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Norman Frank Hendy

(Known as Dick)


 Royal Artillery

5 Searchlight Regt.


Japanese POW

Captured 15 Feb 1942,Changi for 6 weeks. 4 April 1942 put aboard the Nisshu Maru for 6 days to Saigon. POW card has camp Malaya Aug 16 1942.

In Jim Mutimers book he said that 'it was tragic about the Dakota plane crash 8 Sep 1945 because Dick Hendy was a cheery chap....he contracted diphtheria and post diphtheria paralysis which withered one leg to skin and bone and got around on home made bamboo crutches.



Age: 23

8th September 1945

Norman died on Flight 66 of 117 Squadron RAF Dakota, which was carrying POW’s from Saigon to Rangoon, the plane crashed at sea killing all on board.


Loved Ones

Son of Frank and Bessie G. Hendy



Column 20.



Newspaper Report

Plane Crashed Carrying POWS

Flight 66 of 117 Squadron RAF Dakota left Rangoon Mingladoon on the 8th September 1945 for Saigon to evacuate British Prisoners of War in the area who had been prisoners under the Japanese for three and a half years, all were suffering from starvation and tropical diseases.

On arrival the plane, loaded with 24 POW’s and the RAF crew of four, took off on the return flight, landing at Bangkok to refuel.

It is then reported that about 1pm on that day villagers to the village of Nuaunggangle about 13 mile north west of Moulmein in Burma and about 150 miles south east of the final destination of Rangoon heard an aircraft out at sea, followed by an explosion. The same evening at high tide they found various articles washed ashore and the next day at low tide saw the wreckage scattered over a sandbank. Several bodies which were unidentified were recovered but no trace of survivors were found.



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