To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

With the appreciated help of Jim Erickson, Nick Baalbergen and Tony Banham


Special Party Rolls


Java Java - Pacific Maru > Aki Maru > Zankou Maru, 1942/12/28 Java/Singapore to Taiwan

Hong Kong Hong Kong - Unknown Ship - 1943/08/04 Hong Kong to Taiwan

Singapore - England Maru 2 Singapore - England Maru 2, 1942/08/16 Special Party from Singapore to Taiwan

Singapore - Fukkai Maru Singapore - Fukkai Maru, 1942/08/16 ‘B’ Party from Singapore to Korea

Philippines Philippines - Nagara Maru  > Suzuya Maru, 1942/08/11 Philippines to Taiwan

Rabaul Rabaul - Naruto Maru,  1942/07/06 to Japan







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