To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”



Keith Meakins


Compiled from the ‘Java Index’, ‘A Conspiracy of Silence’

and the Commonwealth War Graves

(Above photo by Keith Meakins)

When compiling the Java Index it was noted that many of the British prisoners captured in Java, died at Sandakan, North Borneo. After reading ‘A Conspiracy of Silence’ by Lynette Silver and ‘The Last March’ by Don Wall, this was confirmed. Using these valuable sources of information these pages were formed with the help of the Commonwealth War Graves.

There were only six survivors out of the nearly 2500 Australian and British imprisoned at Sandakan so the records are not very detailed, but it hoped they will help those who lost loved ones. The Sandakan Roll includes 641 British and 1787 Australians.

These pages are not meant to upset families but are written as a tribute to those who gave their lives for their country at Sandakan.

Further infomation can be found at Reverend John Wanless who gave his life at Ranau on the 30th June 1945.


    Roll Roll of 641 British and 1787 Australians

    Six Survivors Roll of 6 Australian Survivors

    Labuan Memorial - Australians Labuan Memorial

    Labuan War Cemetery Labuan War Cemetery

    Memorial Tree Memorial Tree

    Sandakan Day Sandakan Day - 15th August

    Singapore Memorial - British Singapore Memorial


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