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Roll of Honour

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United Kingdom


DUDLEY, Corporal, STANLEY CYRIL, 6097124. 9th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. 25th November 1944. Age 27. Son of William Frederick and Alice Dudley, of Peckham, London; husband of Peggy Edith Daphne Dudley, of Peckham. 7. H. 20.


DUESBURY, Corporal, BASIL LESLIE, 7045573. 2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own). 27th March 1945. Age 31. Son of Leslie Harry and Dorothy Duesbury; husband of Lillian Duesbury, of Loughborough, Leicestershire. 20. D. 13.


DUFF, Lieutenant, BEN IAN, 246163. General List attd. 4th Bn. Nigeria Regiment, R.W.A.F.F.. 2nd March 1944. Age 26. Son of Colin Eric and Elizabeth Shaw Duff, of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia; husband of Jean Duff. 4. D. 21.


DUFF, Private, JOHN HARRY, 3780912. 1st Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool). 28th March 1944. Age 30. Husband of Mary Ellen Duff, of Oldham, Lancashire. 7. F. 15.


DUFF, Private, JOHN SIMPSON, 3063915. 1st Bn. Royal Scots. 31st January 1945. Age 32. 17. J. 23.


DUFFIELD, Corporal, RONALD HARRY, 5345013. 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment. 15th March 1945. Age 24. Son of Harry and Amy Duffield, of Polegate, Sussex. 17. J. 16.


DUMIGAN, Lance Corporal, JAMES, 6982426. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and No. 1 Commando. 22nd January 1945. Age 32. Son of William James Dumigan and Christina Dumigan, of Belfast, Northern Ireland. 3. G. 1.


DUNFORD, Lieutenant, PERCY, 249228. 9th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. 5th August 1944. 7. A. 11.


DUNKLEY, Private, ALBERT FRANK, 5337434. 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment. 16th February 1945. Age 23. Son of Thomas P. Dunkley and Elizabeth E. Dunkley, of Clapton, London. 19. J. 18.


DUNN, Serjeant, ALFRED, 3603820. 9th Bn. Border Regiment. 15th March 1944. Age 30. Son of Alfred and Ruth Dunn, of Richmond, Yorkshire; husband of Alice Ethel Dunn, of Richmond. Coll. grave 16A. A. 15-17.


DUNN, Private, ARTHUR, 5112752. 6th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. 6th May 1944. Age 23. Son of George Henry and Sara Ann Dunn; husband of Florence Ethel Dunn, of Moseley, Birmingham. 5. G. 4.


DUNN, Private, COLIN, 4919974. 1st Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment. 17th March 1944. Age 27. 7. C. 3.


DUNN, Corporal, HENRY OWEN, 858305. 2nd Bn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). 11th July 1944. Age 25. Husband of Isabella Dunn, of Edinburgh. 6. E. 20.


DUNN, Trooper, STANLEY GEORGE, 4756994. 150th (10th Bn. The York and Lancaster Regt.) Regt. Royal Armoured Corps. 21st February 1945. Age 33. Son of William and Nellie Dunn, of Islington, London. 26. D. 13.


DUNNE, Private, PETER, 6298057. 2nd Bn. The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment). 30th January 1945. Age 25. Husband of Mary B. Dunne, of Dublin, Irish Republic. 27. G. 7.


DUPLOCK, Sapper, DOUGLAS VICTOR, 14348771. 54 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 9th August 1944. Age 21. Son of Harry Victor and Nellie Louisa Duplock, of Brighton, Sussex. 13. H. 20.


DUPLOCK, Private, RICHARD GEORGE, 6412038. 9th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. 10th November 1944. Age 22. Son of James Edward and Rhoda Florence Duplock, of Brighton, Sussex. 6. K. 17.


DUQUE, Private, SIMSON SIMHHAH, 14203623. 1st Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool). 15th May 1944. Age 21. Son of Isaac David and Julia Dque, of St. Mary Axe, London. 6. C. 12.


DURNELL, Private, FREDERICK CHARLES, 3976734. 2nd Bn. Welch Regiment. 29th January 1945. Age 22. Son of Frederick G. Durnell and Elizabeth Durnell, of Ystrad, Glamorgan. 26. B. 16.


DUXBURY, Gunner, ALFRED, 994594. 82 Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery. 21st April 1945. Age 23. Son of Arthur and Lily Duxbury, of Bingley, Yorkshire. 21. F. 21.



Australian - Canadian - Indian - South African - New Zealand


DUDHA BAHADUR RANA, Lance Naik, 911. 4th Bn. 6th Gurkha Rifles. 12th April 1945. Age 23. Son of Kharka Bahadur and Utra, of Simaldanra, Nepal. 35. A. 6.


DUJE THAPA, Rifleman, 66337. 1st Bn. 6th Gurkha Rifles. 5th January 1945. Age 22. Son of Parte and Sangra, of Harjang, Nepal; husband of Rasa, of Harjang. 32. A. 7.


DULEY, Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.), MICHAEL WALTER WARREN, J/95290. 31 (R.A.F.) Sqdn. Royal Canadian Air Force. 8th November 1944. Age 20. Son of Harold F. Duley and Alice M. Duley, of St. Laurent, Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. Coll. grave 16A. E. 23-27.


DUMAS, Flying Officer, KEITH RUSSELL, 407055. Royal Australian Air Force. 16th October 1944. Age 24. Son of Edmund Russell Dumas and Gertrude Diosma Dumas, of St. Peters, South Australia. Joint grave 27. B. 6-7.


DURANAI, Sepoy, 38751. 5th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 17th May 1945. Age 26. Son of Maina Din and Fatema, of Marozai, Peshawar, Pakistan. 22. G. 8.


DURGA SING RANA, Lance Naik, 10391. 3rd Bn. 6th Gurkha Rifles. 13th June 1944. Age 20. Son of Bal Bahadur and Deorupa, of Dangsingha, Nepal; husband of Guiti, of Dangsingha. 14. H. 7.


DURHAM, Second Lieutenant, DEREK ATHOL JOSEPH, 6463259. 5th Bn. 8th Punjab Regiment. 21st January 1943. Age 25. Son of Donald and Pauline Myrtle Durham, of North Cheam, Surrey. 5. D. 9.


DURRAD, Lieutenant, IAN STEPHENS, EC/464. 1st Bn. 19th Hyderabad Regiment. 1st March 1945. Age 27. Son of Cyril Stephens Durrad and Rita Kathleen Durrad, of High Hurstwood, Sussex. 27. E. 22.



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