp by Dutch nuns or by her mother’s bedside since she was too young to work. (WW2 Peoples story – A8049378). Survived internment.; Miss M. Boswell was interned in Palembang camp (NIRC)

BOSWELL a person by the name M. Boswell was a witness in the Netherlands-indies Red Cross document (NIRC) prepared in Palembang  internment camp of missing passengers – since it appears to have  been the mens camp it is not clear if there was another male Boswell or if the signature is that of Master Kenneth Boswell. “…Boswell M. was interned in Palembang mens camp …” ( Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO);  an M. Boswell , aged 18 years ,was a student at St. John’s School, Kuala Lumpur (NIRC).

BOSWELL - Master Kenneth S Son of Leonora and Frederick. Kenny was removed from the women’s camp when he was 11 years of age and moved to the men’s camp. (WW2 Peoples War – Article A8049378); Survived internment and returned to Kuala Lumpur post-war.

BOSWELL - E. F. H. (Elder) Boswell was a witness on the document prepared in internment camp on missing passengers (PCIL) and is stated to be a brother of the above people who were missing; PS; “…BOSWELL E P H NEI…”(BPPL); Husband of Mrs. E.F. H. below; he was a merchant, aged 28 years, with Whiteaway Laidlaw Co., Ipoh. (NIRC);

BOSWELL - Mrs. E. F. M Boswell (Probably in fact E.F.H.)  PS Wife of Elder Boswell, above ”…Mrs Boswell E. F. M. was interned in Palembang camp…” (NIRC); this is presumably Mrs. Charlotte Boswell

BOSWELL - Norman C. H. Boswell was a witness on the document prepared in internment camp on missing passengers (NIRC) and is stated to be a brother of the above missing Boswell people; S; he was a Clerk, aged 24 years, with Post & Telegraph , Singapore …” (NIRC); “…BOSWELL E C H (sic?) NEI…” (BPPL) also “…BOSWELL M/ NEI…” (BPPL); “With wife and baby. Discharged 47B.G.H. 28 Sept 45”

BOSWELL - Mrs. Claire Boswell; S, Wife of Norman above ; “…Mrs. Boswell N. C. H. and baby…” were interned in Palembang camp (NIRC); she had her baby daughter with her on the ‘GB’ and in internment

BOSWELL - Felicity Boswell, S; Daughter of Claire and Norman above; presumably she is the same person as “…Boswell Felix Ann …” who is recorded as interned in Palembang camp (Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO)


BOURNE – Able Seaman Clarence John Bourne, DJ/X 141625, aged 23 years, HMS GB, husband of Netta G Bourne of Taunton, Somerset and son of Ernest and Gladys Bourne died on 13.2.42 (CWGC); Clarence Bourne had survived the sinking of the “HMS. Repulse” and after recovering had been given duties on the ‘GB’; “…it is possible that Clarence was killed as the Japanese ships opened fire to stop the GB or he may have gone down with the ship or even died in one of the lifeboats on the way to Sumatra…” (WW2 Peoples war, Andy 1971, BBC);


BOXALL - Ronald L. Boxall, PD???; there is a conflict between eye witness accounts that was on the “GB” and the CWGC records placing him on the “SS. Redang”; “..Boxall R. L. dept of Information, Singapore…” was witnessed as being on the “GB” by R. H. Scott (according to information given before Scott was removed from Palembang to Singapore); “…BOXALL R L M?? BVD DROWN GIANG BEE…”; Planter and Far East Bureau. 1952: Narborough Estate, Sungkai, Perak. Member of BAM till 1973;”…Boxall W. B. Dept of Inm S’pore…” (list of missing at PRO);  Loraine Ronald Tividier Boxall, aged 30 years, civilian and Civil Defence Force, son of Leopold and Theodora Boxall, of Richmond, Surrey, he died on 15.2.42 believed to have been on “SS. Redang” (CWGC)




 BRADLEY - Colin Ridings Bradley, PD BA, From Bolton, Lancashire. HM Customs and Excise Officer. Sub-Lt MRNVR. “…BRADLEY C R CUSTOMS RNVR GIANG B BVD DROWNED …” (BPPL); in a Colonial Office ‘IF’ dated 15 .2.46 Mr. E. P. C. Langdon recorded he last saw “… a S/Lt Bradley on board ‘HMS Giang Bee’ at about 1930 hrs on 13.2.42. Ship later abandoned….Age about 26[indecipherable] yrs. Brown hair ….Height about [indecipherable – but possibly says about 6 foot]. Civil occupation Customs Officer FMS…”; Sub. Lt. Colin Ridings Bradley, BA Hons., aged 24 years, MRNVR, “HMS Giang Bee”, formerly Customs and Excise, Malaya and son of Henry and Elsie Bradley of Smithhills Bottom, Lancashire he died on 12 .2.42 (CWGC)


BRIDGEMAN - Miss Leila Winifred Bridgeman, S, From NZ. Secretary, YWCA. Singapore. Aged 52 years of age at the time of the sinking; she states “…on the night of the 13th December (sic) this vessel was stopped by a Japanese cruiser. Time was given for women and children to take to the lifeboats. I believe that the vessel was sunk by the cruisers shell fire. I arrived in Anjer, West Java in the lifeboat on 8th March and was taken prisoner the same day. We were not at sea all this time… the following day I was imprisoned in Serang…three months later I was released and given permission to proceed to Batavia .After five months freedom I was required to go into an internment camp called Tidjeng camp in a suburb of Batavia…” (Signed statement to Police in Auckland, NZ, by Miss Bridgeman 29.10.45).Repatriated from Singapore to Archerfield, Australia 3.10.45 then to NZ .Her departure from Tidjeng is recorded in a New Zealand newsreel film of September 1945. Died 1974 Auckland.


BROOKS/ BROOKE - Herbert George Brooks, PD b.1894. Vehicle Licensing Officer, Johore. Wife Betty and daughter Eileen evacuated. Wounded [with R. Eves] in the air attack on the ship; there is a written statement by passenger Molly Ismail at Colonial Office dated 18.1.46 which states “…I knew Mr. H. G. Brooks and Mr. R. Eves as we were all in Johore. Both Mr. Brooks and Mr. Eves were on the Giang Bee. After we were bombed I saw them lying down on part of the deck with their heads bound up, having been wounded in the head. When the order came that the ship was to be abandoned I saw them wandering about on deck, after that I don’t know what happened to them…”…” (Molly Ismail in the Colonial Office document held at National Archives); after the War he is reported as being officially presumed dead by the Missing persons Bureau, refugee and Displaced persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, old Supreme Court Building, Singapore as “Mr. Herbert George Brooke, registrar of Vehicles, Johore, reported to have been on the Giang Bee but does not appear on the Giang Bee list…” ( Archive Straits Times “Tracing of Missing Continues” 29 May 1946)


CALDWELL – “…CALDWELL H C 2ND ENG LIPIS LEFT GIANG BEE MISSING…” (BPPL); Sub Lt. Hugh Cochrane Caldwell, aged 30 years, “HMS Lipis”, husband of M. A. Caldwell of Fulwell, Sunderland, Co. Durham, he died on 12.12(sic- possibly?) 42 (CWGC) and also listed on the Liverpool Naval Memorial


CAMPBELL - Colin Douglas Campbell DDI Planter aged52 in 1942, from 38 Belgrave Road, South Malvern, Melbourne, Australia; wife Ann evacuated on Narkunda, arriving Fremantle WA 24.1.42. ; Possibly the same person “CAMPBELL COLIN B? SELABA LEFT 12/10-3…” (BPPL); “Campbell Colin ex Goodyear was witnessed as last seen on the “GB”; however in conflict with this is “Campbell C. D. was interned in Palembang” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang internment camp): Died in captivity 2.8.44 [53]; also Colin Campbell was a witness and signatory to the NIRC document listing the last known sightings of “GB” passengers prepared on 2.2.43 in Palembang camp – so he was an internee and alive at that date ( NIRC)


Campbell – there are several references in the secret list prepared by Mr. Bennett in Changi to men on the “GB” having left with “…Sir John Campbell…” (BPPL)


CAMPBELL - Robert Henry Campbell, PDAssistant Planter, Batang Consolidated Rubber Estates Ltd, Batang, Malacca. Wife evacuated early to Australia [Centaur 22.2.41]. Sub Lt MRNVR. ; Robert Henry Campbell, Sub Lt. MRNVR, died 15.2.42 “HMS Giang Bee” (CWGC); there is also the conflicting record of “CAMPBELL R H BATANG CONSOL R E POW…” (BPPL)


CAMPBELL – SMITH – “…Campbell-Smith, Siam, In search of wife and children…” (GBL) PD


CARSON - Carson PD; Planter, Tanah Merah Estate (MVG); there are two possible contemporary references in the secret Changi record for the name CARSON – “…CARSON B H R SIMONS POW…” (BPPL) and “CARSON R A CAPT R A POW…” (BPPL);  also there is one record in the CWGC which may or may not be relevant – Private Brian Hardy Carson, 3rd (Penang & Province Wellesley Vol Corps) Btn, SSVF, #5369, husband of Gloria Carson he died on 4.2.44 ,Chungkai War Cemetery(CWGC)


CASEY - Casey S; “…CASEY (AB –HM DESTROYER) GIANG BEE PALEMBANG…” (BPPL); “…rating Casey R. N. service camp Palembang…” ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross document 2.2.43);finally,  “Rating, R.N. Sailed to UK on ‘TEGELBERG’”


CHALMERS - Alexander (‘Sheepie’) Chalmers, PD; originally from Aberdeen. To Malaya 1926. Assistant, Taiping Rubber Plantations, Trong [1935 Directory] then Assistant, Siliau Estate NS [1940 Directory] then Manager, Ulu Sawah Estate, Rantau NS. Wife Sybil evacuated on Aorangi, arriving Fremantle WA 23.1.42 then to Scotland. Daughter Louise born in Australia 1942 (MVG); “…Chalmers Paiping (sic) Rubber Plant…” (List of missing at PRO);”Chalmers, Planter, formerly Taiping Rubber Plantation was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB”; a conflicting reference to him being on the GB is reference may be “CHALMERS A U SAWAH LINGGI LEFT SHB LAUNCH…” (BPPL);


CHAPMAN – Mr. A. Chapman, PD; “Chapman A. Anglo Oriental” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’; “…Mr. (?) Chapman, Australian tin miner from S [rest of word is indecipherable]…” was aboard the “GB”’( letter from J. Medcalfe – Moore to Colonial Office 26.2.46)


CHASEN - Frederick Nutter Chasen, also known as ‘Micky’ PD; Born 1896. Educated at the Priory, Norfolk then an articled student at Norwich Castle. WW1 Service: Trooper, Norfolk Yeomanry then 3.3.1919 2nd Lt Suffolk Regiment. Assistant Curator Raffles Museum 1921 Director of Raffles Museum and Library, Singapore 1932-1942. 1st wife Agnes, to Singapore 1926 aged 18. 2nd wife Kath (some records have her name as Mollie for unknown reason) and son evacuated to J’burg SA. Daughters Heather Jean [b.1927 Singapore = actress Heather Chasen of “Crossroads” and “Navy lark” etc fame] & Christine Elizabeth b.1931].Agnes married G.C.R. ‘Ginger’ Franks who was killed serving with the RAF 22.3.42 [36]. Kath (Mollie), after the death of her first husband from malaria in Singapore, also remarried ‘Micky’ Chasen for whom she had previously completed paintings of birds. They lived at 8 Stevens road, Singapore. F.N.C. the author of numerous publications incl. ‘The Birds of the Malay Peninsula,’ The Birds of Singapore Island’ & ‘A Handlist of Malaysian Mammals.’; earliest record of his death was in the secret list compiled in Changi by civilian internees“…CHASEN F N MUSEUMS GIANG BEE DROWNED?...” (BPPL) but sadly this was not known by his family for some years; “…For years we didn’t know where my husband was…news came from the POW camps but nothing about Micky. Then I heard much later that he had been killed escaping from Singapore on the “Giang Bee” which had been shelled and sunk the day that Singapore fell to the Japs…” ( letter from Kath Chasen to Rosemary Molesworth, Kath had been on the Empress of Japan and had left that ship at Capetown and stayed in South Africa.);Information also obtained from granddaughter  Brigid Flipse.


