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Kanchanaburi War Cemetery




Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is only a short distance from the site of the former 'Kanburi', the prisoner of war base camp through which most of the prisoners passed on their way to other camps. It was created by the Army Graves Service who transferred to it graves along the southern half of railway, from Bangkok to Nieke. More than 5,000 Commonwealth and 1,800 Dutch casualties are buried or commemorated in the cemetery. The cemetery was designed by Colin St Clair Oakes.

Kanchanaburi is 129 kilometres West-North-West of Bangkok. The Kanchanaburi Memorial is located in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, which is situated in the North-Western part of the town along Saeng Chuto Road. A Commission signpost faces the cemetery on the opposite side of the road.

The cemetery and memorial registers are kept in the cemetery service area and must be requested from one of the gardeners. The location or design of this site, makes wheelchair access impossible.


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