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Lincolnshire Regiment-tn


Lieutenant Colonel

James Richard Glencoe Andre

Known at ‘Toby’


Mentioned in Despatches


1899/10/20 - Born Sussex

Son of James Edward Felix and Dorthea Hate Andre

Educated Marlborough

Occupation Regular Soldier

Lincolnshire Regiment

Attached to Malay Regiment

1st Battalion



The Malay Regiment fought throughout the Malayan Peninsula with Lt-Col. Andre as commander of the 1st Battalion.

Knowing Singapore was about to fall Major Andre gave a very prescient order to the Malay officers in the 1st Battalion, telling them to put on non-regimental mufti and vanish into the civilian population; he saved their lives.

Major J.R.G. Andre later was awarded Companionship of The Distinguished Service Order (DSO).

During the fighting at Singapore Island between the 11th and 15th February 1942, this officer commanded his Battalion with great gallantry combined with extreme calmness and judgement. The Battalion, which had not previously been under fire and which was largely officered by inexperienced personnel, took a prominent part in the successful defence of the western outskirts of Singapore.  The casualties, both in officers and men were numerous, but throughout Major Andre maintained a high standard of efficiency and morale.  It was due to his own personal courage and personality that the Battalion under his Command played its part well.  He was invariably cheerful and cool in emergency, and at all times inspired those under him by his example.

His Battalion 2nd in Command, Major G.T. Denaro also received a DSO:


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

PoW No. I 7

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


Liberated Changi


Post War

Director of the Malayan Federation Military Forces.

 1952/11 Retired

Member of BAM till 1973






Jonathan Moffatt

KEW Files:- WO 361/2044,  WO 361/2017, WO 345/1, WO 361/1946,


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