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The Roll is in alphabetical order


GAUNT, Gunner, JOHN ARTHUR, 4664. 2 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 4th January 1944. Age 39. Son of the Revd. Thomas Gaunt and of Helen Gaunt (nee Wood), of Highcliffe, Hampshire. M.A. (Cantab.), Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1. A. 38.


GEARY, Private, EDWARD CHARLES, 6208204. 1st Bn. Middlesex Regiment. 8th - 25th December 1941. Age 26. Son of Henry Edward and Mabel Geary, of Battersea, London. 1. B. Coll. grave 18-20.


GERZO, Gunner, SAMUEL DANIEL, 3348. 1 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 25th December 1941. Age 37. Son of Daniel and Riva Gerzo; husband of Ida Gerzo, of Kowloon, Hong Kong. 1. B. 28.


GILL, Private, JOHN CAWTHRA, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 24th December 1941. Age 39. Son of Harry and Lily Gill. 5. E. Coll. grave 3-7.


GILMORE, Second Lieutenant, WALTER CHARLES GELSTON, EC/16723. 2nd Bn. 14th Punjab Regiment. 9th April 1942. Age 34. Son of Walter Gelston Gilmore and Mary Emily Gilmore. 1. A. 68.


GODDEN, Private, P M, 19121260. 2nd Bn. The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment). 5th November 1947. 8. A. 6.


GOODWIN, Sub-Inspector, CHARLES HENRY, Hong Kong Police Force. 25th June 1944. Son of Frederick and Caraline Goodwin; husband of Kwong Yuet Goodwin, of Kowloon, Hong Kong. 4. B. 3.


GORDON, Second Lieutenant, VYNER REGINALD, 294917. Royal Scots. 6th January 1942. 5. D. Coll. grave 1-4.


GRANT, Private, IAN FARQUHARSON, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 25th December 1941. Age 38. Son of Ludovic Massie Farquharson Grant and Alice Bertha Grant; husband of Edna Jessie Grant (nee Walker), of Hong Kong. 6. C. 8.


GRATTAN, Gunner, ALEXANDER GEORGE, 5G. Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. 10th December 1942. Son of George and Grace Isobel Grattan, of Stockwell, London. 1. A. 44.


GRAY, Flight Lieutenant, HECTOR BERTRAM, G C, A F M, 44061. Royal Air Force and British Army Aid Group. 18th December 1943. Age 32. 1. A. 59. The following details are given in the London Gazette of April 19th, 1946: "Awarded the George Cross for most conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner."

Hector Gray was a prisoner of the Japanese, he was able to organise a supply of much needed drugs into the prison camp and a distribution network and also supplied a news service to fellow prisoners from information he received from outside the camp. He was tortured continuously over a six months period to give the names of his informers and suppliers but divulged absolutely nothing, he was eventually shot by his Japanese captors.


GRAYBURN, Volunteer, Sir VANDELEUR MOLYNEUX, British Army Aid Group. 21st August 1943. Age 62. Kt. Son of William Echlin Grayburn and Margaret Ellen Grayburn; husband of Lady Grayburn (nee Mellor), of Hong Kong. 4. C. 20.


GREAVES, Gunner, S E, 4089. 4 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 18th December 1941. 6. E. Coll. grave 1-20.


GREENBERG, Signalman, HYMIE, H/38860. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. 19th December 1941. 6. C. Coll. grave 12-19.


GREGORY, Sub-Lieutenant, ROBERT HENLEY, 52A. Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. 19th December 1941. Age 50. Son of Robert Stewart Gregory and Constance Laura Gregory; husband of Dolores Gregory, of Crowhurst, Sussex. 6. D. 9.


GREIG, Private, JAMES, 3063222. 2nd Bn. Royal Scots. 20th December 1941. Age 31. Son of James and Jean Greig, of Anderston, Glasgow. 1. B. Coll. grave 42-47.


GRIFFITHS, Gunner, RONALD HANNAM, 1641. 1 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 25th December 1941. Age 32. Son of the Revd. John Morgan Griffiths, B.A., and Maude Mai Griffiths, of Bath, Somerset. B.A. (Oxon.); Brasenose College. 1. B. Coll. grave 22-26.






2nd Battalion , Royal Scots

Died 28th January 1942, Age 27

. Son of Christina Gullane, of Dunbar, East Lothian.

1. A. 102.

Photo by Ian


 GUNN, Lieut-Commander Surgeon, WILLIAM DONALD, Royal Navy. 8th September 1944. Age 33. Son of Arthur Hugh and Marion Gunn; husband of Joan Kathleen Alfreda Gunn, of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. M.D., Ch.M. 1. A. 33.


GUPPY, Corporal, REGINALD ALBERT, PLY/22197. H.M.S. Tamar. Royal Marines. 8th August 1942. Age 37. Son of Albert George and Lilian Guppy; husband of Violet May Guppy, of Cann, Dorsetshire. 1. A. 48.


GUTERRES, Lieutenant, JOAQUIM JERONYMO, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 27th July 1942. Age 33. Husband of M. C. Guterres of Lisbon, Portugal. 8. A. 2.



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