CHINNERY – Frederick George Chinnery (LOPBGB); PD; Engineer, MBC. Wife J. evacuated to Capetown SA. (MVG); “…CHINNERY F G BMBC GIANG BEE DROWNED…” (BPPL); Frederick George Chinery (sic?) listed on “GB” (CO 980/324); the last person to see him clinging to a raft after the sinking before he was swept away in a storm during the night of 14.2.42 was another MBC staff member J. Medcalfe – Moore ( see below )


CHUNG – “…CHUNG NG YI COOK TO R H SCOTT BVD DROWNED GIANG BEE…” (BPPL); R. H. Scott was the Director of the Far East Bureau of the Ministry of Information ( see below)


CLARK – Clark (?E) was an official photographer with the Crown Agents, London; ; “…CLARK NOBBY MOI PHOTOGR RPD DRND GIANG BEE…” (BPPL) ; he was witnessed as “…last seen on the ‘GB’


CLARK/CLARKE - Charles Frederick Clark, PD European Prison Warder (MVG); Sub-Lt SS RNVR 1930s;”…CLARK C F PRISONS LEFT W RNVR?...” (BPPL); “Clarke Lieutenant RNVR “ was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’;   Lt Charles Frederick Clark, MRNVR, “Giang Bee” died 13.2.42 (CWGC)


COLLINS - Mrs. Maria Collins, PS Eurasian. Evacuated with the Schoolings; “Collins Mrs. widow shop S’pore” (GBL)


CONNELLY - Vernon Rowe Connelly, DDIFrom Southall, Middlesex. Planter Manager, Changkat Salak Rubber and Tin Ltd, Perak. Aged 52 in 1942. Wife W.[A.I.?] and son P.V. evacuated on Aorangi, arriving Fremantle WA 23.1.42. He died in captivity 17.10.44 [49] Muntok


COWGILL – “Cowgill Mrs. M. C. S. Seremban…”(GBL); “…Cowgill Mrs. Wife of British resident Negri Sembilan…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ ; Mrs. Lilian Josephine Cowgill, BSc., aged 39 years, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, wife of J. V. Cowgill, St James Court, Buckingham Gate, London, and the daughter of of John and Edith Atkin, of Bonehill, Tamworth, Staffordshire, she  died on “Giang Bee” on 13.2.42 (CWGC);  this is confirmed on the Changi Museum civilian database and that she was born in 1903; she was the wife of the high profile and successful John Vincent Cowgill ( born 1899) was working with the MCS in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1930s ,who had been appointed British Resident in Pahang in 1937 then British Resident , Negri Sembilan ( with a 13 gun salute and a guard of honour of 50 members of the Negri Sembilan Btn., FMSVF); in 1946 ,after returning to work in Malay, Mr. Cowgill retired back to Britain  - it is interesting that in the accompanying newspaper article it is stated “…Mrs. Cowgill lost her life in the “Kuala” off Singapore, after doing war work until two days before Singapore fell …” perhaps it was still very confused in 1946 insofar as who had died on which ship leaving Singapore ( ST. 6.7.46); they had a son born in 1935 (ST.27.6.35)


CRISP – “CRISP P ???? WARTAX GIANG B?...” (BPPL); however other records suggest that Albert Ernest Crisp died in the sinking of the “SS. Kuala”


DA COSTA – Lt. Peter Campbell da Costa, MRNVR,  son of Brigadier-General da Costa of Farnham, Surrey, he died on 13.2 42 and is listed on the Plymouth Naval Memorial(CWGC); aged about 30 years, tall, dark with spectacles, he worked for  Bennie S. Cohen & Son [Malaya] Ltd, Kelly & Walsh Building, Raffles Place, Singapore; the secret Changi list records in 1942  ”… DA COSTA BENNIE S COHEN MRNVR??????? EX GIANG BEE…” (BPPL); “…Da Costa Lieutenant RNVR….”as witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ (NIRC).

DAVIDSON - Mrs. Davidson PD; “…Davidson Mrs. Sydney Estate, Kajang, FMS…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ (NIRC).


DAVIDSE/ DAVIDSEESY - [David] Davidse PDB.1885. To Malaya 1933. Proprietor, Booty & Edwards [Architects], KL; “Davidseesey Booty and Edwards, Kuala Lumpur…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (NIRC).


DAVIES - Mr Eric and Mrs Davies PDb. London. BBC till 10.40 then Chairman MBC/Broadcaster 12.40. Wife Jan.  Lived at Mount Rosie Singapore. His wife may not have been on board (MVG).


DAVIES  - Mrs. Davies ( above)


DAVIES – “Davies Mr. and Mrs. Surveyor (Beaty and Edwards KL) …”(GBL)


DE BON – Mr. de Bon released PS; “3 French, Mr. Mrs. And Miss de Bon? Released at Muntok…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross document 2.2.43)


DE BON -  Mrs de Bon released PS


DE BON – Miss de Bon released PS


DE SOUZA – on board was Mrs Pauline Dumbleton who se maiden surname was de Souza – see Dumbleton


DE SOUZA – “…Miss de Souza M. E.  Interned Palembang…”( Netherlands Indies Red Cross);  PS ; NOTE: There is a coincidence here with a survivor of the sinking of the “SS. Kuala” on 14.2.42 by the name of Miss Maria de Souza.


DOOLEY - Mrs. Dorothy Dooley (nee Schooling); “…Dooley Mrs. …” (NIRC); also “…Dooley Mrs. Manchester Regt…” (GBL);   PD She had married earlier in February 1942 and was the Eurasian wife of Sgt James Dooley 1st Manchester Regiment – he was lost on HMS Dragonfly (MVG).


DUMBLETON – Mr. Leslie T. Dumbleton, Government Printing Office, and the undefeated Singapore Amateur Flyweight boxing champion married Mrs. Pauline de Souza ( STA 28.1.40); Mr and Mrs. L. Dumbleton (NIRC); PD; “…Dumbleton Mr. and Mrs., son-in-law of Mrs. Collins…” (GBL) in this context there also appears to have been a connection with the passenger De Souza; “NOTE: there is a record in Bennett’s secret Changi list that raises the likelihood that Mr. Dumbleton’s brother was also on the GB “…DUMBLETON LESLIE EURAS PRINT OFF GIANG B W BROTHER BOTH MISSING…”


DUMBLETON – Mrs. Pauline Dumbleton ( see STA above) PD; Pauline de Souza had been born in Singapore on 6 July 1919 , one of the eight children of Lambert Philamen De Souza and ‘Nora’ Honora Josephine de Souza; in her early teens she and her sister Celine were enrolled at Madam Kelvey’s dancing school and were accomplished dancers ( STA); during the Depression years and specifically in January 1934 they were amongst a group of “…young women of Singapore…” who formed a new club with the slogan “…get together and be happy…” , deciding to hold social evenings at the Memorial Hall regularly “…a large crowd of children were entertained to a programme of song ,dance and recitations…”; Pauline married Leslie Dumbleton on  27 January 1940 at the cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore ( STA 28.1.40); so Pauline de Souza /Dumbleton appears to have been a talented young woman with drive and initiative who lost her life either in the shelling and sinking of the “Giang Bee” or in one of the early lifeboats to leave the ship; Pauline‘s mother was killed by the Japanese whilst taking shelter in the Convent of the Holy infant Jesus, Victoria Street, Singapore on 15 February 1942 and her father died later that year.


DUMBLETON – brother of Leslie Dumbleton  PD ( see above); this was possibly either  Cecil Dumbleton from references to his name in the STA or George Dumbleton


DUNN - Mrs. N.L. Dunn S; She and two children survived the Giang Bee sinking 13.2.42.; “…Mrs. N. L. Dunn and two children were interned in Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); ‘Recovered S Sumatra 27 Sept 45.’ Repatriated to Ceylon 29.10.45…” ( list of GB passengers at PRO)


DUNN – child


DUNN – child


ELLIS – “…ELLIS [CMDR or IVOR???] RENNIE LOWICK RNVR GIANG B… (BPPL); there is also a record (based on his MI9 interrogation form) that Lt. Ivor Ellis, MRNVR, “HMS. Laburnum” ( the depot ship at Singapore, aged 21 years, was captured in the Banka Straits on 15.2.42,then interned in Palembang and finally in Changi.


EVANS – “…Evans Mr. F. K. Food Supply…” (GBL) this is hard to read and could also be “Evans Mrs. K. Food Supply…” (GBL)


EVANS - Eric John Evans, PD Customs & Excise Dept FMS since 1935 (MVG). Sub-Lt MRNVR.; in a Colonial office “Interr. POW” document dated 15.2.46, Mr. E. P. C. Langdon recorded that “…A S/Lt Evans MRNVR was last seen on board HMS Giang Bee at about 1930 hrs on 13.2.42. Ship later abandoned….{identified as] Age about 30 years, Black hair, brown eyes….civil occupation, Customs Officer, Singapore, height about 5Ft. 8 inches…”


EVES - Robert Eves, PDB.1880 Scarborough. Served with Salonika Forces, Army of the Black Sea. Captain RASC. Arrived Johore 1915. Marine Engineer then Head of PWD Johore.  Retd? i/c Fire Brigade JB. Wife Christina evacuated on the Empress of Japan 31.1.42 – arrived UK. Daughters Judith and Roberta (MVG).; Robert Eves was listed on “GB” ( CO 980/324));finally Robert Eves, British, aged 62 years, M. I. Mech. E., of Johore Baru , husband of Christine Eves died 13.2.42 on GB (CWGC); NOTE: see also Brooks statement


FENN - Robert James Fenn, PDBc1870 Wagga Wagga NSW. To India then to Taiping FMS
as trainer & jockey to Towkay Chung Ah Yong. To Singapore1908 then to Penang by 1915. WW1 Service: AIF Trooper in 10th Light Horse 1915-1918. Returned to Penang as a well known racehorse owner and trainer; “…Fenn R. J. Penang race horse trainer…” (NIRC); after the war he was reported to be presumed dead by the Missing Persons Bureau, Refugee and Displaced Persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore as “…Mr. R. J. Fenn ,the horse trainer…” ( archives Straits Times “Tracing of Missing Continues” 29 may 1946); a post war newspaper article on Jimmy Martin (See below passenger) states that pre-war Jimmy Martin signed up with the late R.J. Fenn and that move started the “Seagate Stable” -Fenn -Martin racehorse team combination which had a remarkably successful season in 1941 ( STA 10.7.47)


FERDINANDS – “…Ferdinands Mr. and Mrs [the word Mrs has been deleted by hand on the typed document] two sons from Ipoh…” were witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ in the document signed in Palembang camp on 2.2.43 by witnesses and the chairman of the Palembang Committee of the Netherlands Indies Red cross- in the case of the Ferdinands family the witnesses are Mr. C.D. Campbell and Mr. A.P. Marning who presumably knew this family prior to the sinking(NIRC);  PD


FERDINANDS –  son of above


FERDINANDS – son of above


FERRAO – “…Mrs. Ferrao E. L. was interned in Palembang…”( Netherlands Indies Red Cross) PS


FISHER - Julius Fisher, PD Annotated “See tel on file. Officially presumed to have died as a result of sinking of Giang Bee”; “…Mr. Julius Fisher last seen on Gian(sic) Bee…” (Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO, CO 980/324); “…FISHER JULIUS S AML THEATRES GIANG B BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL); “…Fisher Julius Capitol Cinema Singapore…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ by G. W. Tarry; “…Mr. J. Fisher, Singapore…” was on the ‘GB’ (letter from J. Medcalfe-Moore to Colonial Office 26.2.42);”Fisher Mr. J. [indecipherable] Singapore …” (GBL); he was born in 1895 in Cape Province SA. Educated Normal School, Capetown and South African College. Assistant Manager of Middle East Films Ltd, Singapore 1918-25. Married Dot Dilworth 1919. In the Dutch East Indies as Manager, First National Pictures [East] Ltd 1926-1930. Manager of Capitol Theatre, Singapore, 1930 on. Managing Director, Fishers Ltd [Publicity and Commission Agents]. Editor and Publisher of Who’s Who in Malaya and the British Malayan Annual. Worked for MBC during final days before the Fall of Singapore. Wife S. evacuated to Durban SA. Daughter Dorothy Rose. Son Mark.


