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Royal Artillery-tn


Lance Bombardier

William Sanderson


1913/05/15 - Born Singleton, Lancashire

Son of William and Alice Sanderson

Occupation Electrician

Royal Artillery

137 Field Regiment

11th Division




1941/09/30 - Transported from Liverpool to Singapore in the Dominion Monarch

1941/11/28 - Arrived Singapore

The 137th Field Regiment took part in the defence of RAF Kota Bharu in North Malaya near the Thailand border

1941/12/08 - Japanese declare war by invading Malaya after landings at Kota Bharu, Malaya and Singora and Patani in Southern Thailand


The 137th Field took part in rearguard action as the Japanese forced the Allies back towards Singapore.

1941/01/07 - Japanese outflanked the regiment at Trolak and were split into two groups to find their way to Singapore.

1942/01/20 - William was capture at Kluang, Malaya


Japanese PoW

1942/01/20 - Captured Kluang, Malaya

Taken to Kuala Lumpur PoW Camp

PoW No. I 5535

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/07/17 - Transported to Changi with 6 Officers and 87 other ranks

1943/04/28 - Transported overland to Thailand with ‘F’ Force

New PoW No. IV 9437

Marched from  the Thailand starting point at Ban Pong to Songkurai which was a 294km march, this is over 186 mile. Many of ‘F’ Force died on this march.

Sanderson-William -Songkurai

No 2 Camp Songkurai

Camp Map-3

Site of the "Bridge of 600"

Called “Bridge of 600” as that was the death toll building the bridge.

Songkurai, Thailand. 1943. Building the Songkurai bridge on the Burma-Thailand railway

1943/06/04 - William reported sick

Diagnosed as Cholera



Age 30


Cause of Death Cholera

Cremated and buried Grave C50, Songkurai, Thailand

C50 was a combined Grave with:-

               E.C. Stout, Gunner, 990386, RA

              B.E. Reeves, Signalman, 2364103, RASC

              L.W. Blow, Lance Corporal, 6007163, CMP

After the war William’s ashes were moved to  the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Thanbyuzayat


Loved Ones

Son of William and Alice Sanderson

Husband of Harriet Sanderson, of Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire



Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery

B4. P. 16.


Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery




Simon Kirkham

Battle for Malaya and Singapore

Thailand - Burma Railway

Songkurai Camp 2

Commonwealth War Graves

KEW:- WO 392/26, WO 361/1948, WO 361/1623, WO 361/1623, WO 361/2234, WO 361/2201, WO 361/2188, WO 361/2025, WO 361/2199, WO 361/2070, WO 345/45, WO 367/3, WO 361/1344,


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