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Roll of Honour

The Roll is in alphabetical order



FELDBAUER, Sergeant, THEODORE ALBERT, VX51733. A.I.F. 2/10 Ordnance Wksps. Australian Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. 27th March 1945. Age 35. Son of Theodore Henry and Jessie Margarette Feldbauer; husband of Violet Amelda Feldbauer, of Research, Victoria. Panel 28.


FERGUSON, Sergeant, ANDREW JAMES, VX43593. Australian Army Pay Corps. 30th July 1945. Age 38. Son of Andrew Carrick Ferguson and Amelia Ann Ferguson, of Geelong West, Victoria. A.F.I.A. Panel 30.


FERGUSON, Private, JOHN, NX55455. A.I.F. 2/18 Bn. Australian Infantry. 17th February 1945. Age 28. Son of Adam Nimmo Ferguson and Annie Ferguson, of Kensington, New South Wales. Panel 10.


FERGUSON, Corporal, KEITH DAVEY, NX50271. A.I.F. 2/19 Bn. Australian Infantry. 14th July 1945. Age 20. Son of James Charles and Ida Vivienne Ferguson, of Fairfield, New South Wales. Panel 12.


FERGUSON, Corporal, NORMAN JOHN, NX51547. A.I.F. 8 Div. Postal Unit. Australian Army Postal Service. 20th June 1945. Age 27. Son of Albert and Helen Ferguson, of Petersham, New South Wales. Panel 31.


FERGUSON, Private, REGINALD PAUL, WX7999. A.I.F. 2/4 M.G. Bn. Australian Infantry. 23rd March 1945. Age 32. Son of Robert Lewis Ferguson and Ada May Ferguson; husband of Ivy Mary Ferguson, of Toodyay, Western Australia. Panel 18.


FERGUSSON, Private, NEIL WILFRED, SX10846. A.I.F. 8 Div. Amn. Sub-Pk. Australian Army Service Corps. 14th June 1945. Age 31. Son of Percy Duncan and Alice Emily Fergusson; husband of Ronda Isabella Fergusson, of Hilton, South Australia. Panel 23.


FERRIS, Driver, GEORGE RAYMOND, TX4456. A.I.F. 2/3 Motor Amb Coy. Australian Army Service Corps. 22nd March 1945. Age 48. Son of Charles Henry and Edith Percy Ferris; husband of Dorothy Vivienne Ferris, of Neutral Bay, New South Wales. Panel 22.


FEWER, Private, JACK RIGBY, NX56674. A.I.F. 2/20 Bn. Australian Infantry. 22nd March 1945. Age 27. Son of John Walter and Violet May Fewer, of Balgowlah, New South Wales. Panel 14.



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