FLETT - Mr. H. N. / H. W. Flett, PD; in Bennett’s secret Changi list is recorded “FLETT H N ENG TEMEN [indecipherable on photocopy]?????..” (BPPL);”…Flett Mr. M. temporary Staff PWD Temerloh…wounded in knee…” (GBL); also H. Flett, Volunteer, “Missing” is recorded in the Changi records of the BRE (MVDB)


FOO – Chee B. Foo, Chief Cook, missing presumed killed; Foo Chee Boon, Chief Cook, Naval Auxiliary Personnel ( merchant Navy), husband of Sing Peng Kim, Singapore – he died on 13.2.42 on GB and is recorded on the Liverpool Naval Memorial (CWGC)


GARRETT - Walter Edward Garrett, PD; Wife Phyllis evacuated to SA then UK. Straits Times journalist/ Production Manager. Chief Air Raid Warden, Singapore (MVG). Lived at 12, Barker Rd, Singapore.; ”…GARRETT W. E. STRAITS TIMES MISSING GIANG B??...” (BPPL); Walter E. Garrett was listed on “GB” (CO980/324); finally the CWGC confirms Walter Edward Garrett, aged 37 years, husband of Phyllis Alberta Garrett and son of Ernest and Florence Garrett of147 King’s Avenue,  Clapham, London died on 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC); he was remembered  by his contemporaries after the War viz. “…Mr. W. E. Garrett, production manager of the Straits Times was also on that ship and it is feared that hope for him must be abandoned…” ( archive s of the Straits Times “Cecil Street Memories” 13 Sept 1945)


GEIKIE - Miss Sonia Geikie PS; Aged 24 in 1942.; “…Miss Geikie S. interned Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43)


GIBB - Arthur Gibb, PD; General Manager, Renong Tin Dredging Co. Ltd, Rasa, Selangor. Wife Irene May evacuated. Lived at 20, Federal Hill, KL (MVG); “…GIBB ARTHUR RENONG TIN BVD LEFT WITH A F TAYLOR…” (BPPL); “…Gibb Mr. A., MD, Renong Tin Ltd…” (GBL); Gibb, A. Renong Tin Ltd., Kuala Lumpur ( PCIL); Arthur Gibb, civilian, aged 42 years of Malaya, husband of Irene May Gibb, he died on 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC)


GISS - Miss A. Giss,  PD


GOLDSTONE – Mr. M. Goldstone was a competition tennis player in Singapore pre-War (STA 28.1.41); after the war the Missing Persons Bureau, Refugee and Displaced Persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore officially presumed dead “…Sub. Lt. Goldstone of the SS R.N.V.R., reported to have been on the Giang Bee…” (archive Straits Times “Tracing of Missing Continues” 29 May 1946); Sub-Lieutenant M. Goldstone, United Kingdom, Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, husband of Mrs. L. Goldstone of Leeds, Yorkshire, died on 15.2.42 (CWGC); also Maurice Goldstein ( A.k.a. Maurice Goldstone), was born in Shanghai, he worked as an insurance broker, he married  Lulu Goldstein in 1937, Maurice joined the Volunteer Naval Reserve  in about 1939 as a Gunnery Officer on a minesweeper  ;at some stage Maurice began using the name “Goldstone” which may well have been around the time he joined the armed forces so that his name was less ‘German’ sounding;  Lulu was the sister of Esther Brisk who was a passenger on the “SS. Kuala”; interestingly Esther had left Singapore on the “SS. Kuala” on 13.2.42 with her employer ,the very well known local tennis champion Mr. Kleinmann  who died as a result of his arm being blown off in the bombing of the ship at Pom Pong island; Lulu evacuated from Singapore on board the “WestPoint” on 30 January 1942 bound for England, she died in April 2007 ( source Sarah Semple, Wellington,  New Zealand who is married to a member of the Brisk family and writing the family history)


GONZALEZ - Gracie Gonzalez PD; who was a cabaret dancer at the New World, Singapore and her sister,

GONZALEZ - Anita Gonzalez PD; Two sisters, both cabaret Dancers, New World, Singapore. Anita wounded in the air attack; “Gonzalez Anita formerly New World Cabaret, Singapore. Anita was wounded in thigh…” was recorded as she was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross )


GOODLAND - Goodland PD; (LOPBGB); Eurasian employee of MBC; “…Goodland Malayan Broadcasting Corp….” was witnessed as last seen on ’GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); ; “…GOODLAND M [or N] (EURAS) BMBC GIANG B DROWNED?...” (BPPL); D. Goodland was listed on the “GB” (CO 980/324); after the war the Missing Persons Bureau, Refugee and Displaced Persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore officially presumed dead “… Mr. D. Goodland of the M. B. C. also reported on the Giang Bee…” ( archives Straits Times “Tracing of the Missing Continues” 29 May 1946)


GUTTERIDGE - Cecil Charles Gutteridge, S; Customs Probationer, Customs & Excise Dept FMS, Ipoh, Perak. Sub-Lt MRNVR on the Giang Bee [one of 3 survivors in the water]. POW Singapore. Returned 1946 to Malayan Customs: prevention work, Kedah & Perlis [Thai border]. Wrote his ‘Experiences during the Japanese War’ (BAM Collection.); wartime record in Changi was “GUTTERIDGE C C CUSTOMS POW…” (BPPL);


HAINES - Dr. William Burgess Haines, S; Field Research Officer, HQ Dunlop Estates Ltd, Malacca. Plantation Manager? Aged 52 in 1942. Wife Violet aged 42 in 1942. Sons C.J. and Michael William, aged 12, evacuated early on Charon, arriving Fremantle WA 3.10.41 then to UK (MVG).; “…HAINES DR W G DUNLOP BVD LEFT 12/2 W GEO B LUNN…” (BPPL); Haines W. B. was interned in Palembang (Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang internment camp); Dr. W.B. left for the UK on the ‘Antenor’ on 26th October 1945. Remarried to Mary Harrison in1946.


HAINES - Mrs. Haines,  PD; “…Haines Mrs. Wife of Chief Police Officer, Seremban, Negri Sembilan, FMS…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies red Cross); there is a record of Mr. W. A. C. Haines, Superintendent of Police, FMS who was interned (MVDB); however there is no CWGC record of her death.


HAINES/HAYNES – “…Miss Haines Malacca…” (GBL) – this could be a misspelling of Miss R. R. Haynes (below)


HARDING - William S Harding, PD; Planter Manager, United Patani Estates, Sungei Patani, Kedah. Left with A. Mourin (MVG); “…Harding of United Petain confirmed as on board ‘GB’ (record by G. Reis, 66/231/1 at IWM); also …Harding F. S. United Patani Estate…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); in contrast there is the wartime record suggesting he survived to be interned ‘…HARDING W S U. PATANI BVD P’BANG…” (BPPL); there is no CWGC record of his death.


HARDING - Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Harding “DIED Sumatra 4 April 45.” One DDI; one PD, but not clear which; also “…Harding I. (Mrs.) was interned in Palembang (Mrs. E. Cross list) which indicates that it was Mr. P.E. Harding who died on the ‘GB’; there are no CWGC records of their deaths.


HARRIDGE? – “…Harridge of John Little, Kuala Lumpur- last seen on Gian (sic) Bee… ( Mrs E Cross list at PRO/ CO 980/324); there is no CWGC record of his death.


HARKINS – there is some conflict in the records – firstly “…HARKINS 2nd RADIO OF E OF ASIA GIANG B DROWNED…(BPPL); then in contrast on the Tower Hill memorial is the record that Second Radio Officer Patrick Leo Harkins, aged 41 years, SS. Empress of Asia ( Vancouver) , son of Patrick and Margaretta Harkins of Caran, Irish republic , died on 10.2.42 ??(CWGC)


HASTINGS – Mr. P. E. Hastings was a witness on the list prepared in Palembang mens internment camp of missing passengers (NIRC); “…HASTINGS P – MINING ENG P’BANG…”(BPPL); He died in captivity aged 57 years,  in Sumatra on 4th April 1945.;so he was on the ‘GB’ with his wife (below),


HASTINGS - Mrs. Olga Lilian Hastings, DDI; Wife of P. E. V. Hastings aged 46 in 1942; “…Mrs. Hastings P. E. interned at Palembang (Netherlands Indies Red Cross, 2.2.43); she died in captivity aged 50 years ,  1.7.45 [50]. From the list prepared in internment camp it seems that that her husband, Mr. P.E.V. Hastings, a miner, was also on the Giang Bee (NIRC); interestingly the CWGC record her as the wife of Mr. R. F. Hastings which is presumably an error.


HATELEY / HATELIE - D. W. F. Hateley “Stayed on board with his friend Perry.”(NIRC); PD; “…HATELIE D F W LEFT W SIR J O S CAMPBELL?...” (BPPL); there is no CWGC record of his death; there are post war references to Mrs. Hatelie a widow in Penang (STA 24.3.48)


HAWTREY – Lt. (Sp) Roger Hawtrey, MRNVR,  Gestetner on “GB”(MVDB); Lieutenant (Sp) R. Hawtrey, MRNVR, died on 15.2.42 , the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. hawtrey of Shanklin, Isle of Wight (CWGC); he was a keen golfer and qualified for the Keppel Cup. Notice of his estate as a deceased person was notified by the firm of Drew & Chamber , Kuala Lumpur, in June 1`947 ( STA. 1.7.47)


HAYNES - Miss Rena Rosie Haynes, DDI; Aged 47 in 1942.  Died in captivity 10.1.45, aged 49; “…Haines (Miss) died in January 1945…” (Mrs. E. Cross list of women internees in Palembang); there is no CWGC record of her death.


