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United Kindom


HARI SINGH, Sepoy, 25th Bn. Burma Regiment. 11th May 1946. Column 52.


HARKA BAHADUR GURUNG, Sepoy, 6760. Burma Frontier Force. 16th March 1944. Column 52.



Australian - Canadian - Indian - South African - New Zealand


HAKAM SINGH, Sepoy, 15023. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 12th January 1943. Age 20. Son of Narain Singh and Raj Kaur; husband of Basant Kaur, of Maur Kalan, Patiala, India. Column 26.


HANMAPPA BURKEL, Pioneer, 483308. Indian Pioneer Corps. 5th September 1945. Age 22. Son of Narasappa and Balawa; husband of Hanmowa, of Yalburti, Raichur, India. Column 43.


HANS RAJ, Sepoy, 22230. 7th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 8th May 1945. Age 22. Son of Udho Ram and Shiv Devi, of Seonti, Gurdaspur, India. Column 20.


HANSA SINGH, Sapper, E/167812. 290 (I.W.T.) Operating Coy. Indian Engineers. 23rd February 1945. Age 25. Son of Sher Singh; husband of Mukana Devi, of Dadoghe, Garhwal, India. Column 6.


HANUMANA RAM, Sepoy, MT/790228. 900 Jeep Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 6th June 1943. Age 23. Son of Kishansa and Karain, of Shapur, Jaipur, India. Column 36.


HAR NARAYAN, Sepoy, 15995. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 4th February 1943. Age 21. Son of Mukh Ram and Nimbo, of Chobara, Hissar, India. Column 26.


HAR SINGH, Naik, 13538. 1st Bn. 19th Hyderabad Regiment. 21st February 1945. Age 25. Son of Lachman Singh; husband of Parwati, of Malla Bherun, Almora, India. Column 29.


HARAK SINGH, Naik, MTN/929688. 900 Jeep Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 22nd November 1943. Age 24. Son of Kishan Singh and Balapa; husband of Poruli Devi, of Deoli, Almora, India. Column 35.


HARBANS SINGH, Sepoy, 25509. 1st Bn. Chamar Regiment. 27th March 1945. Age 27. Son of Budheian and Bungi; husband of Mukhtiari, of Phalwara, Meerut, India. Column 32.


HARBANS SINGH BAHIA, Flying Officer, 2446. 2 Sqdn. Royal Indian Air Force. 23rd January 1945. Age 21. Son of Milkha Singh, of Kukar Pind, Jullundur, India. Column 45.


HARDWARI RAM, Sepoy, 10067. 1st Bn. 19th Hyderabad Regiment. 26th February 1945. Age 31. Son of Manigar; husband of Man Kaur, of Sampla, Rohtak, India. Column 30.


HARI CHAND, Jemadar, 46092/IO. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 6th June 1946. Age 16. Son of Ram Singh and Bakhshi Devi; husband of Thakri Devi, of Khadwana, Kangra, India. Column 34.


HARI CHARAN, Ward Servant, 142531. Indian Army Medical Corps. 18th February 1946. Age 25. Son of Mahadeo and Sumari; husband of Kismat, of Nowan, Arrah, India. Column 38.


HARI GAODE, Gunner, 9367. 8 (Mah.) Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Indian Artillery. 16th March 1945. Age 24. Son of Sakharam Gaode and Balu Bai; husband of Kukmina Bai, of Chankul, Sawantwadi, India. Column 4.


HARI HAR SINGH, Lance Havildar, 23969. King George V's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners. 24th January 1945. Age 21. Son of Inder Dev Singh and Madho Rani; husband of Ram Ksli, of Gahmar, Ghazipur, India. Column 7.


HARI PARSHAD, Lance Naik, 12259. Indian Engineers. 10th February 1946. Age 18. Son of Jit Ram and Basanti; husband of Lachhmi, of Kanaur, Almora, India. Column 5.


HARI RAM, Sepoy, 14415. 17th Dogra Regiment. 1st July 1945. Age 32. Son of Kashmira Singh and Radhi; husband of Indro, of Gojra, Mirpur, Kashmir. Column 28.


HARI SINGH, Sepoy, 25743. 3rd Bn. 2nd Punjab Regiment. 26th March 1945. Age 20. Son of Bahadur, of Gugiria, Alwar, India. Column 14.


