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Special Party


The Japanese decided to remove the officers from the ranks and thereby removing leadership. Also amongst those transported were civilians in prominent positions. The ‘Special Parties’ included Americans, Australians, British, Canadians and  Dutch from PoW camps throughout the far East. Initially the majority were sent to Karenko Camp, Taiwan, but as the war progressed and the threat of invasion from Allied forces increased, the high ranking PoW’s and civilians were transported to Mukden, in Manchuria.

These parties have gone under various names:- Java Staff Party, Staff Party, Dutch Special Party, Scholten's Special Party and Special Party. Although the names these parties were given vary, they do relate to the same parties. So there is no confusion, in reading these pages, I have labelled them under one name ‘Special Party’.


    Spec ial Party Rolls Special Party Rolls - High Ranking Officers and Civilians

    Special Party Special Party Transports - An overall picture of the many transports

    Map of Japanese Control Map of Japanese Control






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