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Roll of Honour

The Roll is in alphabetical order



ABDUL AZIZ, Sailor, S.S. Nankin (Greenock). Indian Merchant Navy. 23rd December 1943. Son of Bashirullah; husband of Zobeda Khatoon. of Latifpur, Chittagong, Pakistan. Indian Sec, A. D. 9.


ABDUL GHAMIR, Winchman, S.S. Nankin (Greenock). Indian Merchant Navy. 2nd December 1944. Son of Keramat Ali; husband of Omeya Khatoon, of Premasia, Chittagong, Pakistan. Indian Sec. A. E. 12.


ABDUL LATIF, Fireman, S.S. Nankin (Greenock). Indian Merchant Navy. 18th May 1943. Son of Eakub Ali; husband of Harisa Khatoon, of Charkakra, Noakhali, Pakistan. Indian Sec. A. F. 2.


ABDUL MAJID, Sepoy, 25003. Indian Army Ordnance Corps. 28th October 1946. Age 29. Son of Niader and Nanno, of Baksar, Meerut, India; husband of Saddiqan, of Baksar. Indian Sec. A. E. 3.


ABDUL SATTAR, Scullion, S.S. Nankin (Greenock). Indian Merchant Navy. 12th June 1943. Age 48. Son of Ertiza Hussain; husband of Jamila Khatun, of Calcutta, India. Indian Sec. A. E. 4.


ABDULLAH, Sapper, 176466. 241 Docks Operating Coy. Indian Engineers. 13th July 1946. Age 27. Husband of Razia Begum, of Paki Kalali, Gaya, India. Indian Sec. A. C. 3.


ABDUR RAHMAN, Scullion, S.S. Nankin (Greenock). Indian Merchant Navy. 5th April 1944. Age 49. Son of Amir Ali, of Calcutta, India. Indian Sec. A. D. 4.



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