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HABIB, Driver, 82110. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 16th January 1944. Son of Ismail and Mirsinbu; husband of Jainab, of Mandardu, Bilkha, India. Face 111.


HABIB, Ambulance Sepoy, 79963. Indian Army Medical Corps. 21st November 1944. Age 42. Son of Remo, of Halwara, Ludhiana, India; husband of Hamza. Face 86.


HABIB, Washerman, 157245. 49 Indian General Hospital. Indian Army Medical Corps. 23rd November 1944. Age 26. Son of Maudhal and Nisaria, of Sirkhundi, Champaran, India. Face 86.


HABIB ALI, Lance Naik, 9877. 1st Bn. 9th Jat Regiment. 10th May 1942. Age 18. Son of Ghafoor and Bhuri; husband of Tulli, of Chang, Hissar, India. Face 38.


HABIB KHAN, Sepoy, 27029. 7th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 2nd May 1943. Age 19. Face 39.


HABIB KHAN, Sapper, 206507. 652 Mechanical Excavator Coy. Indian Engineers. 16th March 1944. Age 26. Son of Sahib Din Khan and Dulri; husband of Rashidan, of Paigapur, Sultanpur, India. Face 25.


HABIB KHAN, Naik, P/6045. M.M.G. Coy. 50th Bde. Indian Parachute Regiment. 30th March 1941. Age 17. Son of Mian Khan and Khan Bibi; husband of Alima, of Chhab, Attock, Pakistan. Face 54.


HABIB KHAN, Lance Naik, 14768. 5th Bn. 9th Jat Regiment. 18th April 1944. Age 21. Son of Hussiar Ali, of Nigana, Rohtak, India. Face 38.


HABIB KHAN, Sepoy, 36023. 2nd Bn. 13th. Frontier Force Rifles. 27th June 1944. Age 22. Son of Shah Begum, of Lari Hajyal, Jhelum, Pakistan. Face 44.


HABIB SHAH, Pioneer, 230460. 24th Aux. Bn. Indian Pioneer Corps. 23rd May 1942. Age 26. Son of Gharib Shah; husband of Said Bibi, of Daila Banda, Kohat, Pakistan. Face 90.


HABIB ULLAH, Pioneer, 237465. 25th Aux. Bn. Indian Pioneer Corps. 3rd May 1942. Age 30. Son of Darbes Ali; husband of Rabia Khatoon, of Harishpur, Noakhali, Pakistan. Face 90.


HABIB ULLAH, Sapper, E/163322. 241 Docks Operating Coy. Indian Engineers. 19th May 1942. Face 25.


HABIB ULLAH, Sapper, 169263. 248 (I.W.T.) Operating Coy. Indian Engineers. 31st July 1942. Age 22. Son of Ahmed Ullah Kabiraj and Asiya Khatun; husband of Khairan Nessa, of Paschim Caotoli, Tippera, Pakistan. Face 25.


HABIB ULLAH, Sepoy, 23622. 8th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 9th March 1943. Age 21. Son of Mehnga and Fatima, of Patto Hira Singh, Ferozepore, India. Face 39.


HABIB ULLAH, Ambulance Sepoy, 78994. 2 Bearer Unit. Indian Army Medical Corps. 14th April 1943. Age 30. Son of Piran and Aziman; husband of Najabun, of Sularpur, Banaras, India. Face 86.


HABIB ULLAH, Pioneer, 1140. 1st. Bengal Civil Pioneer Force. 3rd May 1943. Son of Mymen and Nessa Bibi, of Bashgari, Mymensingh, Pakistan. Face 97.


HABIB ULLAH, Sepoy, 19081. 7th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 4th March 1942. Age 19. Face 39.


HABIB ULLAH, Naik, 48293. 14 Mule Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 8th March 1944. Son of Ahmed Ali and Khan Begum; husband of Basant Begum, of Kholni, Mirpur, Kashmir. Face 75.


HABIB ULLAH, Sepoy, 27202. 16th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 29th March 1944. Age 28. Son of Abdullah Khan; husband of Said Bibi, of Bareholai, Malakand Agency, Pakistan. Face 39.


HABIB ULLAH KHAN, Sepoy, 784302. 50 Mule Coy. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 6th November 1942. Age 21. Son of Sadulla Khan, and of Bhaktar Bibi, of Isa Khail, Mianwali, Pakistan. Face 79.


