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Gordon Highlanders-tn


Lance Corporal

Herbert Elsey


1917/03/05 - Born Huddersfield

Occupation Mechanic

1940/02/15 - Enlisted

Gordon Highlanders

2nd Battalion

Southern Area




The Bridge of Don barracks in Aberdeen was the headquarters of the Gordon Highlander Regiment. Training for the recruits started immediately after being kitted out in full highland dress and trews.

Reveille was at 6am, then on parade for P.T. outside in singlet and shorts. Breakfast at 8am, on parade for drill 9am, followed by weapon training, during the six weeks initial training all recruits were confined to barracks. The recruits were a mixed group, with more than 600 of their number coming from within a 50-mile radius of Aberdeen.

The 2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders were transported to Singapore in 1937 safeguarding routes to Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Pacific. Fresh recruits joined the battalion in Singapore.

1941/12/01 -  The 2nd Battalion were ordered to take up defensive positions at Pengerang, Jahore.

1942/12/08 - Japan attacked Malaya and the Gordons were organised laying anti-tank and anti-personnel mines to protect their position.

1942/01/15 - The Japanese reached Johore and the Gordons organised the evacuation of the civilian population at Penerang before being relieved by the Ist Mysore Infantry and taking up positions in Singapore.

1942/01/25 - Called back to Jahore yet again they were to reinforce the 27th Australian Brigade on the main road from Ayer Hitam, taking up positions at Milestone 50, which was about 50 mile from the Causeway to Singapore.

1942/01/26 - The Japanese aircraft attacked in the morning and with no air defence, the 27th Brigade were hit hard, not only from the air but also the Japanese infantry closed in.

1942/01/28 - After retreating through the 2/26th Australian Battalion the Gordons were again used to block the Japanese advance with close hand to hand fighting. The Japanese used their technique well of outflanking and orders were given to retreat under darkness towards Singapore.

1942/01/29 - The Gordons orders were to stop the Japanese outflanking the 2/26th Battalion.

1942/01/31 - The 2/26th Battalion together with the Gordons retreated through the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and crossed the Causeway into Singapore with two the sound of bagpipes playing the Gordon’s regimental march.

As the Selarang Barracks was now a hospital, the Gordons made camp at the Birdwood Camp on Changi Road.

1942/02/07 - The Birdwood Camp was bombed killing eight  Gordons and destroying all the regiments records.

1942/02/15 - After close hand to hand fighting, Singapore surrendered to the Japanese.


1942/02/15 - WO 417/40, Casualty List No. 770. Reported to War Office Casualty Section for the 24 hours ending at 09:00. Missing


Japanese PoW

1942/02/14 - Captured Singapore

1942/02/21 - Changi Camp

PoW No. II 16799

1942/04/16 - Haverlock Road

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index card - Side two









Transported overland to Thailand, train 5



9th train to Thailand



Arrived Bang Pong, Thailand



New PoW No. 2555



Att:- Work Party 4, ‘D’ Battalion



Wang Pho

Lt-Col.. Lilley


Tonchan South

Lt-Col Dunlop


Tha Sao Hospital - Malaria



Tha Sao Hospital - Tropical Ulcers



Kontoita (Conquita)



Lin Thin (Rintin)



Chungkai (Chunkia)



Katchu Mountain, Petchaburi



Work:- Aerodrome Construction



New PoW No. II 6225


Names in brackets above from Liberation Questionnaire


Sketches by Herbert

Bamboo and Attap

“Our Home”

Built by ourselves to Japanese Specification

Sole Materials Bamboo and Attap


Tarsao Hospital-Operating Theartre-black

“Operating Theatre”




Portrait Herbert did of Peter Allen of the Royal Engineers, 2092635, a Driver who was in Tha Sao hospital  camp with Herbert in November 1943


1945/08/30 - Liberated Katchu Mountain, Petchaburi


1945/09/19 - WO417/97_1, Casualty List No. 1862. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 1137 as reported Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Malaya.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



Chris Anderson - Daughter

Jennifer Pulleyn - Daughter

Andrew Snow - Thailand Burma Railway Centre

Japanese Transport

Thailand - Burma Railway

KEW:- WO 361/2172, WO 392/24, WO 345/16, WO 361/1954, WO 361/1979, WO 361/2196, WO 361/1987, WO 361/2169, WO 361/2059, WO 417/40, WO417/97_1,


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