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Junyo Maru

Junyo Maru-2tn

Sunk 18th September 1944


The Junyo Maru sailed from Batavia in Java to Sumatra with 6343 prisoners - 1377 Dutch 64 British & Australians,  and American Merchant Seaman, also included were 4200 Javanese romusha (slave labourers). These were bound for work on the 220km Sumatra Railway Line between Pakan Baru and Muaro.

On Monday September 18, 1944, the British submarine H.M.S. Tradewind intercepted the Junyo Maru off MoakoMoakao Lat 20.53S Lon 101.11E and fired torpedoes at her, sinking the ship with a loss of 5620 lives making it the worst maritime disaster of WWII.


    Account of Sinking Account of Sinking ‘A Letter to My Grandson’ By Willen Wanrooy

    British Roll British Roll



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