HABIB ULLAH KHAN, Havildar Clerk, SR/189798. 10 Advance Base Supply Depot. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 13th December 1943. Son of Abdul Rehman Khan and Aqlimah; husband of Jamatul, of Bhawanpur, Partabgarh, India. Face 75.


HABIB ULLAH KHAN, Sepoy, 31811. 4th Bn. 12th. Frontier Force Regiment. 21st June 1944. Age 17. Son of Nur Alam Khan and Rasul Bibi, of Coomikot, Muzaffarabad, India. Face 42.


HABIB ULLAH KHAN, Sepoy, 24903. 8th Bn. 13th. Frontier Force Rifles. 30th July 1944. Age 25. Son of Ghulam Khan and Khanam Ji; husband of Unar Jan, of Maroba, Peshawar, Pakistan. Face 44.


HABIB ULLAH KHAN, Sepoy, 35594. 4th Bn. 15th Punjab Regiment. 26th February 1945. Age 20. Son of Jumma Khan and Katti Khela, of Ghol Banda, Kohat, Pakistan. Face 48.


HABIB-UR-RAHMAN, Sepoy, MTN/950968. 15 Comp. Issue Sec. Royal Indian Army Service Corps. 25th December 1943. Age 20. Son of Mahib Ullah, of Teralbala, Peshawar, Pakistan. Face 79.


HABIB-UR-RAHMAN, Sepoy, 21331. 14th Bn. 10th Baluch Regiment. 18th April 1944. Age 22. Son of Akhmat Din and Begum Nur, of Seri, Hazara, Pakistan. Face 39.


HABIB-UR-RAHMAN, Lance Naik, 1506. 1st Tripura (Bir Bikram) Manikya Rifles. 8th December 1944. Age 23. Son of Abdul Karim Mulla, and of Bibi Alfar Bano, of Tanki, Tippera, Pakistan. Face 96.


HABU MIRDHA, Pioneer, 26634. 31st Bn. Indian Pioneer Corps. 25th April 1944. Age 20. Son of Sadhuva Dami, of Harorai, Santal Parganas, India. Face 90.


HACKER, Private, RONALD ARTHUR, 5571991. 6th Bn. South Wales Borderers. 15th November 1944. Age 25. Son of Reginald Alfred and Minnie Frances Hacker; husband of Hilda Margaret Hacker, of Aldbourne, Wiltshire. Face 9.


HACKETT, Lieutenant, ERNEST EDWARD, 224619. King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) attd. 1st Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own). 12th March 1944. Age 31. Son of George Edward and Laura Hackett; husband of Anne Craig Hackett (nee Bayuel), of Jordanhill, Glasgow. M.A. Hons. (Cantab.). Face 5.


HACKETT, Corporal, GEORGE ELLIOT, 3251240. 1st Bn. Seaforth Highlanders. 20th April 1943. Age 27. Face 17.


HACKETT, Private, WILLIAM HENRY, 4980384. Royal Berkshire Regiment. 26th December 1944. Age 28. Son of Harry Hackett, and of Sarah Winifred Hackett, of Belper, Derbyshire. Face 15.


HACKLEY, Signalman, NORMAN WILFRED, 2328907. 77th Indian Inf. Bde. Sig. Sec. Royal Corps of Signals. 28th April 1943. Age 28. Face 4.


HADDOCK, Trooper, ALBERT, 3859252. 2nd (6th Bn. The Loyal Regt. (North Lancashire) Regt. Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C.. 15th May 1944. Age 26. Face 1.


HADDOW, Private, WILLIAM CLAUDE, 6406947. 4th Bn. Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. 11th January 1944. Age 28. Son of William Thomas Haddow and Blanche Ann Haddow, of Chichester, Sussex. Face 16.


HADLEY, Private, FREDERICK, 11052941. 1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment. 24th January 1945. Age 32. Face 6.


HADLOW, Private, BERNARD ROY, 871791. 2nd Bn. Suffolk Regiment. 22nd December 1943. Age 22. Face 7.


HADOW, Lieutenant, TERENCE MICHAEL SCOTT, 172204. 1st Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers. 18th March 1943. Age 21. Son of Patrick Hadow, and of Monica E. Hadow, of Kensington, London. Face 9.



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