HICKS - Miss W.? Hicks Left in lifeboat for Java NK ; she is almost certainly  the same person as:


HIGGS - Ms Marjorie Eileen Higgs, Australian, and General Secretary YWCA KL aged 38 in 1942; Eileen Higgs arrived in Kuala Lumpur in August 1941 to fill the role of general secretary of the YWCA. She had been involved with the YWCA in Perth, WA. , since 1920 and had trained as a schoolteacher. She was one of the lucky passengers to board one of the two lifeboats that got away successfully from the “GB” and started her diary in the lifeboat after abandoning ship – using biscuit wrappers. She secretly continued her diary through her internment in Java. With the others in the lifeboat she made landfall initially in Sumatra where they waited until, by chance the minesweeper “HMS Tapah” arrived and took off 18 of the 42 people who had been in the lifeboat (exchanging them for 18 volunteers from the “Tapah” passengers). Further along the coast 27 of the people remaining on the lifeboat (apparently people with a background in Malaya) left the lifeboat to try and ‘infiltrate’ to safety. That left 15 men plus Eileen Higgs and Ms Leila Bridgeman, a New Zealander, and the General Secretary of the Singapore branch of the YWCA, in the lifeboat. After 14 days of sailing along the coast of Sumatra they had great difficulty battling the tidal currents to cross the Sunda straits to Java. They landed in Java and trekked some 8 – 10 miles inland only to be captured by a passing Japanese road convoy. ( Australian Women’s Weekly 31.10.73)


HILL – Temporary Lt. Howard Hill, RNR, killed (Royal Naval Casualties,; Lt. (E) Howard Hill, United Kingdom, Royal Naval Reserve, “HMS. Giang Bee” , died 13.2.42 (CWGC and Plymouth Memorial)


HINCH - Mrs. Gertrude B. Hinch PS; OBE. American wife of T. W. Hinch (he was Principal of the Anglo – Chinese Methodist School on Singapore). Originally from Milwaukee, she had spent 20 years in Malaya; she had been President of the Malayan YWCA since 1932 at the time of the Surrender of Singapore. Aged 52 in 1942. She was interned and initially second in charge of women internees in Palembang, through her force of personality alone she became British camp Commandant in 1945; After the War she was Malaya’s representative on the World YWCA Committee .She died 21.5.71. Daughter Kathleen


HUNTER - Miss H. Hunter; “…Hunter Miss H. Kuala Lumpur…” (NIRC) PD


HUNTER - Miss P. Hunter; “…Hunter Miss P. Kuala Lumpur…” (NIRC) PD


ISMAIL -Miss Molly R. Ismail S; Teacher, daughter of Mr. T. Ismail and Peggy Ismail of Johore; there is a charming pre-war photo of Molly Ismail, her sister and mother Peggy in the book “Women Beyond the Wire” by Lavinia Warner and John Sandilands; “…Molly was injured by shrapnel fragments hitting her hand in the first bombing attack on the ‘GB’. She and her mother found places in one of the two lifeboats that survived…there were 56 people in their lifeboat…there was some water aboard and some ships biscuits…” (WBTW); Record annotated ‘To UK on “SOBIESKI”.


ISMAIL - Mrs. Peggy Ismail, DDI; Housewife. Wife of T. Ismail, Barrister of Johore; one of the leading society women in Singapore and Johore if photos are an indication; She was 65 years of age when she endured the harsh two days in the lifeboat before they reached Banka Island; she was interned and  “DIED Muntok 17 Oct 44.”


Jackson – see also below under WARD JACKSON


JEFFERIES – Mr. Arthur “Jeff” Jefferies – PD; MBC Engineer [moved from Hong Kong 1941]. Wife Katherine [Kitty] evacuated to Melbourne   - their letters at AWM (MVG); Arthur Ernest Edward Jefferies listed on “GB” (CO 980/324 and LOPBGB); “…JEFFERIES A EE P & T (ATT MBC) LEFT GIANG B DROWNED?...” (BPPL); the last person to see him clinging to a raft after the sinking ,before a storm on the night of 14.2.42 swept him away, was another MBC staff member J. Medcalfe – Moore ( see below)


JELTES - Miss Pauline Jeltes PS; “…Miss Jeltes Pauline interned Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43)


JONES – “…JONES CHS PRESS CORR UNITED PRESS LEFT…” (BPPL); Charles Henry Stanley Jones, husband of Mrs. N. Jones, of Singapore died 12.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC);


JONES - Frederick Leonard Jones, PD; B.1889 Spalding, Lincolnshire. Educated Spalding Grammar School. Joined Malay Mail 1912. Lived at 88 Circular Rd KL. Journalist Editor Malay Mail 1931-42. Wife Blanche, a Palembang, Sumatra internee:  She believed he was ‘safe in Singapore’;”…JONES F LEONARD MALAY MAIL /MOI DROWNED? WIFE P’BANG…” (BPPL);”…Jones F. L. Editor Malay Mail…” was witnessed as being last seen on the ‘GB’ by Mr. G. Reis before he died in internment…” plus the record “…on ‘GB’ about 4.30 pm on Thursday 12 Feb met…Jones of Malay mail…” ( G. Reis statement 66/231/1 at National Archives); after the War he was remembered by his Singapore contemporaries in a newspaper article “…It is feared that Mr. F. L. Jones, editor of the Malay Mail was drowned when the steamer Giang Bee was sunk on the Friday before the fall of Singapore…” ( archives Straits Times “Cecil Street Memories” 13 Sept 1945)


JORDAN - Mrs. Cicely Jordan was the wife of Mr. A. B. Jordan, Protector of Chinese in Singapore and later Secretary for Chinese Affairs. She had been in Singapore since at least 1928 and was for many years closely associated with the YWCA.; the YWCA in the 1930s in Singapore comprised women of 20 different racial groups and “…besides finding work for those girls who are unemployed ,also looked after women who are strangers to Singapore …” (STA. 22.4.37); , “Jordan Mrs. A. B. wife of secretary for Chinese Affairs Straits Settlement” was witnessed as last seen on board the ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross); also “…Jordan Mrs. A. (R?) B. o/s Chinese Protectorate…Last seen on board …” (GBL); PD; In a 1947 tribute delivered by Mrs. Hinch (also a ‘GB’  survivor se above) prior to that lady making her final departure for England on retirement, Mrs. Hinch dedicated a piano at the YWCA to Mrs. Jordan “…because she had always been keenly interested in music…” (STA. 12.4.47); she had a daughter Isobel Anstice (MVG) and also another daughter Barbara (Barnard) (STA. 15.8.41).


JORDEN – “…Jorden Mrs. Salvation Army Singapore…” (GBL); almost certainly the same person as above


KALIDAS - PD; “…Kalidas Indian of Malayan Broadcasting Corp.…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); “… KALIDAS BMBC GIANG B W. FATHER…” (BPPL)


KALIDAS - PD; “…The father of Kalidas name unknown, wounded…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross)


KEIGHTLEY- SMITH / KEIGHLEY – SMITH – Mr. A. Keightley-Smith (or someone with the same name) had been living in Malaya since 1924 (STA.22.2.24) and lived in North Perak. He was a keen tennis player according to “Straits Times” articles and was also a Director of Paroi Tin Dredging (STA. 15.1.30); poignantly, because he had presumably lost some personal possessions in the frantic evacuation from Northern Malaya,there is an advertisement by Mr. A. Keightley-Smith in the “Lost” column of the “Straits Times “ dated 20.1.42 ( only three weeks before they boarded the ‘GB’) “…Lost from Singapore Station: One brown leather suitcase ( Shanghai make) …addressed to A. Keightley – Smith, c/o Chartered bank, Singapore…”; Mr. and Mrs. Keighley-Smith, Planter, Trong, last seen on board.  PD; “…Mr & Mrs Keithley (sic) Smith (Planter) killed on Gian (sic) Bee…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO, CO 980/324); also Mrs. Eva Mildred “Peggie” Keightley-Smith, wife of Cpl. A. Keightley-Smith, Perak Local defence Force (died in same incident) died 13.2.42 on “GB” ( CWGC)


KEIGHTLEY-SMITH/KEIGHLEY/SMITH – Mrs. Eva Mildred “Peggie” Keightley-Smith (above) “…Her husband was badly wounded in thigh and both stayed on board. Mrs. K. when last seen told Mr. Phillips she was staying with her husband…” ( NIRC)


KENDALL – H. P. Kendall was a witness in the document prepared in internment camp on passengers missing; He was a planter, aged 56 years, from Kuala Kangsar, FMS;  “…KENDALL H P DUSUN [sp?] KATI INT P’BANG…” (BPPL) H. P. Kendall “DIED S Sumatra 15 May 45.”


KENNEISON - Miss Edith Cynthia Rose (“Betty”) Kenneison; “Miss Kenneison B. interned Palembang” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); S; Granddaughter of Ernest Kenneison below. Returned to Kuala Lumpur. Emigrated to Australia; died 2008. Better known as Edie Leembruggen.

KENNEISON - Ernest James Kenneison, PD; M.B.E. Of Kenneison Bros, Batu Caves, Selangor. Born Surrey, 1877. Army; left in India with rank of Sergeant Drummer. To Malaya c1912. Founded band of FMSVF. ; “….KENNEISON E J B CAVES GIANG B? BVD DEAD WIFE P’BANG…” (BPPL); listed as on “GB” and missing (NIRC); Died aged 64. Five sons survived him.

KENNEISON - Mrs. Lillian Violet Kenneison; “…Mrs. Kenneison V. interned Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); “Left CBO for UK 7 Dec 45.” S; Wife of the above. Born Ceylon c1890 (Burgher). Nurse. To Malaya 1925. Two sons. Died 1955.


KEONG - Keong (“Chinese”; left for Java with the lifeboat party); “…Chinese boy Keong released and returned to Singapore…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43) PS


KITCHEN - Mrs. Kitchen “With baby.”(NIRC);  PD; there are references to L/Sgt. Henry Godfrey Kitchen, 1st Btn, SSVF, #27527, Eurasian, a clerk being made POW and “D” Battalion to the Thailand/Burma Railway camps and his wife and family being evacuated to India on 13.2.42( MVG and the book ‘Baba Nonnie Goes to War’)


KITCHEN -  - baby


KITCHING – “…Mr. Kitching Mast and child Singapore… “ (GBL)


KNAGGS – Mr. Alfred Clive Knaggs was a member of the Presbyterian Church Literary Society and had been in Singapore since at least 1928 (STA. 28.8.28); Mr. Alfred C. Knaggs married Dorothy Van Buren, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Van Buren of Singapore in 1933 (STA. 21.3.33) - SEE ALSO VAN BUREN SURVIVORS BELOW - ; in 1934 they had a son whilst in Shangahi (STA. 5.2.34); he worked as Senior Assistant for Kelly and Walsh Ltd., Singapore ( STA. 6.6.39); PD; “…KNAGGS A C KELLY WALSH MOI GIANG B BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL); “…Knaggs A. C. Ministry of Information, Singapore…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (NIRC); in the 1947 ‘In Memoriam” column of the “Straits Times” he is remembered by his parents and sister in England as “….Clive, only son of …presumed drowned in the evacuation of Singapore13.2.42…” ( STA. 13.2.47)


KOCHI - Kochi “Czech from Alor Star. Kedah.”(NIRC) PD


LAMB - Mrs. Lamb PD; “…Lamb Mrs., Butterworth, Province Wellesley…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB”’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); appears to be Mrs. John Lamb of ‘Otterburn’, Butterworth, Province Wellesley who had been living there in retirement and who was the widow of Mr. John Lamb who had died aged 72 years in 1941 (STA. 21.8.41); Mr. Lamb had been a pioneer sugar and rubber planter in Malaya.


