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Reginald Arthur Hughes


1920/02/16 - Born Griffithstown, South Wales

Son of John Thomas and Edith Maria Hughes

1940/07/31 - Enlisted

Royal Air Force

211 Squadron



1941/11/12 - Sailed troop ship ‘Orange’ .

Via Freetown, Durban and the Red Sea to Port Tewfik.

Then onto Columbo, Ceylon then Oosthaven, Sumatra as Singapore had already fallen.

He moved onto to Batavia, Java.

1942/03/08 - Captured by the Japanese at Tasik Malaja, Java.


Japanese PoW

Djawa Camp, Java

PoW No. 1014

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1943/04/22 - Transported from Surabaya to Haruku

New PoW No. 16682

Haruku -3

Worked on a runway using coral as hardcore. His eyes were affected by vitamin deficiency and light reflected from the coral.

 Reginald was lucky in missing the Suez Maru draft which was sunk by the USS Bonefish with the loss of all PoWs, those who survived the sinking were shot in the water by the Japanese.

Transported back to Java via Ambon

New PoW No. 462


1945/09/02 - Liberated Batavia, Java



Repatriated aboard S.S. Celicia

1945/10/29 - Arrived Liverpool


Post War

Diagnosed with nutritional optic neuropathy



31st March 1998


John Moses

KEW:-  WO 361/2010, WO 345/26, WO 361/1945, WO 361/2008, WO 392/24


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