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ADAMS, Corporal, JOHN, 205183. 3rd Garrison Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment. Died of wounds 23rd August 1917. Age 27. Son of the late John Adams, of Taunton, Somerset. 4. F. 1.


ASHDOWN, Bugler, EDWARD, 200511. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Died of sickness 23rd March 1919. Age 43. Son of Lewis and Mary Ashdown; husband of Annie Ashdown. Born at Folkestone. 4. F. 2.


BELTON, Petty Officer Stoker, H, 1815. H.M.A.S. "Psyche.". Royal Australian Navy. 15th September 1915. 4. G. 16.


BORROWMAN, Rifleman, ARTHUR ABRAHAM, 579. "B" Coy. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Died of sickness 30th April 1916. Age 43. Son of Arthur and Elizabeth Borrowman; husband of Mary Ellen Borrowman, of 126, Stanstead Rd., Forest Hill, London. 4. F. 3.


CAMERON, Colour Serjeant, WILLIAM, 5143. 2nd Bn. Cameron Highlanders. 3rd April 1917. Age 41. Son of William Webester Cameron, of Aberdeen. 4. F. 4.


COATES, Rifleman, PHILLIP, 200553. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 29th November 1918. Age 46. Son of Alfred Coates, of London; husband of Annie Emily J. Coates, of 7, Eileen Terrace, Silver St., Upper Edmonton, London. 4. F. 5.


CORNWELL, Lance Corporal, W C, 27051. 1st Garrison Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers. 11th April 1919. 4. F. 6.


DUTHIE, Gunner, W A, 23016. 73rd Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery. 20th October 1914. 4. F. 7.


EASTERBROOK, Rifleman, WALTER ERNEST, 200565. "C" Coy. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Died of sickness 20th April 1919. Age 45. Son of John and Eliza Easterbrook, of Bristol; husband of Alma Easterbrook, of 178, Adamsrill Rd., Sydenham, London. 4. F. 8.


GRIMLEY, Private, D, M M, 70941. 1st Bn. Royal Scots. 30th April 1920. Age 32. Son of Michael and Janet Grimley, of 26, Forth St., West Calder, Midlothian. 4. F. 9.


GRIST, Lieutenant, R, 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 15th May 1918. 4. F. 10.


GULLY, Private, ALBERT WILLIAM, 205200. 2nd/5th Bn. Somerset Light Infantry transf. to 3rd Garrison Bn Bedfordshire Regiment. Died of sickness 7th March 1918. Age 38. Son of Betsy Gully, of 1, River View Terrace, Bridgwater, Somerset, and the late Ruscombe Gully. 4. F. 11.


HARRIS, Rifleman, R F, 853. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 13th July 1916. 4. F. 12.


HARVEY, Stoker 1st Class, F C, 161446. H.M.S. "Diana.". Royal Navy. Drowned 19th July 1917. Age 43. Husband of Annie Harvey, of Edge Mount, Higher Batson, Salcombe, Devon. 4. F. 13.


HENES, Rifleman, W, 200584. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 4th November 1918. 4. F. 14.


HOPE, Serjeant, LEONARD, 1036. "H" Coy. Rangoon Lt. Sect. Royal Engineers. 31st December 1917. Age 38. Son of Joseph and Annie Hope, of Warrington. 4. F. 15.


HORSFIELD, Gunner, GERALD, 57077. 73rd Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery. 19th June 1918. Age 33. Son of Thomas and Betty Horsfield, of 257, Leeds Rd.. Barrowford. Nelson, Lancs. 4. F. 16.


HUTCHINGS, Private, CHARLES, 1897. 2nd/5th Bn. Somerset Light Infantry. 23rd July 1916. Age 21. Son of Ernest George and Susan Alice Hutchings, of 131, Huish, Yeovil, Somerset. 4. F. 17.


KILPATRICK, Serjeant, MATTHEW MITCHELL, 159. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Died of pneumonia 4th September 1916. Age 44. Son of Andrew and Martha Mitchell Kilpatrick, of Glasgow; husband of Maria Sophia Kilpatrick, of 44, Maygrove Rd., West Hampstead, London. 4. F. 18.


LONSDALE, Private, G R, 4564. Rangoon Volunteer Regiment. 4th December 1919. 4. F. 19.


MARSHALL, Gunner, E W, 24874. 75th Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of accidental injuries 18th July 1916. Age 29. Son of William James and Mary Marshall. 4. F. 20.


NEWLAND, Serjeant, J H, 40193. 64th Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery. 28th July 1917. 4. G. 1.


O'GRADY, Corporal, C, 7210. 1st Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers. 13th November 1914. 4. G. 2.


PAGE, Private, A, 1999. Indian Defence Force. 13th September 1919. 4. G. 3.


PARSONS, Private, FRANK EDMUND, 35769. 3rd Garrison Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment. Died of phthisis 26th June 1919. Age 36. Son of William and Emma Parsons, of Bristol. 4. G. 4.


RAYMENT, Rifleman, JAMES FREDRICK, 200416. "B" Coy. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 10th December 1918. Age 46. Husband of Fanny Rebecca Rayment, of 104, Hargwyne St., Landor Rd., Stockwell, London. Born at Hackney, London. 4. G. 5.


ROW, Gunner, W N, Royal Garrison Artillery. 22nd October 1919. 4. G. 6.


RUDD, Private, ALBERT ERNEST, 1421. 4th Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry. Died of sickness 7th February 1915. Age 20. Territorial Force Efficiency Medal. Son of William and Emily Rudd, of 47, Bernard's Hill, Bridgnorth, Salop. 4. G. 7.


RUSSELL, Rifleman, GEORGE THOMAS, 200650. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Died of sickness 22nd January 1919. Age 38. Son of Edward and Jane Russell; husband of Susan Florence Russell, of 87, Swinnerton St., Homerton, London. Born at Homerton. 4. G. 8.


SCULLY, Rifleman, T V, 200447. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 12th July 1919. 4. G. 9.


SIMPKINS, Private, G P, Indian Defence Force. 14th January 1920. 4. G. 10.


SQUIRES, Gunner, GEORGE VICTOR, 87491. 75th Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of dysentery 17th July 1918. Age 31. Son of George and Victorine Squires, of Parkstone; husband of Marion Jane Squires, of "Sandwood", 33, Parkstone Avenue, Parkstone, Dorset. 4. G. 11.


TAYLOR, Petty Officer, A, 218813. H.M.S. "Venus.". Royal Navy. 8th March 1919. 4. G. 12.


TUDOR, Serjeant, H, 718. 4th Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry. 14th December 1914. 4. G. 13.


WINDUS, Rifleman, JAMES HENRY, 200696. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 27th October 1917. Age 46. Eldest son of Henry James and Elizabeth Windus; husband of Violet E. Windus, of 2, Fonthill Rd., Tollington Park, London (late of 71, Ponsonby Place. Westminster). 4. G. 14.


WITHEY, Rifleman, C S, 200698. 18th Bn. Rifle Brigade. 25th October 1917. 4. G. 15.



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