LANCASTER - Capt Lancaster “Master of the ship.” PD; in 1939 a person by the name of Harold Lancaster, described as the manager of “Half –Way House”, Bedok, was driving a car which struck and killed a Malay bicyclist but he was found in court not at fault for the death(STA. 15.4.39) “…LANCASTER H. W. CAPT GIANG B BVD LOST W SHIP…” (BPPL); “seen” ( Mrs. E Cross list at PRO); Lieutenant Harold Hinchcliffe Lancaster, Royal Naval reserve, died on 13.2.42 on “HMS Giang Bee” ( Liverpool Naval Memorial)


LANGDON – in 1933 Ernest Patrick Carleton Langdon married Miss Mildred Eileen Carless; in 1939 he was confirmed in his rank of Sub. Lt., SSRNVR (STA. 8.8.39)S/Lt E.P.C. Langdon S; “…LANGDON E P C CUSTOMS POW…” (BPPL); in a Colonial Office “interrogation Form” dated 15.2.46, A/Lt. Ernest Patrick Carleton Langdon records a last sighting of S/Lt Robert? Scott and Mr. Planzer (sp?) and S/Lt. Roland ( or Rowland[E?]) and A S/Lt Gutteridge MRNVR ( who survived)


LEEMBRUGGEN - Miss L. Leembruggen; “…Leembruggen, Miss L. F. M. S. railways Kuala Lumpur…” (NIRC); PD.


LIM – Foo S. Lim, General Servant MPK; Lim Foo Sang, general servant, Naval Auxiliary Personnel ( Merchant Navy), aged 21 years, son of Foo Kia Hong and Tan Tee of Singapore, died 13.2.42 on “GB” ( CWGC)


LIM – “…Mrs. Lim K. A. interned Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); Mrs. K.A. Lim (“Rec’d Singapore.”) S


LINDSAY – Mr. Robert ‘Bob’ Lindsay ,Malayan Tin Dredging Co. Ltd., Batu Gajah, Perak, then AFS Control Room, Singapore Harbour Boar. Wife evacuated to Giffnock, she later returned to Singapore post – War to join the Education Board (MVG);  PD; there is a reference on the secret list compiled in Changi “…LINDSAY R MAL TIN LEFT W SHB?...”(BPPL); “…Lindsay Bob Southern Malay Tin, Temah, Perak…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross); ; Robert Lindsay, British, aged 40 years, AMIES, husband of Catherine MacKinnon Lindsay and son of David and Elizabeth Lindsay of 41 Edgefauld Road, Springburn, Glasgow died 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC)


LOCKE - Spencer Locke; “…Locke, Spencer…” (NIRC); PD; possibly the same person “…LOCKE A C S TIN LAY LTD BHUKET RAF LEFT? …” (BPPL); during the last week of January 1942 there were six daily inserts of the following plaintive plea in the “Straits Times” indicating the Locke family might have evacuated from Malaya (or Siam) to Singapore “…Will anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mrs. Spencer Locke and children please communicate with Spencer Locke, C/O Mr. A. J. Schooling, 16 Dunearn Street, off Bukit Timah Road, Singapore…”(STA);  Spencer Locke was “From Siam”; Private Alfred Charles Spencer Locke, # 13474, Perak Btn. FMSVF, is recorded as KIA on 13.2.42 (MVDB); his wife Mrs. E. M. Locke , evacuated Singapore (MVG)


MARNING –A. P. Marning was a witness in the document prepared in the Palembang internment camp on missing passengers;;“…MARNING A P S BIDOR TIN(MCATY) LEFT 12/2 …” (BPPL); A. F. Marning was a miner with the address, 26 Jamieson St., Sydney,; he survived and was repatriated to  Australia  via “MANUNDA” on 5 Oct 45 S


MARTIN - J. E. Martin was a jockey , aged 35 years, from the Turf Club, Singapore and when interned was a witness for record prepared in internment camp on missing passengers; PS; there is a reference in Bennett’s Changi list  “…MARTIN JIM (JONNE) JOCKEY P’BANG…” (BPPL); also listed in a PRO document as “..Martin J. E. Jockey, Singapore…” ; after the war the “Straits Times” reported that Jimmy Martin , one of the leading jockeys in pre war racing in Malaya first thought of hanging up his riding boots and turning trainer whilst in an internment camp in Sumatra ”….With several of his brother jockeys he volunteered for service during the battle for Singapore he and Wally Bagby were on a boat which was sunk just outside Singapore…they were picked up by a Japanese patrol boat and taken prisoner…Born in Sydney in 1908 he became an apprentice at the age of 15 years and was leading apprentice in Sydney for five years… with almost 1,500 winners to his credit Jimmy came out to Malaya in 1936 to ride for Phil Logue.. later jimmy signed up with the late R. J. Fenn…and that started the famous “Seagate Stable” – Fenn – Marin combination which had a remarkably successful season in 1941…Jimmy was the first Australian jockey to return to Malaya after the Liberation (STA. 10.7.47)see also passengers FENN and BAGBY


MASON – Mr. H. E. M. Mason was a planter - in 1917 he had been Manager, Sungei Bogak Estate, Bagan Serai (STA. 10.2.17) and in 1931 had taken over management of the Perak River Valley Rubber Company (STA. 30.1.33); he was one of the witnesses who signed the list of missing passengers in internment camp (NIRC); he was a planter, aged 64 years with his address shown as c.o. Chartered Bank, London;“…MASON H E H PERAK RIVER VALLEY EST LEFT LATE…” (BPPL); Mason was known to M. J. V. Miller and recorded as being on the ‘GB’ (M. J. V Miller PRO 88/62/1); H. E. M. Mason “DIED 15 Nov 45.” DDI; his wife, Mrs. Elsie Mason, aged 42 years evacuated on the ‘Empress of Japan” arriving in Liverpool on 19.3.42. She lived in Basingstoke, Hants. After the War.


MCCRACKEN - Mr. and Mrs. McCracken (Both stayed on board); Both PD; “…McCracken Mr. and Mrs., temporarily employed Singapore Municipality. The husband was unable to get into a boat and his wife refused to leave him…” was the witness statement taken in Palembang internment Camp (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); another possible reference is “…MCCRACKEN D A EVATT RNVR ?...” (BPPL); Douglas O McCracken was from Perth and was lost at sea on 15.2.42 in the Banka Straits (MVG); there is also a record of a Sub. Lt Douglas O. McCracken , MRNVR, dying in the vicinity of Banka Island in the sinking of the “Li Wo” – it is possible that Mr. McCracken on the ‘GB’ and Sub Lt D. O. McCracken are two different people.


MCCRACKEN – Mrs. McCracken died with her husband when the ‘GB’ sank ( above)


MEDCALFE - MOORE - J. Medcalfe Moore (Perhaps same person as Moore below) S; in his letter to the Colonial Office on 26.2.46 he confirms that”…the following members of the Malayan Broadcasting Staff were aboard the “GB” and were, together with me, clinging to rafts after the ship sank;

J. Barraclough, E. Jeffries and (?) Chinery

On the night following the sinking of the ship, after we had been in the water a little more than 24 hours, we encountered bad weather and waves continually swept over the raft to which we were clinging. Many persons were swept away into the darkness and, I regret to say, at daybreak the following morning I discovered that the three persons named above were among those missing…”


MEYRICK/MEYRICH? – Mr. Freddie Meyrick was born in 1884 and had been Planter and Manager , Batu Pekaka Estate, Kuala Sudim Rubber Company, Kuala Ketil, South Kedah  ( 1935 Directory reference in MVG and also STA 22.4.35); in 1936 he was a member of the Kedah Planters Association; “…Freddie Meyrick Kedah Planter Later Dept of Ifm…” (list at PRO of those on board); Freddie Meyrick confirmed as on board ( Mr. G. Reis 66/231/1/ at PRO);  PD; “…MEYRICH K C KUALA SIDIM EST & MOI GIANG B BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL);


MILLAR/ MILLER – “Miller E. M. Morrel Department of Information, Singapore was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); PD; “…MILLAR E M MORRELL MOI GIANG B BVD DROWNED…” (BPPL);


MILLER – Mrs. Miller, YWCA Committee (GBL)


MILLER – Mr. M. J. V. Miller was a witness on the NIRC document prepared in Palembang internment camp on missing passengers (PCIL); another reference is “MILLER MURRAY PLANTER LANGKAWI NEI?...” (BPPL); it seems that this Mr. Miller was also in the Police on Langkawi. His wife Mollie left on an earlier ship on 12.2.42 (his diary at PRO 88/62/1);after the war  he was a Planter at Pulau Sungei Raya Estate, Langkawi (STA. 23.9.47) and also returned to Penang ( STA. 25.10.54)


MINTO - Cliff Minto was a highly successful jockey in Malay and Singapore in the decade prior to the War; ; “Minto Cliff Jockey …Martin states that he took refuge in the bunkers and was probably drowned…” list of missing at PRO); PD; contrary reference is “…MINTO R A CLIFF JOCKEY VYNER BROOKE SEEN HELPING DYING SOLDIER…” (BPPL); after the war he is noted in the newspaper as ‘missing’ (STA. 13.4.46)


MOORE - Moore; “…Moore, Engr M.B.C….” (list of missing at PRO); NK; he was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross)


MORTON - Hugh Morton, Ships Engineer; “…MORTON H 3RD ENG LIPIS LEFT GIANG B LAST SEEN SICK IN LIFEBOAT…” (BPPL); “Second Engr. Of the ship Ex HMS Lipis Recovered Singapore.” Leader of the party which included Anna Silverman and which stayed in a lifeboat to carry on to Java.; he had worked for the Straits Steamship Co before the war and rejoined that company after the war – he was still working for them in 1960 ( MVG) S


MOURIN - Arthur Mourin was Managing Director of shipping agents Arthur Mourin & Co. Ltd, Bandar Bahru, Kedah; “…Mourin Arthur Sungei Patani…” (List of missing at PRO); PD; “…MOURIN A S MOURIN CO LEFT 12/2…” (BPPL); there is no CWGC record of his death.


NESFIELD – Sub. Lt. William Arthur Nesfield, RNR,” Giang Bee”,  aged 33 years, husband of Roma Nesfield of Melbourne , Vic, Australia and son of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Nesfield of Luppitt, Devon, died on 13.2.42 (CWGC) ; also W. A. Nesfield, MRNVR, warehouseman with the Penang Harbour Board ; NOTE: contrary to this official record is the notation “…Nesfield W. A. left Muntok on 28.2.42 …” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang camp) which means they thought he had survived to that point; also in Captain David Nelson’s BRE. records prepared in Changi he lists Nesfield W. A. as “D 2.8.44 PAL/V” and “BANKIDAG V LRF 44” which reflects that he believed Mr. Nesfield was a Volunteer but that he died in Palembang on 2.8.44 or possibly was sent to a place called ‘Bankidag’ (there is no record of Mr. Nesfield in the list of British men in the Bankinang, Sumatra Mens internment camp);there is also significantly no mention of Mr. Nesfield in the list prepared under the supervision of the Netherlands indies Red Cross in Palembang mens camp of ‘GB’ survivors – but of course according to Mrs, Cross ,Mr. Nesfield was only at Muntok camp..


