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“In this their finest hour”



Lance Corporal

Rowland John Thomas Chapman

Known as Tottie

Gillian and dad-tn

Tottie with Gillian at her wedding (youngest daughter)

1908 Born Frimley, Norfolk

Son of Elijah & Blanche Chapman

22nd Dragoons

C Squadron


D-Day Landings

The 22nd Dragoon Regiment went ashore in the first wave of the Operation Overlord (Battle of Normandy) landings on the morning of 6th June 1944, with A Squadron, reinforced by two troops of C Squadron and supported by two troops of the Westminster Dragoons, landing on Sword Beach and B Squadron landing on Juno Beach. Later in the day, the final two troops of C Squadron landed on Juno, where they remained for several days on beach clearance duties. Once the beaches were cleared, the regiment saw sporadic action in the fighting through Belgium and the Netherlands into Germany, where they were at the end of the war; the regiment was disbanded in Germany on 30th November 1945.



21st June 1989

At his home in Private Road, Ormesby

Peacefully fell asleep in his favourite chair


Loved Ones

Husband of Lavinia (Ena nee Wanless)

Son:- John Chapman

Daughters:- Hazel List and Gillian Taylor


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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