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Thomas Arthur Barker


1921/10/01 - Born Chaddesden, Derby

Son of John William and Elizabeth (nee Hanson) Barker

Occupation Labourer

The Sherwood Foresters

1/5th Battalion

18th Division




1941/10/30 - Sailed in ‘Orcades’ with Convoy CT.5 from Liverpool  with the 18th Division

USS West Point-2

1941/11/08 - Arrived Halifax and transferred to USS West Point with 55th Infantry Brigade, consisting of 1st Cambridgeshires and 5th Beds and Herts (3250 troops).

 1941/11/10 - They sailed from Halifax in Convoy William Sail 12X. Sailing via Trinidad and Cape Town.

1941/12/08 - Japan entered the war by attacking Pearl Harbour and Malaya.

1941/12/25 -  Mount Vernon left convoy with the 53rd Infantry Brigade, sailing for Singapore in convoy DM1

1941/12/27 - Arrived Bombay, now became Task Force 14.2

1942/01/02 - Sailed from India destination Singapore in Task Force 14.2

1942/01/29 - Arrived Keppel Harbour Singapore

1942/02/15 - Singapore surrendered to the Japanese


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Became a Japanese PoW

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/10/27 - Transported from River Valley and Havelock Road in ‘Specialist Party’ sailed in unknown ship to Taiwan

1942/11/17 - Arrived Taiwan and the 500 PoWs boarded train to Taichu

Taichu Camp, Taiwan

PoW No. II 2202

Put to work building a diversion to stop the monsoon rains flooding river banks and damaging the important transport bridge. Work carried out by hand with many deaths from mistreatment by the Japanese

Transported to Taihoku 6B Camp, Taiwan

Workforce used to build another camp called Oka.

1945/09/05 - Liberated Taiwan



1945/09/06 - Liberated from Keelung Harbour and transferred to the aircraft carrier USS Block Island. This sailed for Manila.

1945/09/09 - Arriving Manila.

 1945/09/14 - Thomas boarded the USS General Langfitt and sailed via Hawaii for Vancouver.

1945/10/03 - Arriving Vancouver.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star


Post War

1948 - Married Annie Green at Derby Christ Church, South Derby





Liz Aston - Daughter

George Barker - Son

Mike Heather

Japanese Transports

Taiwan Memorial

KEW:- WO 392/23, WO 361/2068, WO 345/3, WO 361/1968,


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