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Henry Grenville Robinson Cooke

Known as Tim


1915/08/08 - Born Ulmarra, New South Wales

1938/03/ - Enlisted Heavy Brigade at North Head, Sydney

1941/05/20 - Enlisted as Gunner

Royal Australian Artillery

2/15 Field Regiment



1940/11/12 - The 2/15th Field Regiment with two batteries, 29th and 30th was formed at Rosebery Racecourse, Sydney.

 The regiment began training at Ingleburn with 18-pounder guns, which were used in WW1.

 In January 1941 the regiment moved into the new camp in Holdsworthy, Sydney.

In May the regiment, less two troops, moved to Bathurst, where it carried out joint training exercises with 8th Division's 27th Brigade for a week.

Tim qualified in chemical warfare.

 1941/07/29 - The regiment left Sydney, on board the troop ship T.S.S. Katoomba, for overseas service with the 27th Brigade.

1941/08/15 - Arrived Singapore and set up camp at Nee Soon, Singapore, where training in jungle warfare took place.

1941/11/23 -  25-pounders arrived.

1941/12/05 - The threat from Japan as now a reality and the 2/15th Regiment were moved to Jahore, Malaya to relieve the 2/10th Field Regimen and HQ was set up at

Kluang Rubber Estate, near Kluang.

1941/12/08 - Japan invades Malaya

1942/01/05 - The 2/15 Regiment were moved north up Malaya to reinforce Allied troops. The 65th Battery went to Muar under  45th Indian Brigade. The 29th and 30th Batteries moved further north, the 29th under command of the 2/29 Battalion at Paya Lang Estate, in between  Gamas and Batu Anam. The 30th Battery dug in near Gamas under the 2/30 Battalion.

1942/01/14 - Heavy action took place after engagement with advancing Japanese troops. The batteries supplied cover for the Allied troop withdrawal towards Singapore, themselves crossing the causeway late January. Positions were then set up between Sungei Berith and Sungei Kranji.

1942/02/08 - The Japanese crossed the Jahore Strait and attacked  the 2/15 Regiment who were at the front of the attack. the 2/15 caused the Japanese high casualties, sinking some of the landing craft but the Japanese attack succeeded.

1942/02/15 - 2/15 Regiment with 37 officers and 519 other ranks surrendered when  Singapore fell to the Japanese.


Japanese PoW

Changi Camp

PoW No. M-7370

1943/03/27 - Transported with ‘D’ Force to Thailand

New PoW No. II 17221

With Work Party 4, 18 (T) Battalion


Wang Pho North

Sick - Transported to Kanchanaburi

Chungkai Sick

Tha Muang

Nakhon Pathom

New PoW No. II 34700

1945/08/ - Liberated Thailand




1945/09/24 - Embarked from Singapore on the SS Highland Chieftain

With 761 PoWs

Via Brisbane

1945/10/11 - Arrived Sydney, New South Wales


Post War

1946/02/15 - Discharged

Of the 556 officers and men of the 2/15 Field Regiment, 294 died as PoWs.



Edwina Stuart-Archer

Australian War Memorial - 2/15 Field Regiment

Andrew Snow - Thailand Burma Railway Centre

KEW Files:- WO 361/1957,


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