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Loyals- North Lancashire-tn



Joseph Hancock


The Loyal Regiment

2nd Battalion


Joe is pictured bottom left


Joe’s Pay Book finishing abruptly on 6th February 1942



Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

Fukkai Maru-tn

1942/08/16 - Transported on the Fukkai Maru to Takao/ Pusan, Korea

Joe was held in Konan, Korea.

Survived the Japanese Camps

Colossus 5

Joe was transported in the ‘HMS Collossus’ from Hinsen to Manilla. Then in the ‘General Brewster’ to San Francisco, from there he reached home from Halifax in the ‘Queen Elizabeth I’  which docked at Southampton 1945/11/05.

Joe never married and never got over those years as a Japanese PoW.


Many thanks to Philip Duval for supplying the information and photos


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