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James Joseph Billington


Born 25th February 1921

18th Reconnaissance Corps


Service Record

1st Jan. 1941


Enlisted, Manchester - deferred embodiment

13th Feb. 1941


Posted to Infantry Training Centre

25th Apr. 1941


Posted to 5th Battalion, Loyal Regiment

30th April 1941


Transferred to 18th Reconnaissance Corps     

5th Feb. 1942


Singapore Arrival after being transported from Bombay on the Empress of Asia which was sunk by enemy aircraft on 5th February 1942 in Singapore Harbour

15th Feb. 1942


Singapore Surrender, taken prisoner by Japanese

Feb. 1942


Changi Prison

May 1942


No 3 PoW camp, River Valley Road Camp, Singapore (Camp Leader Lt-Col. Heath, Block Leader Maj. Brody)

Oct. 1942


Transported overland to Thailand

Oct. 1942


Wampo (Camp Leader Lt-Col. Lilley, Block Leader Maj. Brody)

Feb. 1943


Tarso Base Hospital (Camp Leader Lt-Col. Knights, Block Leader Maj Brody)

Jun. 1943


Tonchan  (Camp & Block Leader Maj. Brody)

1st Jan. 1944


Transferred to Royal Armoured Corps

2nd Sep. 1945


Camp Liberated                           

18th Sep. 1945


WO Notification, letter to his mother saying he had been found

11th Oct. 1945


End of PoW "Malaya"                     

12th Oct. 1945


Return to UK,



Disembarked UK and attached to No 79 Reception Camp. Posted to "Y"  List "D"



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