To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

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S Sergeant

John Hyrn


1919/05/09 - Born Chcago, Illinois

Occupation Painter

1939/10/18 - Enlisted

Army Air Corps

24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Squadron


Japanese PoW

Captured Philippine Islands

Took part in the Bataan Death March

Bilibid Prison transferred to Camp Murphy


1944/08/25 - From Nielsen Camp Transported to Japan in Noto Maru

Zentsuji Pow Camp Hiroshima 1 Shikoku Is

Hiroshima 4B - Mukaishima


John’s Notebook



John Hryn


Dec 8-24 Nichols Field

17th Pursuit

Dec 11-10 Jan Pilar

R-1 BX 39A

Jan 10-26 Cairibu


Jan 26-Feb 16 Anya Asan Salian


Feb 17-Apr 8 Levy


Apr 8-13 March


Apr 13-May 29 Odoivell


May 27 Tayabas


Jul 1 Bilibid


    Neilsen Field


Mukashima Japan

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John Hryn


They Said We Were soft, We Were Aimless

They Said We Were Spoiled Past Reclaim

We Had Lost The American Spirit

And Were Blots On Americans Name.


We Were Useless, Weaklings and Drifters

And, The Last Youth Cencus Reveals,

We Had Lost The Faith Of Our Fathers

Had Sacrificed Muscle For Wheels.


The Old Ones Sighed For Their Country

And Wept For The Days Of Yore,

And Some How We Sort Of Believed Them

But That Was Before The War.


Before We Heard The Bombs Fall

So Ugly, Howling And Shrill

That Ripped Across The Rice Fields

When The Nippy Came For The Kill.


Before We Had Lived On Hunger

On Rumors Nerves And Pain

Before We Had Seen Our Bodies

Dying Among The Cane.


Oh War ! Our Little Rat Trap

The Hopeless Defense of Bataan,

Our Advance Guard Without A Main Body

Yet A Thorn In The Side Of Japan.


So Now We Can Laugh At Our Elders

And Now We Can Give Them The Lie

We Held The Line That Couldn’t Be Held

When They Struck Us At Abucay.


Soft ! Weaklings ! Shameless !

Go Where The Steel Was Sowed,

Ask For The Endless Box Graves

That Dot The Hacjenda Road.


And Ask of the Tangled Thickets

Deadly Green And Hot

And The Bloody Pilar River

And The Forward Slopes Of Siamat.


Ask At Limay And Balanla

Where The Outposts Burrowed Like Moles,

And The Sky Trained Air Corps Soldiers

Dead In Their Infantry Holes.


Decorations and Citations

American Defence Service Ribbon with Bronze Star in lieu of Clasp

Victory Medal

American Theater Ribbon

Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon W/2 Bronze

Battle Stars

Philippine Defence Ribbon W/1 Bronze


Tom Laney

Roger Mansell PoW Resources

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''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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