HARI SINGH, Sepoy, 13877. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 15th February 1945. Age 24. Son of Sher Singh and Juni, of Rattni Wala, Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Column 26.


HARI SINGH, Subadar, 25971/IO. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 7th June 1945. Age 37. Son of Sandhu Singh and Barkhan; husband of Gurbachan Kaur, of Hazara, Jullundur, India. Column 25.


HARI SINGH, Naik, 175421. 43 Animal Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 6th April 1945. Son of Hira and Bhuru; husband of Phool Kaur, of Nangla Mukhtiarpur, Meerut, India. Column 35.


HARI SINGH, Rifleman, 31758. 8th Bn. 6th Rajputana Rifles. 22nd March 1943. Age 29. Son of Gor Bahadur Singh and Kokil, of Moja Ka Nagra Pomania, Dolpur, India. Column 16.


HARI SINGH, Sepoy, 32664. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 15th March 1945. Age 21. Son of Harna, of Atari, Aligarh, India. Column 26.


HARIDAS CHAKRAVARTI, Leading Aircraftman, 26619. Royal Indian Air Force. 22nd April 1945. Age 20. Son of Rajoh Chakravarti, of Kanangopara, Chittagong, Pakistan. Column 45.


HARKE RAM, Subadar, 41941/IO. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 7th March 1945. Age 31. Son of Maya Chand and Neklai, of Baroda, Rohtak, India. Column 25.


HARNAIK SINGH, Sepoy, 31082. 1st Bn. 11th Sikh Regiment. 23rd April 1945. Age 34. Son of Mangal Singh, of Bhangi Bhander, Patiala, India. Column 20.


HARNAM SINGH, Sapper, 55736. Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners. 6th February 1944. Age 20. Son of Banu Singh and Akki; husband of Grnam Kaur, of Sagdaulatal, Ludhiana, India. Column 9.


HARPHUL, Sepoy, 14712. 6th Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 2nd April 1945. Age 23. Son of Basti; husband of Rizkan, of Gendawas, Hissar, India. Column 26.


HARWA DIN, Barber, 131193. Indian Army Medical Corps. 31st August 1945. Age 30. Son of Dalla and Parbati, of Ghorsara, Lucknow, India. Column 38.


HAZARA SINGH, Sepoy, 37788. 2nd Bn. 13th. Frontier Force Rifles. 31st March 1945. Age 18. Son of Sundar Singh; husband of Dhan Daur, of Chabewal, Hoshiarpur, India. Column 22.


HAZARA SINGH, Jemadar, 41942/IO. 1st Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 10th March 1945. Age 36. Son of Chanda Singh; husband of Harnam Kaur, of Sidhpur, Kapurthala. India. Column 25.


HAZARA SINGH, Sapper, 157547. Indian Engineers. 16th January 1946. Age 23. Column 6.


HAZARI LAL, Sepoy, MT/790281. 84 G.P. Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 16th May 1943. Age 27. Son of Shiv Lal and Mohra, of Paiga, Patiala, India. Column 36.


HAZURA SINGH, Sepoy, 20601. 11th Sikh Regiment. 18th March 1945. Age 24. Son of Wazir Singh and Narain Kaur; husband of Jal Kaur, of Nagra, Patiala, India. Column 20.


HIRA LAL, Ambulance Sepoy, 95687. 52 Field Amb. Indian Army Medical Corps. 22nd April 1945. Age 21. Son of Panjku and Majku; husband of Drunpati, of Hukal, Mandi, India. Column 37.


HIRA SINGH, Naik, MTN/104202. 906 Jeep Transport Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 5th September 1945. Age 36. Son of Jawahar Singh and Ratan Dai; husband of Parkash Kaur, of Bagala, Poonch, Kashmir. Column 35.


HIRDU RAM, Sapper, 10083. Sappers and Miners, Indian States Forces. 14th May 1945. Age 21. Son of Basakhu and Purnoo, of Maloh, Himachal Pradesh, India. Column 48.


HIT NARAYAN KAMI, Porter, 23007. 9th. Assam Civil Porter Corps. 18th February 1945. Addenda Column.


HUKAM SINGH, Sepoy, 15617. 1st Bn. 1st Punjab Regiment. 22nd March 1945. Age 25. Son of Kana Singh and Subhadra, of Rampura, Karauli, India. Column 12.



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