To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

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Country of Burials

The ‘Country’ results indicates which Battalion and Regiment served in that Country

Compiled with the help of the Commonwealth War Graves


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Bangladesh Bangladesh

Cyprus Cyprus

Egypt Egypt

France France

Germany Germany

Greece Greece

India India

Indonesia Indonesia

Iran Iran

Iraq Iraq

Israel and Palestine Israel and Palestine

Italy Italy

Japan Japan

Lebanese Republic Lebanese Republic

Libya Libya

Malaysia Malaysia

Myanmar/Burma Myanmar / Burma

Pakistan Pakistan

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea

Poland Poland

Singapore (Far East - No Known Grave) Singapore (Far East Memorial in Singapore)

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Switzerland Switzerland

Thailand Thailand

Tunisia Tunisia

United Kingdom United Kingdom

United States of America United States of America

Yemen Yemen


[FEPOW Family] [Roll of Honour] [Gurkha  Regiments] [History] [Roll] [Country of Burial] [Regiment Burials]




Britain at War


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