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George Charles

Awarded Military Medal for gallantry




Taken from  Britain's Betrayal in India

by F Anthony

George Charles, an Anglo-Indian lad of about 20 years of age, was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in Burma. A few details of his exploits make interesting reading. He was dropped in the rear of the Japanese as a Commando. He and a companion were, after some time, surrounded and captured by the Japanese. One night, when he heard the Japanese soldiers carousing, Charles decided to escape from his shack. He attacked the Japanese sentry with bare hands. Before he succeeded in strangling the sentry, the latter managed to bayonet him and partly disembowelled the lad. His hands were also cut to the bone by the bayonet. After killing the sentry, he got hold of a tommy gun. With this he attacked and wiped out a number of the Japanese soldiers. Wounded severely, hungry and worn out, he wandered in the jungles for 11 days before being picked up by British troops.


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