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The Roll is in alphabetical order


FAIRLEY, Signalman, J. LLOYD F., K/34912. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. 22nd December 1941. Age 21. Son of John Y. Fairley and Helen W. Fairley, of Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. 6. A. Coll. grave 1-12.


FALCONAR, Lieutenant, MAURICE HALL, 65143. 1st Bn. Middlesex Regiment. 23rd December 1941. Age 29. Son of Dr. William Ernest Falconar, M.D., and Elizabeth Annie Falconar, of Twyford, Berkshire. 5. A. Coll. grave 3-6.


FARMER, Lance Corporal, CLARENCE LEIMPSTER, DR/162. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 7th October 1943. Age 42. Husband of E. J. Farmer, of Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. 1. A. 84.


FERGUSON, Gunner, JOHN STEPHEN, 3181. 2 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 25th November 1942. Age 40. Son of John and Margaret McKinlay Ferguson. Chief Instructor, Junior Technical School, Hong Kong, 1935-1942. 1. A. 87.


FERGUSON, Serjeant, S N, S/6584283. Royal Army Service Corps. 3rd October 1946. Age 45. Son of Stuart Stephen and Margaret Alice Ferguson; husband of Eileen Isobel Ferguson. 7. A. 1.


FINCHER, Bombardier, ERNEST FRANCIS, 4225. 5 A.A. Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 18th December 1941. Husband of I. E. Fincher, of Hong Kong. 6. E. Coll. grave 1-20.


FISHER, Lance Corporal, E D, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 19th December 1941. Age 23. Son of Edward and Elizabeth Fisher. 6. A. Coll. grave 17-20.


FISHER, Corporal, HANDEL ASHTON, 552619. Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 19th December 1941. Age 26. Son of Joshua Fisher and of Edna Fisher (nee Ashton); husband of Nancy Fisher (nee Lee). 6. C. 3.


FLAHERTY, Lance Serjeant, MICHAEL, LSA/34. Hong Kong Police Force. 22nd June 1944. Age 45. Husband of Lily Wong, of Hong Kong. 4. A. 8.


FLANDERS, Gunner, JOHN, 845917. 8 Coast Regt. Royal Artillery. 8th - 25th December 1941. Age 26. Son of James John and Gertrude May Flanders, of Trealaw, Glamorgan. 5. C. Coll. grave 4-20.


FLOISAND, Gunner, ALFRED, 4357. 1 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 25th December 1941. 1. D. Coll. grave 14-16.


FORD, Captain, DOUGLAS, G C, 99752. 2nd Bn. Royal Scots and British Army Aid Group. 18th December 1943. Age 25. Son of Douglas Ford, and of Margaret D. Ford, of Edinburgh. 1. B. 41. The following details are given in the London Gazette of April 18th, 1946: "Awarded the George Cross for most conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner."

Capt. Douglas Ford, together with Lt. Col. Lanceray Newnham, M.C., Middlesex Regiment, were executed by the Japanese whilst prisoners of war for their parts in successfully contacting secret agents and organsing escapes and other disruptions. They were arrested along with others and subjected to torture and starvation and sentenced to death in the hope of making them talk. They remained silent and were eventually executed. Both were posthumously awarded the George Cross for their bravery.


FORSYTH, Rifleman, DELMAR WILLIAM, E/29910. Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.. 25th December 1941. Age 18. Son of William and Alice Ida Dey Forsyth, of Ile Perrott, Province of Quebec, Canada. 5. C. Coll. grave 4-20.


FORSYTH, Major, HENRY RUSSELL, Mentioned in Despatches, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 24th December 1941. Age 44. Son of John and Mary Forsyth; husband of Marie Elaine Forsyth, of Kemsing, Kent. Chartered Accountant. 5. E. Coll. grave 3-7.


FORSYTH, Private, WILLIAM RENNIE, 421. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 23rd November 1943. Age 38. Husband of Mrs. W. R. Forsyth, of Glasgow. 1. A. 88.


FOSTER, Corporal, GEORGE BERTRAM, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 8th July 1944. Age 48. Husband of E. C. Foster, of Harrogate, Yorkshire. 4. A. 7.


FOSTON, Lance Corporal, JAMES, 14329808. 1st Bn. Devonshire Regiment. 27th January 1947. Age 23. Son of William and Mary Victoria Foston, of Hull. 7. A. 18.


FOWKE, Marine, ROGER M., CH/X 117104. No. 42 R.M. Commando. Royal Marines. 15th March 1947. Age 20. Son of Roger H. S. Fowke and Dorothy Fowke, of Berwick St. John, Wiltshire. 7. A. 9.


FRAIN, Second Engineer Officer, ALBERT VICTOR, S.S. St. Vincent De Paul (Shanghai). Merchant Navy. 23rd July 1945. Age 48. Husband of Marguerite Frain, of Aberdeen. 4. A. 17.


FRANCE, Gunner, NORMAN HOOLE, 4172. 2 Bty. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. 20th December 1941. Age 37. Son of the Revd. John Hoole France, M.A., and Elizabeth France. Professor of History, Hong Kong University. 5. C. Coll. grave 4-20.


FRASER, Volunteer, JOHN ALEXANDER, G C, M C and bar, British Army Aid Group. 29th October 1943. Age 47. Husband of K. E. Fraser, of South Kensington, London. 1. C. Coll. grave 1-11. The following details are given in the London Gazette of October 25th, 1946:-  John Alexander Fraser was interned by the Japanese in the Civilian Internment Camp at Stanley. Fully aware of the risks that he ran he engaged continuously in most dangerous activities. He organised escape plans and a clandestine wireless service and succeeded not only in obtaining news from outside but also in getting important information out of the camp. Subjected by the Japanese to prolonged and most severe torture he steadfastly refused to give any information, and was finally executed. His fortitude was such that it was commented upon by the prison guards, and was a very real source of inspiration to others. His magnificent conduct undoubtedly saved the lives of those others whom the Japanese sought to implicate.


FREEMAN, Lieutenant (E), CECIL, H.M.S. Robin. Royal Naval Reserve. 23rd January 1942. 1. A. 95.


FREW, Master, GEORGE ALEXANDER, S.S. Anjou (of Portugal). Merchant Navy. 14th September 1942. Age 59. 1. A. 46.



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