NICOL – JONES - Miss Nicol-Jones; “…Nicol-Jones Miss Police dept S’pore….last seen on board “(GBL) PD


OWEN – “Mr. S. F. Owen was married to Miss Audrey McRea, of New Zealand; a former Secretary of the YWCA in Singapore….Mr. Owen is Executive Engineer, PWD, Selangor… the reception was held at the home of Mr.  & Mrs. A. B. Jordan…” [NB; Mrs Jordan was also a passenger on the ‘GB’] (STA. 21.1240); “… Audrey Owen, a tiny woman, just over five feet, a New Zealander whose husband had been in the PWD, was interned in Palembang and then the Barracks camp. She was a hard working volunteer in internment. She lived in Buckinghamshire after the War…” (WBTW);also Mrs. Audrey Lenore Jones, aged 39 years and wife of Mr. S.F. Jones of the PWD who had been on the “Kuala” or “GB”; possible reference is “…OWEN S F LEFT WIFE P’BANG (AN OWEN IS AT PADANG)…” (BPPL); Mrs. A.L. Owen “To New Zealand by air 10 Oct 45.” S


OWENS - Miss Owens; “…Owen Miss D Institution Mel Suter….last seen on board…” (GBL); also “Owens Miss .Young lady from Melbourne latterly in Singapore…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB” ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross); she was possibly the daughter of Mrs. Gertrude Owens from Kuala Lumpur and also involved in the YWCA who became an internee in Changi(MVG)  PD


PASQUAL/PASCALL/PASCOLL – “…Mrs. J. Pasqual, Penang. Badly wounded, left on board unconscious…” (NIRC); Mrs. Pascall / Pascoll of Penang was recorded as on the ‘GB’ (M. J. V. Miller PRO 88/62/1); a Mr. J. C. Pasqual of North Kedah is noted as visiting Singapore in 1935 (STA. 18.5.35); and it appears that Mr. J. Pasqual worked in the Colonial Secretary’s Office, Straits Settlements in 1940 (STA. 11.2.40);  PD; there were two men with the surname PASQUAL in the “E” Eurasian Company, 3rd Battalion of the SSVF – Pte. H. M. Pasqual and Corporal S. M. Pasqual.


PERRY – Mr. Arthur Cecil Perry from Cornwall was a Volunteer who had been involved in the RASC, the Johore Volunteers and the NAFFI. He was a planter at Sepang Valley Estate, Kedah then an engineer, Anglo-Oriental Malim Newar. Also a race horse owner and in 1941 another ‘GB’ passenger, Cliff Minto was riding for him (STA. 23.11.41); A. C. Perry”…Anglo Oriental Malim Nawar. Badly wounded in chest and shoulder, left on board…” (NIRC) noted as a friend of D. W. F. Hateley; PD;”…PERRY A C UTAN PRANG EST LEFT W SIR JOHN CAMPBELL…” (BPPL); Arthur Cecil Perry, British, aged 55 years, son of the late Canon and Mrs. Perry of Hayle, Cornwall died 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC)


PFANSER/PLANZER - Julius Pfanser “Swiss” PS; “…PLANZER JULIUS SWISS LEFT GIANG B FREE P’BANG…” (BPPL); “…Planzer(sp?) ,Swiss nationality, Civilian, …last seen in camp at Palembang ,Sumatra in March 1942 before he was removed to civilian internment camp…Age about 35 years…fair hair, blue eyes(?) Height about 5ft 9inches…Employed by Canadian firm (?) Deep Drilling Engineer…had lived in Canada for a considerable number of years…married…”( Colonial Office “interrogation Form” completed by Mr. E. P. C. Langdon on 15.2.46)


PHILLIPS – in the dairy of Gordon Reis he makes the comment’…on the 14-15 February I saved Maurice Phillips’ life as he had a brainstorm on the boat and tried to walk overboard. I got him when he was just reaching the water and with assistance pulled him back into the lifeboat. He was queer hours before and after the event; M. L. Phillips was a witness in the document prepared in Palembang interment camp on missing passengers; he was a planter, aged 58 years, from Seremban, FMS and a keen gambler, horse race man and promoter(MVG); DDI; “…PHILLIPS [indecipherable] N. SETIBIL INT P’BANG…” (BPPL); M. L. Phillips “DIED S. Sumatra 5 Jul 45”( list of passengers at PRO); finally Mr. Maurice Louis Phillips, aged 60 years, of Bukit Kuda Estate, Malaya and husband of Ruth M. Phillips died on 5.7.45 in Sumatra (CWGC)


POWELL - E. J. Powell; “…Mrs. Powell E. J. was interned in Palembang ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross) NK; this could be Joan Powell, aged 36 years, who became an internee in Palembang ( most likely) or Mrs. Eva Powell an Australian housewife aged 46 in 1942 , wife of Mr. G. V. Powell who had been interned in Changi; she appears to have returned to Malaya in 1946 (STA. 20.8.46)


RAE - Rae “Naval Rating. To New Zealand 29 Sept 45.” S; there are three possible references in Bennett’s secret Changi list , firstly, “…RAE CMSCS POW…” ,then “…RAE GR EURAS 3rd ENG KUALA NAF…” and RAE WM 3rd ENG SSCO X MINER x NAVAL BASE …” (BPPL)


RAYNER – conflicting records show “…RAYNER S K H WAUGH RNVR DROWNED GIANG B…” (BPPL); “Rayner Gunnery Lieutenant RNVR was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’; also “S. K. Rayner, MRNVR missing “GB’ 13.2.42 …” (CO 980 234, 1945-46 Information on ships lost in Banka Straits); but at the end of the war is the positive news that “…Rayner “Gunnery Lieut RNVR to New Zealand By air 23 Sept 45.” S; against this is that Lt. Samuel Kenneth Rayner an Accountant with Henry Waugh, Penang died on 13.2.42 on the ‘GB” (MVDB) : NOTE :this matter needs further research!


REIS – Gordon Stanley Reis was a Planting advisor, aged 56 years, he had been employed by the Belgian owned estate (SIPEF) Batu Kawan on the island off Penang and he also co-owned an estate, Sungei-Wei, in Selangor Province. After falling ill during 1940 he had joined Cable & wireless. Badly injured in the hand during the bombing of the ‘GB’ he was one of many men who had to simply jump into the sea with a lifebelt – he was later pulled into one of the surviving lifeboats by …Morton- an engineer…” he was then appalled to find that out of 42 in the lifeboat there were only 12 women and children “…the most of the others being obvious bad nuts whom I was astonished to see in the lifeboat…” [Researcher’s Note: the first two lifeboats away from the ship, which tragically proved to be the ones which had been damaged, would presumably have been exclusively women and children and Reis may have been overly harsh on those in this latter boat]. He put casualties at 270 people. He was married to Winifred Reis and had two children – Sheila Alwynne Cran and John Alistair Cran; other records on Gordon Reis are “…REIS G S B K [indecipherable] INT P’BANG…” (BPPL); G. S. Reis “DIED S. Sumatra 2 Nov 44.” DDI; the lengthy captivity diary of Gordon Reis in Palembang camp is available online.


RICHARDS - In 1940 there is a newspaper report of an employee stealing $2 from “…Mrs. Edda Richards, proprietoress of a boarding house in Oxley road…” (STA 15.8.40); Mrs. Richards “of Oxley Road, Singapore” was on the ‘GB’ PD; “…Mrs. (?) Richards, Sans Souci, Oxley Road, Singapore…” was on the ‘GB’ ( letter from J. Medcalfe - Moore to Colonial Office 26.2.42)


RICKETTS – “…Ricketts, Miss. Kuching….” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross);”Ricketts Miss Bella YWCA Hostel S’pore…” (GBL); Miss Ricketts “To UK by air Nov 45.” S


RIVERS –Mrs. Rivers; She was the wife of Mr. Al. L. Rivers a Tin Smelter and former boxer. He had volunteered as a MAS driver for Singapore general Hospital and was interned in Changi (MVG)Mrs. A.L. Rivers; “…Rivers Mrs. A. wife of a boxer…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ PD; in 1947 there is an entry in the “In Memoriam” column “…in loving memory of Rosemary Rivers, beloved wife of Al Rivers…” (STA. 13.2.47).


RIVETT - Rohan Deakin Rivett, S; Married Gwyneth Maude Terry in 1940. Discharged from AIF to work for MBC in December 1941. Captured Java 8.3.42. POW, Burma Railway. Wrote “Behind Bamboo”, 1946. Divorced, married (2) Nancy Ethel Summers, 1947, two daughters and one son; died 1977.


ROBINSON - Mrs. J. Robinson; “…Mrs. Robinson J. interned at Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43)


ROWLAND – “…Rowland E. Collins M.B. Customs…” (list of missing at PRO); also in a Colonial Office “Interrogation Form” dated 15.2.46 A. S/Lt. E. P. C. Langdon records the last sighting of a “…A S/Lt Roland (or ROWLAND (E?)) MRNVR…on board HMS Giang Bee at about 1930 hrs on 13.2.42. Ship later abandoned… age about 24 years, Brown hair, [indecipherable] eyes (?). Slightly built. Height about 5ft 8 inches. Civil Occupation – Customs Officer, FMS…; finally Sub Lt. Edward Colin Rowland, MRNVR, aged 22 years and son of Edward and Winifred Rowland of Abercarn, Monmouthshire recorded as dying on 15.2.42 (CWGC)


ROLAND / ROWLANDS - AS/Lt Richard Roland or Rowlands; M.R. Rowland NK (Same person as above?);




RUSSELL -  “…RUSSELL F E AUST MAL LEFT W WICKS …” (BPPL) - note that Wicks is also a passenger on the “GB”; “…Russel (sic) F. E. Aust. Mal Tin Ltd …”(list of missing at PRO); Frank Everall Russell, British, aged 50 years, husband of Blanche Mary Russell of 12 Beach Street, Balgowlah, NSW, Australia died 13.2.42 on the “GB” ( CWGC)


SAMY/SAMMY – Mrs. Care Sammy;“…members of the Fortnightly Club were guests of Mrs. P. Sammy when she spoke on ‘Old and New Vienna’ .At the conclusion of the talk a typical Viennese morning tea was served…” (STA. 25.4.39); Mr. Paul Sammy, CBE, was a partner in the law firm Johannes and Sammy and was an Indian Legislative Councillor (STA.12.8.41); “…a friend of theirs from Singapore, an Austrian woman lady called Claire Sammy…” (Part of a recollection by survivor Molloy Ismail of the person who shared a room in the internment camp house at Bukit Besar (WBTW, p. 89); “…Mrs. Sammy C. interned in Palembang women’s camp…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); Mrs. C. Samy “DIED Palembang 18 Nov 44.” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of women internees at Palembang); Mrs. Clare Sammy ,wife of Paul Sammy died aged 52 years 18.11.45 (MVG); DDI; Mr. Sammy had been born in Singapore in 1884 and he retired to England in 1948 (STA. 30.9.48)


SANDYS - Mrs. W.J. Sandy’s; S; “…Mrs. Sandy W. J. interned at Palembang ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); there are also two references in Bennett’s secret Changi list that may apply here, firstly, “…SANDYS J A AOML LEFT 12/13 – 2…” and “…SANDY W S HKSRA POW WIFE P’ BANG…” (BPPL) ; “Mrs. Patricia Sandy’s. Last seen in Singapore September 1945.”also Patricia Sandy/Sandy’s aged 19 years in 1942 ,Sumatra internee ( MVG)


SCHOOLING - Mrs. D. Schooling (“& baby (died?)”); “…Mrs. H. J. D. Schooling and baby were interned in Palembang…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); Sailed for UK SS “RANCHI”.”  This is Daphne Schooling, nee Nicolay, the daughter-in-law of Mrs. Rose Schooling and wife of Herbert (“Sonny”) Schooling. The baby is Priscilla, see below S

SCHOOLING- Mrs. H.  Schooling per Netherlands Indies list; should be Mr. Herbert James Schooling, aka ‘Sonny’, husband of Mrs. Daphne Schooling (above). D

SCHOOLING - Miss Ida Schooling “Age 25 Recovered Singapore Aug 45.” “…Schooling Ida Singapore …” (GBL) According to relatives, however, she was lost in the sinking. Efforts are being made to clarify this issue.

