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Edward William Fearless Boryer


1914/08/28 - Born Portsmouth

Son of William and Annie Boryer

Hong Kong

Dockyard Defence Corps


Japanese PoW

1941/12/25 - Captured Hong Kong

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1943/01/11 - Japanese show draft. This draft was made up of 664 Canadians, 430 British and 82 HKVDC. PoWs in draft segregated and made to undergo various medical checks including the rectal rod.  Five days before departure the PoWs were vaccinated, examined and then an enforced isolation from the rest of the camp.

1943/01/15 - Another medical inspection took place.

1943/01/16 - Further vaccinations which caused fever symptoms.

Tatsuta Maru-2

1943/01/19 -  Transport Draft - XD3A/XD3B. Left Shamsuipo Camp, 0500 hrs; left Hong Kong 1300hrs.  in the Tatsuta Maru,

1176 PoWs on board

Under Commander Surgeon Commander Page, RN

1943/01/22 - Arrived Nagasaki, taken to Osaka 4D - Sakurajima

PoWs worked on the building of ships and manufacture machines

1945/05/15 - Osaka 4D destroyed by bombing, transferred to Osaka 21B

1945/05/18 - Osaka 4D was closed

1945/08 - Renamed Osaka 6B, Akenobe, Japan

Worked in the Mitsubishi Corporation copper mine

Known by the POWs as "Three Star Diamond Mine"

1945/09/05 - Liberated

1945/09/09 - Released for repatriation



KEW:- WO 345/6, WO 361/1963, WO 392/23, WO 361/1964

(WO 361/1964 gives name as William Edwin Boryer)


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