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Royal Norfolk-tn



John Bush


1919/08/13 - Born Norwich

Occupation - Boot and Shoe Trade

Royal Norfolk Regiment

5th Battalion






Sailing to War

Duchess of Athol -01b

1941/10/27 - left Liverpool in ‘Duchess of Athol’ To Halifax in Convoy CT.5

1941/11/08 - Arrived Halifax

USS Mount Vernon-2

Transferred to USS Mount Vernon with 54th Infantry Brigade

1941/11/10 - Sailed from Halifax in Convoy William Sai 12X, destination unknown

1941/12/08 - Japanese Invade Malaya

1941/12/30 - USS Mount Vernon leaves William Sail 12X Convoy with Convoy DM1 destination Singapore

1942/01/13 - Convoy DM1 docks  Navy Yard, Singapore


Singapore and Malaya

1942/01/20 - Moved to Ayer Hitam, Johore, Malaya

Moved to Batu Pahat, Malaya

1942/01/26 - Japanese land troops behind 5th Norfolks lines, cutting off withdrawal to Singapore

1942/01/27 - Captured


Japanese PoW

Japanese Index Card Side One


Japanese Index Card Side Two


Japanese PoW No. 341

Personnel Group 1

1942/10/14 - Transported overland by Cattle Trucks to Thailand

New Japanese PoW No. 20481

1944/05/20 - Transported to Japan

New Japanese PoW No. 40441

Sent to Tokio 12B Camp - Mitsushima

Mitsushima is recognised as one of the most brutal camp in all of Japan. Nine guards were convicted and executed from this camp after the war.



1945/09/02 - Liberated


Letter from the King




John spent his final few weeks in Dussindale Park Nursing Home 26 Mary Chapman Court Norwich NR7 0UD, where he died Saturday 11th June 2016


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