SCHOOLING - Miss K. (Kathleen) Schooling; “…Schooling Kathleen Singapore …” (GBL)

SCHOOLING – Miss Rosemarie Schooling; according to relatives, the same person as “Miss M. Schooling ... To UK via SS “RANCHI”.” S

SCHOOLING – Miss Priscilla Elizabeth Rose Schooling, daughter of Mrs. Daphne Schooling (above): Miss P.E.R. Schooling “To UK via SS “RANCHI” ” noted on list. S

SCHOOLING – Miss Phyllis Joan Schooling: “P.J. Schooling … To UK via SS “RANCHI”.” S

SCHOOLING – Mrs. Rose Schooling, nee de Souza and sister of Leonora Boswell above, wife of Joseph Schooling (English) who remained in Singapore with two of his sons and became a civilian internee.


SCOTT – “Scott Chief Officer of the ship” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); PD; “…SCOTT 1st OFFR GIANG B BVD LOST WITH SHIP…” (BPPL); “S/Lt. (Robert?) Scott, RNR is recorded as “…Last seen In lifeboat which was partly waterlogged & leaking, North of Banka Straits on 13/2/42 at about 2100hrs…described as Age about 32 years Dark hair- Height about 5ft 11inches…Mate of ‘Giang Bee’…( Colonial Office “Interrogation Form” completed by E. P. C. Langdon 15.2.46 – incorrect date is on original document ); Temp. Sub. Lt. Andrew (sic) Scott, RNR, killed (Royal Naval casualties,; finally Sub. Lt. Alexander Scott, Royal Naval Reserve, “HMS. Giang Bee”, died 13.2.42 ( CWGC and Liverpool Naval Memorial)


SCOTT – Robert Scott, aged 35 years and from Scotland, had been Director of the Far Eastern Bureau of the Ministry of Information, a Governor of the Malayan Broadcasting Corporation and appointed a member of the war Council; he was also a Corporal in the Volunteer defence Forces; he had left Singapore with his staff of ten men and the skeleton staff of the Malayan Broadcasting Corporation ( except for Eric Davis and two women who left on another ship) and his cook Chu Yu-Min ( see also above reference to Chung Ng Yi) who had been with him for 13 years in all parts of China ( see ; on the GB he volunteered as a stoker – perhaps his 14 stone size helped here; he survived the sinking was interned initially in Palembang but on 3o May 1942 he was taken by the Japanese back to Changi where he was tortured and interrogated as part of their “double tenth” purge; post war he had a meteoric rise in the Foreign Service and became Minister in the British Embassy in Washington, his final appointment was Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence; he was knighted as Sir Robert Scott and retired in 1963 to live in Peebles ,Scotland  (ST); ;  R. H. Scott “To Madras via “KARAO” 10 Sept 45.”; he wrote a detailed account of the sinking of the GB; S


SILBERMAN – Miss Silberman is noted in Singapore in 1940 ( STA. 20.1.40); Miss A.E. Silberman “Roumanian Free”; Miss Silberman is on the list of women in Palembang camp ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43) ; Miss Anna Estelle Silberman, born 1915 Roumanian father, Secretary, ‘GB’ survivor picked up by the “Tapah” , interned Palembang then Changi/Sime Road. Repatriated to UK but returned 1946 and married tin miner Mr. M. V. Morris. Later Mrs Anna Powel and died Shrewsbury in 2005 (MVG); in 1946 she was a passenger arriving on the “Empress of Asia” from the UK (STA. 22.6.46); Her own account states that she had remained in Singapore “ long as I could in the hope that I would hear from my husband but there was no news. I heard later that he had been shot in the hand by a sniper and was eventually taken prisoner…”She made a hazardous journey to the Singapore docks under bombing and “…was hauled aboard a Chinese owned coastal steamer … renamed “HMS Giang Bee…” at the time of the sinking she “ …I scrambled into a lifeboat with 47 others (the detail of this story is the introduction to this document)…she was interned in Muntok and then Palembang and later returned by the Japanese to Singapore but was interned again in Changi and then Sime Road ( ASD); from the records of the Changi Museum it appears that Miss Silberman’s parents and possibly a brother , were also interned in Changi and Sime road camp. It had been conjectured that her return to Singapore was because her father was from Rumania ( at the time an Axis country) but from the records it states her father was Jewish which would have negated that in the eyes of the Japanese.  S


SIBRETT – Mr. A. W. Sibrett was reported as a jockey riding in the Singapore Stakes in 1940 (STA. 14.7.40); “…Sibrett A. W., jockey Martin states that he took refuge in a bunker and was probably drowned…” (list of missing at PRO);  PD; after the war the Missing Persons Bureau, Refugee and Displaced Persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Supreme Court Building , Singapore officially presumed dead “…Mr. Albert Sibbret, jockey and trainer…” ( archives of Straits Times “ Search for the Missing Continues” 29 May 1946) ; he was also noted as “missing” in an article on jockeys returning to Singapore in 1946 (STA. 13.4.46)


SIMMONS - Mr. and Mrs. Simmons of Kelantan lost at sea on ‘GB’ (MVG) PD


SIMMONS – Mrs Simmons ( above); “…Simmons G. L. Mrs. Died in March 1945 …” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of women internees in Palembang at PRO); this is possibly Amy Alexandra Mary Simmons, United Kingdom, aged 30 years who died in Sumatra on 26.2.45 (CWGC)


SIMONDS – “Simonds Mr. and Mrs., Port Dickson…” (GBL) this could be a duplicate with SIMMONS above


SIMPSON – this is Mrs. Connie Simpson who was picked up by “HMS Tapah”; “…Mrs. Simpson C. was interned in Palembang women’s camp…” ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross); Mrs. C. Simpson “Raffles 2 Oct 45” S


SINCLAIR – Mr. D. Sinclair was a miner ,aged 51 years, with S. Malayan Tin Dredging, Batoe Gajah, Perak; Sinclair D. died in 1945 ( Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang camp); D. Sinclair “DIED Sumatra 17 April 45.”; Douglas Sinclair , United Kingdom, aged 52 years of Batu Gajah, Perak, FMS., husband of Alice Dudley Sinclair and who died on 16.4.45 in Sumatra (CWGC);  DDI; he must have been the husband of,

SINCLAIR - “…Mrs. Sinclair D. and daughter Miss J. and son Mr. I…” were interned in Palembang (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); also “…Sinclair A. D. (Mrs) and Sinclair J. (Miss) and Sinclair I (master) – husband died …” (Mrs .E. Cross list of women interned in Palembang camp) S; Mrs. A.D. Sinclair “W/O above 69 IGH.”


SINCLAIR - Miss J. Sinclair “Daughter of above 69 IGH” S


SINCLAIR - Master I. Sinclair “Son of above 69 IGH.” S


SMITH – “…Miss Smith G “was interned at Palembang (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); also “…Smith G. (Miss) left the camp on 4.12.42 for Singapore…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of women internees in Palembang women’s camp);PS


SMITH – “…Smith Mrs. Army…” (GBL) PS


SPENCER – LOCKE – “…Spencer –Locke KL…” (GBL); SEE LOCKE


STEPHENSON – “…Mrs. V. Stephenson Husband died… “(list of missing at PRO); NK; a probable reference might be “…STEPHENSON ROBT WM JACKS SISSONS P’BANG WIFE P’BANG…” (BPPL); and also this reference to Mrs. Stephenson’s husband who may have also been on the ‘GB’ “…Stephenson R. .Died in 1945…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang camp) so it is warranted to include Mr. Stephenson in the ‘GB’ list until proven otherwise as follows


STEPHENSON – Mr. Robert Stephenson of William Jacks Ltd died in Palembang camp ( see above); Robert Stephenson, United Kingdom, MM., husband of Violet Stephenson , he died on Muntok , Banka island on 8.4.45 (CWGC)


TARRY – Mr. George William Tarry had arrived in Malaya aged 26 years in 1936. He was an engineer with the Radio Company Malaya but in 1940 appears to have been employed by William Jacks & Co (Malaya)  (STA. 26.8.40);. He was picked up by”HMS Tapah” and interned, firstly in Palembang Camp and later in Changi“…TARRY GEO BMBC P’BANG…” (BPPL); G. W. Tarry “Raffles 2 Oct 45.” S


THOMAS – Miss Enid Thomas, Eurasian, was a Telegraphist, after the sinking and lifeboat voyage she was picked up by “HMS Tapah” (MVG); “…Miss Thomas, Enid, was interned in Palembang camp …” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); she is possibly the same as “…Miss E.H. Thomas Raffles 2 Oct 45.” S,


THOMAS – Miss Halcyon Thomas, Eurasian, was also a Telegraphist. Aged 19 years she was also picked up by “HMS Tapah” (MVG); “…Miss Thomas H. was interned in Palembang camp…” ( Netherlands Indies Red Cross)


TRETCHIKOFF – “…TRETCHIKOFF V WARIN LEFT GIANG B REPT IN LIFEBOAT…” (BPPL); also Mr. Tretschikof (sic) “…left on Gian (sic) Bee – last seen leaving for Java…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list at PRO , CO 980/324)V. Tretchikoff S; Vladimir Griegorovich Tretchikoff, born in 1913 was the artist who se “Chinese Girl” print adorned millions of walls around the world. He had fled Russia in the Revolution with his wealthy parents to Harbin. Later a cartoonist with the “Shangahi Evening Post” he moved to Singapore in the 1930’s where he worked for the “straits Times” and by wartime was a propaganda artist. He volunteered as a stoker on the “GB” and made two long journeys after the sinking in a lifeboat – 500 miles in the second one – but was eventually interned. Later released on parole by the Japanese he worked with a Japanese ballet troupe in Batavia. He was reunited after the war with his wife Natalie and daughters and became a very wealthy artist in Canada and the UK. He died in 2006.


