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Percy Whiston


Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Unit 153 MU


Japanese POW

Captured Java 8th March 1942

Transported to Ambon to build an airstrip.

When the airstrip was finished, Percy boarded the Maros Maru 17th September 1944, destination was Java.

The Maros Maru, was a 600 ton Dutch vessel captured by the Japanese in 1942, it was bound for Soerabaja, on the North Eastern coast of Java. 500 PoWs boarded her at Ambon in the Moluccas on 17th September 1944. The POWs were both British and Dutch, another 150 boarded her at Raha Moena on the island of Celebes. The vessel was not seaworthy and during the journey, the ship suffered engine failure and called in for repairs at Macassar in South Celebes. She was in dock for 40 days during which time the PoWs were not allowed to leave the ship and many died due to the horrific conditions they were forced to endure.

During the sixty days on board in blistering heat, with very little water or food, 325 men out of the 650 died.



Age 25

30th October 1944

Percy died whilst being transported on  the Maros Maru along with 324 other prisoners.


Loved Ones

Son of Edgar and Rose Whiston, of Sandford Hill, Stoke-on-Trent



Column 437.



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