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Frederick Horatio Craig


1917/06/19 - Born Newcastle-on-Tyne

Son of William and Henrietta Craig

Occupation GPO sorting clerk

1940/05/30 - Enlisted

Next of Kin:- Parents: W & H Craig, 118 Ladykirk Road, Newcastle on Tyne

Royal Corps of Signals

3rd Indian Corps Signals


1942/05/06 - WO 417/43, Reported Missing.

1943/05/14 - WO417/60, Casualty List No. 1134. Previously posted Missing, 15/02/1942, Casualty List No. 816. Now reported a Prisoner of War.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

1942/02/15 - Changi

Commander Major English, 11th Indian Signals

1942/05 - Great World Camp

Commander Major Coles, 155 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

PoW No. VII 2314

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/11/04 - Transported overland with ‘N’ Letter Party, train 11 to Thailand

650 PoWs - 29th Train to Thailand

Commander Lt-Col. S.C. Scott, 2/17 Dogra Regiment

Thailand Railway Camps:-

(Supplied by Andrew Snow - Thailand Burma Railway Centre)

Nong Pladuk, start of Thailand end of railway

Commander Lt-Col. Gill, 137 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

Arrow Hill, 109.80km from Nong Pladuk

Wang Yai, 124.85km from Nong Pladuk

Tampii, 147.53km from Nong Pladuk

Tha Mayo, 236.80km from Nong Pladuk

1943/10 - Thailand-Burma lines joined at Konkoita

1943/12 - Kanchanaburi, 52km from Nong Pladuk

1944/09/15 - Transported back to Singapore

River Valley Camp

Commander Lt-Col. Gill, 137 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

1945/02/02 - Transported oversea to French Indo-China in Haruyasa Maru

New PoW No. VII 40889

Saigon, Thailand Camp 10, French Indo-China (Vietnam)

Aerodrome Camps

Commander RSM Broadstreet, 137 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

Camp 10 was situated on the Rue Catinat, which was a main thoroughfare between the native quarter and the French quarter. The huts were of timber construction except for the hospital which was of bamboo structure with an attapi roof. All the huts had electric light.

Saigon Camp 10-tn

Rice was still their main diet but they now received meat twice a week and eggs to buy in the canteen,  within no time their weight improved.

1945/09/12 - Liberated Saigon Camp when English and Dutch paratroopers entered the camp.

Flown via Bangkok to Rangoon Hospital

Liberation Questionnaire


1945/10/06 - WO417/97-2, Casualty List No. 1877. Previously reported on Casualty List No. 1134 as Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Malaya.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



Matt Stanyard

Andrew Snow - Thailand Burma Railway Centre

Japanese Transport

Thailand-Burma Railway

Liberation Questionnaire - COFEPOW

KEW Files:- WO 345/12, WO 392/23, WO 361/2022, WO 361/2005, WO 361/2001, WO 361/2165, WO 361/2165, WO 361/2189, WO 361/2058,


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