VAN BUREN –, “…VAN BUREN L. Mrs. …” was interned in Palembang ( Mrs. E, Cross list of women in Palembang camp) ; her husband is recorded as Mr. Henry James Van Buren, United Kingdom, aged 66 years, an ARP Fire Watcher and husband of Linda Van Buren of 6 Perak Road, Kuala Lumpur, he died on 23.3.45 in Sumatra(CWGC); in 1947 there is the marriage announcement that Kathleen Charlotte Van Buren , daughter of Mrs. Linda Van Buren and the late Mr. H. J. van Buren, married Mr. Sinclair Lorenz Speldewinde. The Bride was given away by Mr. Stanley Van Geyzel of Kuala Lumpur (STA. 28.4.47)


VAN BUREN – “…Van Buren K. Miss was interned in Palembang camp…” (Mrs. Cross List – but not confirmed as being on the ‘GB” ); it may be her marriage announcement recorded above,


VAN BUREN - “…van Buren Mrs. B. C., Singapore…” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross) PS; she died at home in Bedok in 1946 (STA. 10.1. 46)


VAN BUREN - Miss M. van Buren (d. of above); van Buren, Miss M. daughter of Mrs. B. C. …”(Netherlands Indies Red Cross) PS



VAN GEYZEL/VAN GEYSEL/VAN GEZZEL - Mr. P.V. van Geysel was an engineer ,aged 38 years, of the Assn. of Engineers, Singapore ;”…Van Gezzel P. V...” was interned in Palembang camp ( Mrs. E. Cross list of men interned in Palembang) “…P. V. van Geysel was a witness to the document prepared in internment camp on missing passengers(PCIL); “Recovered Sumatra 20 Sept 45” S


VAN GEYZEL/VAN GEZZEL – this is Mrs. Florence Van Geyzel of 6 Perak Road, Kuala Lumpur and the wife of Donald van Geyzel. She died in Palembang on 15.7.45 (MVG) ;  “…Van Gezzel (Mrs.) son in Palembang. Died July 1945…” (Mrs. E. Cross list of British women in Palembang Camp, at PRO). However there is no confirmation that she was on the ‘GB’,


VAN GEYZEL/ VAN GEZZEL – this is Mrs. Margaret Van Geyzel aged 22 years and her four children as listed below; (MVG) “…VAN GEZZEL M. Mrs and 4 children were interned in Palembang camp…” ( Mrs. E. Cross list of women internees in Palembang)


VAN GEYZEL – MM aged six years (MVG)

VAN GEYZEL – JB aged four years (MVG)

VAN GEYZEL – Joyce aged three years (MVG)

VAN GEYZEL – aged two years (MVG)


VILLANOVA – “…Villanova Mr. and Mrs and two children Orchestra E. and O. Hotel Penang…”  PD; “…VILLANUEVA FILLIPINO MUSIC SG SWIM CLUB LEFT GIANG B MISSING ALSO WIFE & DAUGHTER…” (BPPL); J. Villanueva played in Kurt Blach’s band at the Singapore Swimming Club prior to the War ( STA); Note : there was also a person by the name of C. Villanueva who was an orchestral violinist in pre war Singapore ( STA)

VILLANOVA – Mrs. (above)

VILLANOVA – daughter (above)

VILLANOVA –  daughter (above)


VOON – Mr. Voon of the Metro Advertising Service, Singapore (MVG); “…Voon MBC Chinese…” was witnessed as last seen on the “GB” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); PD; also “…VOON/VGON L CHINESE BMBC SHIFT ENG LEFT 12/2 DROWNED? … “(BPPL);


WAITE - D.S. Waite (LOPBGB); David S. Waite was listed as on the “GB” (CO 980/324); “…WAITE DAVID S STRAITS TIMES GIANG B SEEN ON RAFT MOORE/ MCORE…” (BPPL); in fact in a letter by J. Medcalfe – Moore to the Colonial Office on 26.2.42 he confirms that “…Mr. D. Waite, Editor, Singapore Free Press…” was on the ‘GB’; ”…Waite D.S. Editor S’pore Free Press…” ( list of missing at PRO);  David S. Waite, British, aged 30 years, husband of Margaret Bell (formerly Waite) of 10 Anguilla Park, Singapore and son of Harold and Margaret Waite of Montana, Morecombe lake, Dorset died on 13.2.42 on the “GB” (CWGC); he was praised by his contemporaries after the War viz. “…Mr. David Waite, the brilliant young editor of the Singapore Free Press – probably the ablest all-round newspaper man that has come out to Malaya from Home within living memory – lost his life in the sinking of the “Giang Bee” …” ( Straits Time “Cecil Street memories” 13 Sept 1945)


WARD-JACKSON – Mr. Charles Ward –Jackson was born in Yorkshire in 1891 and saw service in WWI. He went to Malaya in 1919 and was a Chartered Secretary to the Rubber Growers and the United Planters Association of Malaya for 22 years. Also an author and historical playwright, free lance journalist and dog lover. His wife, Mrs. C. ward-Jackson evacuated to Bellair, SA. And then the UK. He had two daughters Rosamund and Peggy. He appears to have been a man of real standing amongst the Selangor establishment and was appointed to official committees of enquiry – but he was also the subject of controversy and letters to the “Straits Times” (STA); “…Ward Jackson Secretary United Planters Assn., Malaya…” was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); also “…on board Giang Bee…met Ward Jackson of U. P. A. M. …” ( Mr. G. Reis 66/231/1/document at IWM) PD

WARREN – this is Mrs. Norah Marion Warren (nee Schooling), Eurasian, wife of Drum Major Harold Warren of the 1st Manchesters; “…Warren Mrs Manchester Regt…” (GBL); “…Warren Mrs. …” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross); PD;  d of Joseph and Rose Schooling.; and according to Bennett’s secret Changi list “…WARREN H SERGT POW WIFE LEFT 12/2 SON IN LAW J SCHOOLING IN CAMP…” (BPPL)


WATSON - Miss L.A. Watson “To UK via “ORANTES” 12. Nov 45.” S; and there appears to have been another person by this surname,


WATSON – “…WATSON MEREDITH JB LEAN CO PNG BVD DROWNED GIANG B…” (BPPL); almost certainly  a duplicate reference to MEREDITH WATTS below


WATT – Mr. Meredith John Barclay Watt was admitted as a partner to the firm of Lean & Co., Penang in  1926 (STA. 21.5.26); Mr. Meredith A. Watt a partner in Lean & Co., Penang, his wife and child are noted as returning on leave for England in 1937 (STA. 22.1137); “…Meredith Watt Mr. (and Mrs.) [deleted] accompanied by lady presumed wife...” were witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’(NIRC); also “…WATT MEREDITH J B LEAN CO PWG?PNG BVD DROWNED GIANG B…” (BPPL); but then two records contradicting that he was on the ‘GB’, firstly Meredith J. B. Watt , Lean & Co., 3 A Union Street, Penang – lost with his wife at sea on Redang (MVG);and also Mr. Meredith watt, United Kingdom is listed as amongst those dying on the “SS. Redang” on 15.2.242 (CWGC) Both PD

WATT– Mrs. Meredith Watt or another woman ( NIRC above)


WICKS - C. W. Wicks”…Austral Malay Taiping, Perak …” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross) ; “…Wicks Mr. C. MD Austral Malay Tin Ltd Taiping FMS …” (GBL); “…WICKS C W AUSTRAL MALAY LEFT LATE…” (BPPL); his wife had evacuated to Australia; “ …Mr. Cecil William Wicks of the M. V. F. …” was officially presumed dead by the Missing Persons Bureau, Refugee and Displaced Persons Branch, Citizens Advice Bureau, Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore (archives of Straits Times article “Search For Missing Continues” 29 May 1946) ;


WILLBOURN –  Mrs. Jesse Willbourn, wife of Major Eric Stewart Willbourn, 2 I/C FMSVF and FMSVF Training Battalion  (then attached to the AIF)  and a POW in Singapore.  He was Director-General of the Geological Survey of the Federated Malay States, based in Batu Gajah in Perak State since 1920.   Jesse Willbourn was evacuated from Singapore on the Giang Bee and died on 13th February as a result of the Japanese action.  Eric and Jesse Willbourn’s two children (Anthony and Elizabeth) were already in England and had been living in the UK for education purposes since the mid/late 1920s;  in 1937 there is the newspaper report that Major E. S. Willbourn had returned from leave and had resumed duties as OC ‘C’ Company, Perak Btn., FMSVF (STA. 6.7.37);   “…WILLBOURN E S   M GEOLOGICAL POW WIFE LEFT LATE…” (BPPL); “…Willbourn Mrs Husband Geological Survey F. M. S. …” (List of missing at PRO);  Mrs. Willbourn was witnessed as last seen on the ‘GB’ by W. B. Haines and D. Sinclair;   “…Willbourn Mrs. Batu Gajah…” ( GBL);  Eric Willbourn died in 1977 aged 88 years at Bridlington (MVG);  their two children, Anthony and Elizabeth, survived the war, as did Eric Willbourn, although he spent seven months in Changi POW camp and then three years in the Camps on the Burma Railway.

 WILLBOURN – Elizabeth – daughter of the above:- Elizabeth worked at Bletchley Park Government signals/code-breaking HQ in the later years of the war and she died on 27 September, 2008. 

WILLBOURN – Anthony – son of the above:- Anthony worked on secret explosives research in chemical laboratories at Oxford during the war;  he later spent his working life with ICI and became ICI’s Plastics Research & Development Director.  He died on 28 Jan 2006, aged 85

(Information from:- Son of Anthony Willbourn and Grandson of Eric and Jesse Willbourn)


WILSON – “…WILSON R M CH ENG GIANG B LEFT MISSING…” (BPPL);”…R. Wilson Chief Engineer of ship…” was witnessed as last seen on ‘GB” (Netherlands Indies Red Ross); there is also the record Temp. Lt. (E) Robert M. Wilson, RNR, killed (Royal Naval Casualties,; and finally Lt. (E) Robert Mitchell Wilson, United Kingdom, Royal Naval Reserve, “HMS. Giang Bee” died 13.2.42 (CWGC and Liverpool Naval Memorial). The fact that he died on the ship  is confirmed by email from Cathie Oswald, the granddaughter of his sister, who advised  in 2011 that he was one of eight children and much loved by his sisters and father  and Robert is described as “…handsome, generous and personable…”. He was born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland on 10 October 1901.In his younger years he had been a highly talented footballer – several large and professional clubs had competed to sign him up – but in view of the relatively short career span of footballers and the need for additional skills to last him through his life he chose to take up an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. Photos confirm him as a good looking man .He had been living in South East Asia for several years and it is thought that he had a budding relationship with a woman in Singapore but his family know nothing more.

WHITWELL - Miss M. Whitwell; “…Whitwell (Whowell?) Miss M. YWCA S’pore…last seen on board” (GBL) PD

WOODFORD – Mr. Osborne Percival “Sony” Woodford was a teacher at the Anglo – Chinese School, Singapore. He was on the ‘GB’ with his wife Rosy and son Desmond aged 11 years. They were picked up by the “HMS Tapah” and interned in Palembang. Their story is written in “Waiting for the Durian” by Susan McCabe. He died aged 92 years in 1996 in Perth, Western Australia. (MVG); “…WOODFORD O P LITTLES P’BANG W FAMILY…” (BPPL); Woodford O. C. was interned in Palembang (Mrs. E. Cross list of men in Palembang camp); “…Woodford O .P, aged 39 years, Merchant John Little & Co S’pore. Rec’d . Arrived S’pore 22 Oct 45…” ( list of missing at PRO);  S

WOODFORD - Mrs. R. Woodford; “…Woodford R. Mrs And son 11 Desmond…” (List of missing at PRO); “…Mrs. Woodford and son D. (11years) interned at Palembang” (Netherlands Indies Red Cross 2.2.43); Mrs. Rosalind Marie Woodford was on the ‘GB’ with her husband and son. She died aged 84 years of age in 1995 in Perth Western Australia (MVG)S

WOODFORD - Desmond Woodford (son of above) S


In addition to these individuals are a possible (in that they may now be included above but were not known by name in 1943) further 14 people who are stated to have been on the ‘GB’ by the document dated 2.2.1943 prepared by the Netherlands Indies Red Cross:

“5 Chinese who left voluntarily who left at the mouth of the Banjoeason River”

“3 Chinese who left voluntarily at Djaboes, Bangka”

2 naval ratings, names unknown, in service camp, Palembang (does NOT include Rae, listed above, as he is named on the same NIRC list).

4 other unnamed individuals in the party which stayed in a lifeboat and tried to get to Java

A Philippine boy of about 17 PD


In addition;

“two young Dutch boys [ who appear to have been accompanying the Villanova family listed above] had been talking to survivor Molly Ismail just before the first bomber attacked and”…when it was over Molly turned to the two boys at her side and found that both their heads had been severed…” (WBTW)


This gives a total of about 250 people.


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