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Royal Corps of Signals-tn


(5771228 Royal Norfolks Service No.)


Frank Isaac Buttifant


1916/04/12 - Born Norwich, Norfolk

Son of Frank and Florence (nee Harvey) Buttifant

Occupation Range Fitter

1940 - Married to Irene M. Kent, Norwich, Norfolk

1940/04/11 - Enlisted

Royal Corps of Signals

Att:- 155 (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA



Company Notes:- Headquarters Norwich - Royal Norfolk Regiment - The signallers still continue to improve, classification was carried out at camp and Pte Buttifant obtained the best result this year with 100%:- truly a good performance for a recruit.

Well done Buttifant for winning the signallers Cup for 1933.

1940/04/11 - Re-Enlisted into Royal Corps of Signals


Att:- 155 (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA

1941 - The 155 Field Regiment were at Pencuik before going to India.

The regiment were moved to and was attached to the 11th Indian Division.

1941/12/11 - The 155 Fd.. Reg. were in action at Jitra in Malaya. They had been at Jitra since the 8th in pouring rain and thick mud. As evening approached on the 11th a Japanese tank was engaged coming down the main road. The following day a barrage was put down in front of the Leicesters and prevented the enemy from closing with them. The Japanese out flanked them and the guns of the 155 Fd. Reg. had to retreat. The guns were ordered back and by mid evening were in action at Alor Star airfield. 2 guns of F Troop were lost during the move.

1941/12/13 - They then retreated to Gurun, 20 miles south towards Singapore and were in action by that evening at Gurun. As the last of the infantry arrived at Gurun the enemy approached with tanks. The tanks were forced back by anti-tank guns and withdrew. The Japanese continued their attacks into the early hours of the 14th pushing the infantry back. ‘C’ Battery were then ordered to fire on the village of Gundrun. At this point their position was dive bombed and one gunner was killed.

They eventually retreated to the Slim River as a last strong hold and the fighting was fearce with advantages gained and then lost on both sides

By mid January, the 11th Indian Div had moved back to Yong Peng with the 155th Fd. Reg. setting up their guns overlooking open ground towards Parit Sulong on their right, and over rubber plantations to Batu Pahat and the coast. They could see the Japanese landings at Batu Pahat but they were out of range of the guns. The Japanese then attacked their rear.

1942/01/26 - At 1800 hours orders were given to destroy all guns and equipment and make for the coast. The march through a swamp was hard going as the men were dead tired and covered in mud and slime. At the coast ‘B’ Bty. were taken off by the Royal Navy.

1942/01/27 - Those 155 Fd. Reg. who survived, crossed the causeway into Singapore during the night leaving their guns destroyed in Malaya.

1942/02/15 - Singapore surrendered to Japanese.


1942/05/09 - WO 417/43, Casualty List No. 819. Reported ‘Missing’.

1943/04/14 - WO 417/59, Casualty List No. 1109. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 819 as Missing, 15/02/1942. Now reported a ‘Prisoner of War’.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

PoW No. M7986

Japanese Index Card - Side One

Frank Isaac Buttifant - Side One

Japanese Index Card - Side Two

Frank Isaac Buttifant - Side Two

England Maru

1942/10/25 - Transported in ‘Z’ Party to Taiwan in England Maru

1100 PoWs in transport

Commander Lt-Col. E.W.F. Jephson, 5th Field Regiment, R.A., 11th Div.

1942/11/06 - Arrived Keelung, Taiwan

1942/11/14 - 500 PoWs to Kinkaseki, No. 1 Camp, Taiwan

New PoW No. I 1739

Commander Major Crossley, R.A.

The PoW Camp was situated in the village of Kinsakeki about 15 mile from Keelung. The work at the camp was mining ore in the copper mine. The mine was just over a mile from the camp. In 1943 a 1.25 mile tunnel was completed by Chinese workmen, this tunnel connected the mine to the camp. This tunnel had no lighting or props and there were many rock falls making it more hazardous then the mine itself and the PoWs had to go through the tunnel twice a day, to and from work.

In the mine itself there were four layers below the main tunnel, each 200 feet below the next and as the main tunnel was 800 feet above sea level, the last tunnel was below sea level. There was no ventilation system in the mine at all. As there was sulphurous water in the tunnels and the last tunnel was extremely hot, men could not work in that tunnel for more than six minutes before collapsing.

Beatings were often handed out if the PoWs did not reach their quota of ore dug in a day.

 1945/03/30 - Left for Taihoku, No. 6 Camp, Taiwan

Commander Capt. Gibbons, Indian Army

This is the camp the remainder of the 1100 PoWs from ‘Z’ force in 1942 were taken on arrival at Keelung, Taiwan.

1945/11/02 - Liberated

Liberation Questionnaire





Empress of Australia

Embarkation No. 68

1945/09/06 - Sailed from Japan with 1,025 British Ex PoWs

1947/09/18 - Via Manila, permission to go ashore refused.

1945/10/27 - Arrived Liverpool


1945/10/08 - WO417/98, Casualty List No. 1878. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 1109 as reported Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Malaya.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star


Post War

Kinkaseki Memorial

Kinkaseki Memorial

From Frank - “A big thank you to all the members of your magnificent committee, and all the Commonwealth and Allied community in Taiwan, by whose work and labour of love, has finally brought to fruition this most wonderful Kinkaseki memorial. I’m sure these comments are echoed by all living ex-Kinkaseki PoWs and also their families. My grateful thanks to everyone who had a part in the building of this memorial, sited in the very place where so much pain and hardship was endured.”



Ian Bix

Japanese Transport

‘Never Forgotten’ - Taiwan PoWs

Liberation Questionnaire - COFEPOW

KEW Files:- WO 345/8, WO 392/23, WO 361/1968, WO 361/2068, WO 361/2189, WO 361/1475, WO 361/2058,


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