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Harry Brown

Known as Topper


1912/04/13 - Born Ormesby, Middlesborough, Yorkshire

From Brambles Farm Estate, Middlesborough, Yorkshire

Son of William and Alice Brown

Occupation Chemical Process Worker

1930/06/24 - Enlisted

Royal Army Medical Corps

13 Field Hygiene Section

11th Indian Division


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

1942/02/15 - Changi, Singapore

Commander Major Gibbons, Royal Army Medical Corps

PoW No. 2593

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/10/28 - Transported overland to Thailand in Letter Party ‘U’

20th Train from Singapore to Thailand

Commander Lt-Col. S. Mackeller, F.M.S.V.R.

With 650 PoWs - 252 Officers and 298 Other Ranks, (6 were R.A.M.C.)

New PoW No. I 2030

Camp Commander Lt-Col. Clark, Royal Artillery

1944/05/27 - Transported back to Singapore

1944/06/05 - Transported to Japan, ship unknown

 (believed to be Japan Party 1 via Philippines and Taiwan)

Commander Lt-Col. Thornhill

1944/06/29 - Reached Japan

Osaka PoW Camp 16 - 300 British PoWs

New PoW No. I 40321

Worked for Ishihara Industry Company

Work involved Chemical Manufacturing

Japanese Commander of Nagoya 4B was Mr. Yamashita

1945/04/06 - Name Of camp changed to Nagoya 4B - Iruku, Osaka, Japan

During his time at Nagoys 4B, Harry was hospitalised with Acute Appendicitis

1945/09/10 - Liberated Nagoya 4B POW Camp Japan

16 PoWs died at Nagoya 4B

294 PoWs Liberated from Nagoya 4B


Harry is believed to be repatriated with 500 PoWs via Australia in the ‘S.S. Aquitania’ to Southampton

(British ocean liner of Cunard Line - Troop carrier in WWII - sailed more than 500000 miles, and carried nearly 400,000 soldiers, during WWII the Aquitania was painted grey)


Post War

Harry was Chairman of the Middlesborough branch of FEPOW in Teesside



Beverly Toms
Japanese Transports
Nagoya 4B
Transport Home
COFEPOW Liberation Questionnaires

KEW:-  WO 361/2180, WO 361/2170, WO 392/23, WO 361/2005, WO 361/1985, WO 345/7, WO 361/2166,


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