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David Dolby


 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


Pre War

Born 28 November 1912

1926-1929 attended Oakham School


Japanese POW

Captured in Java.

Transported by ship Haruku

This area was severely damaged during the war, first by the Japanese who bombed it heavily in January 1942 and later by the Allied forces who attacked it in 1943 and 1944.



6th October 1944

Age 31

David is buried near Ambon, on the Laitimor Peninsula on the southern shore of Ambon Bay.

He is believed to have died from dysentery according to the accounts of a fellow pow.


Loved Ones

Son of Albert E and Annie M Dolby of St Martins, Stamford



14. B. 11.


The War Cemetery is on the site of a former camp for Australian, British and Dutch prisoners of war, some of whom had been transferred from Java in 1943, and many of those buried in it died in captivity. Soon after the war the remains of PoWs from Haruku and other camps on the island were also removed to Ambon as were the remains of 503 graves in Makassar War Cemetery on the island of Celebes.


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