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“In this their finest hour”

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Private First Class

Benjamin James Dean Jnr.



USS Houston


Japanese PoW

PoW Philippines

Tottori Maru-2

1942/10/06 - Transported Tottori Maru (also known as Tattori Maru) to Taiwan/Formosa

Camps - Heito, Kinkaseki, and Sendryu

PoW No.3036

1945/02/27 - Transported ‘Taiko Maru’ to Japan

1945/03/10 - Arrived Japan

Camp - Fukuoka 24B - Emukae

PoWs worked for the Sumitomo Coal Mining Company

1945/09/02 - Liberated



John Dean

Hell Ships

Fukuoka 24B - Emukae

KEW:- WO 361/1968, WO 361/1475, WO 361/1254


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