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Sidney Walter Boyton


 Royal Artillery

241 Bty., 77 H.A.A. Regt.


Japanese POW

Being transported to Japan in the Suez Maru



Age: 22

29th November 1943

The Suez Maru was sunk by USS Bonefish, off Kangean Islands 6 22' South by 116 35' East. Japanese Captain Kawano orders the shooting of the prisoners in the water. From 14.15 – 16.30 the Minesweeper W.12 massacres the survivors using machine gun and rifles. No survivors.


Loved Ones

Son of Walter T. and Louisa S. Boyton, of Hook End, Essex.

Sidney Boyton was shortly engaged to Louise Dessauvagie on Java until he was taken prisoner by the Japanese. Louise waited for him but after the war ended, she learned he had been killed. She attended the Service of Dedication at sea and left for The Netherlands. Louise travelled to the UK and lived with Sidney’s parents for a while before returning to the Netherlands.

Sidney has never left her.



Singapore Memorial-3

Column 14.



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