To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”


Penang Jewish Cemetery

(Jahudi Road)


Star of Davad-150


Penang is a small island off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, and is only two miles from the mainland at the nearest point. Its chief town, Georgetown, is usually known as Penang and is the chief port of the Federation of Malaya.

When the Japanese invaded Malaya, Penang was heavily bombed on December 12th and 13th, 1941, suffering several thousand casualties, mostly civilians; it was evacuated three days later.

Jahudi Road links Burma and Macalister roads, and this cemetery is on the right as you enter Jahudi Road from Burma Road. The one war grave is marked by a permanent private memorial.

The Cemetery is situated in Zainal Abdin Road, NOT Jahudi Road, off Jalan Macalister. The nearest landmark is Nessid Pakistan Mosque on Jalan Macalister. The Commonwealth war grave can be found in the front left hand corner of this small cemetery.



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