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Marine Commander

Leslie John Horne


Royal Marines


Service Record

Leslie Enlisted at 17

 Keen to join the RAF but was told he was too young but to come back in a year, he could not wait so joined the royal marines, he was sent to Germany initially.

On D-day he was in a submarine and asked to swim in to one of the beaches to bring back soil to be tested prior to landings for the scientist.

On D-day he joined his comrades, as one of the first landing on a beach in France.  He admitted being forced to fight in armed combat against a German youth and admitted how tragic this was Leslie was only nineteen and estimated the German youth at sixteen.

Later after the war he served as security officer protecting a prominent solicitor in the Belson trials.

Leslie later became a qualified engineer and architect and helped to rebuild London. He came from an ordinary family but took advantage of having a university education offered by the government for service men after the war.

Leslie died on the 17th August 2012 at the age of 87 he was a loving and kind husband and father to three daughters and gentle in spirit, he is sorely missed.

By Sharon Chapman (Leslie’s daughter)


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