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Roll of Honour

The Roll is in alphabetical order



United Kingdom


WRAY, Private, JOHN JAMES, 3599227. 2nd Bn. Border Regiment. 17th February 1945. Age 25. Son of Daniel and Laura Wray, of Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Lydia Wray, of Pendlebury. 19. B. 10.


WRAY, Private, WILLIS NORMAN, 14637760. 2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own). 24th March 1945. Age 38. Son of Aby and Hannah Wray; husband of Amy Wray, of Carleton, Pontefract, Yorkshire. 20.F. 11.


WRIGGLESWORTH, Lance Corporal, WILLIAM EDWIN, 4535484. 1st Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own). 6th April 1945. Age 31. Son of Fredrick William and Hilda Wrigglesworth; husband of Edna Wrigglesworth, of New Earswick, Yorkshire. 20. E. 17.


WRIGHT, Private, GORDON, 3651644. 2nd Bn. South Lancashire Regiment. 8th April 1945. Age 32. Son of Charles Henry and Mary Wright; husband of Elsie Wright, of Warrington, Lancashire. 28. C. 11.


WRIGHT, Private, JAMES, 4856372. 2nd Bn. Leicestershire Regiment. 1st May 1944. Age 31. 14. C. 24.


WRIGHT, Major, MACKINDER HUNTLEY, M C, 148723. 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards). Royal Armoured Corps. 24th December 1944. Age 29. Son of Huntley and Mary Wright, of Hove, Sussex. 25. D. 10.


WRIGHT, Lieutenant, ROYCE, 189181. Royal Artillery attd. 10th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment. 17th August 1944. Age 21. Son of John H. Wright and May Wright, of Hull. 7. G. 18.


WRIGHT, Corporal, SYDNEY, 4543871. 2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own). 15th February 1944. Age 29. Son of Arthur and Sarah Jane Wright, of Kepwick, Yorkshire. 4. H. 20.


WRIGHT, Private, STANLEY RICHARD, 4807120. 1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment. 16th - 17th February 1944. Age 28. Son of Frederick Richard and Kate Amelia Wright, of Easton-on-the-Hill, Northamptonshire. 11. G. 1.


WRIGHT, Corporal, SAMUEL VERDUN LEE, 5627426. 2nd Bn. Welch Regiment. 29th December 1944. Age 28. 17. E. 16.


WRIGHT, Private, THOMAS, 14441549. 2nd Bn. Border Regiment. 17th February 1945. Age 22. Son of Anthony and Josephine Wright, of Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire. 19. J. 5.


WRIGHT, Private, WILLIAM GEORGE, 6470727. 2nd Bn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). 21st July 1944. Age 28. Son of William and Cecelia Wright; husband of Amelia Victoria Wright, of Bethnal Green, London. 7. F. 24.


WRIGHT, Private, WALTER JAMES, 3776343. 1st Bn. The King's Regiment (Liverpool). 28th March 1944. Age 28. Son of Edward James Wright and Emily Wright, of Denbigh. 7. F. 4.


WRIGHT, Private, WILLIAM WALTER, 5255674. 2nd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment. 15th February 1945. Age 24. 26. A. 15.


WRIGLEY, Private, ERNEST, 3451166. 2nd Bn. Dorsetshire Regiment. 10th March 1945. Age 23. Coll. grave 19. A. 19-22.



Australian - Canadian - Indian - South African - New Zealand


WRIGLEY, Captain, DONALD, EC/10992. 4th Bn. 8th Gurkha Rifles. 25th October 1946. Age 32. Son of Harry and Jane Wrigley; husband of Mary Oleen Wrigley. 23A. F. 18.



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