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Louis Albert Alexander


1904/11/16 - Born Pagongan

Son of H.W. and L.W. Alexander

Husband of Victoria Louise Albertine “Lily” (nee Frijling) Alexander


Netherlands Infantry

Landstorm Cheribon


Japanese PoW

1942/03/08 - Captured Cheribon, Java

No.1 Branch Camp, Java

PoW No. I 10761

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1944/05/14 - Transported from Batavia, Java in Chuka Maru with Java Party 21

With 1925 PoWs, 310 British and 1615 Dutch

1944/06/22 - Arrived Pekanbaru, Sumatra

New PoW No. I 19569

Working on Sumatra Railway

1944/11/03 - Fell ill



1945/02/15 - Died at 10.15am

Cause of death Beri- Beri and Enteritus

Patient Receiving Station Pekanbaru

Buried Grave 80

Camp 2, 500M east of 4km point from Pekanbaru, Sumatra


Loved Ones

Son of H. W. amd L.W. Alexander

Husband of Victoria Louise Albertine “Lily” (nee Frijling) Alexander

Father to daughters:-

Margaretha Louise Maria (born 1932/11/24)


 Else Hermine Albertine (born 1934/06/15) and Son-in-Law Denis Campbell




IV 249

Kembang Kuning, Surabaya



Arthur Frijling - Nephew

Japanese Transports

Sumatra Railway

KEW Files:- WO 361/1949, WO 361/2002,


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