To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”


D/J 52100

Chief Petty Officer

Walter Alfred Ainge


Royal Navy Unit

H.M.S. Exeter



Age: 39

13th December 1939

Battle of the River Plate


 Loved Ones

Son of Henry John and Elizabeth Ainge

Husband of Florence Hilda Ainge, of Plymouth



 Panel 33, Column 1.



Without a grave unknelled , uncoffined and unsung,

Thou sends them shivering with thy playfull spray.

Into the deep their rendezvous with death to keep.

With whistling winds and sighing seas a choir invisible

The Southern Cross appears at dawn is their celestial cenotaph .

To you who have passed the veil that we call death

We come in pride to cheer you on your way,

Like you with courage high , yet scorning death

With a fitful music in its roar

We sail the oceans far and wide.

Your phantom ships and men our courage guide.

When at last from this mad cruelty of war we emerge

Though we wander lonely as a cloud o'er storm swept seas

Down through the years there memories live on into eternity.


In Memory of Walter Ainge CPO

Written by brother CHJ Ainge - Merchant Navy


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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